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  1. Virginity in the USA

    LoL, language barrier.... seriously? i really dont care of anyone's language, as a gamer and a muti language game tester online translation helps like charm. for God's sake... if you can read my first comment, i seriously dont know how he came up with that: ^hahaha, know what, you are already accusing me of things and those things did not even graze through my mind no problem, im DONE WITH THIS THREAD in anyways. thanks.
  2. Virginity in the USA

    i got some points for you mate.... 1. is it "QUOTED" to youre post? OF COURSE NOT.... 2. I obviously "QUOTED" her post instead DIDN'T I? 3. its not "ONLY ME" who interpreted those "QUOTE" are her's 4. i did say "judging by the way you talk" you need to read this as a reply to what i firstly "ASSUMED" her very "OWN" words... and reread it again.... and again.... if "YOU" still dont get it.... you really... REALLY have something serious within you. now what is your issue?
  3. Too Late Didn't Wait...Starting Over

    Welcome , its a good thing youre dating the man of your life and its never too late for a new beginning ~JM
  4. Just Joined

    WELCOME! happy to have another waiter around
  5. Virginity in the USA

    well... i have done some editing... im new to this forum but it should be a practice to "QUOTE" someone's reply (whenever possible) as a guidance towards the whole conversation but if its already a practice ill make sure to make some adjustments. its not my intention to BUMP into any conversations but to reply directly and solely to the topic until i spotted some thread reply and misread it, its probably my direct response the Quote she quoted. and about the "way of talking" its the LOGICAL DECISIONING that i pointed out directly to her "QUOTE" and not the GRAMMATICAL COMPOSITION Im really Sorry for the misunderstanding @Lady_24, hope to cope up with you PS. not an English native, Pure Blooded Filipino and im Proud ~JM
  6. Are you a virgin? How will you answer him?

    whoah..... a girl who understands! there SHOULD be more like you around the world. ~JM
  7. Virginity in the USA

    first.... why are you even on this site ? second.... man im a virgin and ever since im still waiting till marriage(im not influenced by this site but because its what i want for my life since highschool).... and dont tell me you gave it up at your 15's? im not putting you in shame but its LOGICAL TO WAIT, waiting is as simple as waiting for your birthday you should *we should atleast wait for *our decision making to be atleast mature enough and "LOGICAL" judging by the way you talk youre at early 20's and not at mid 20's *just my opinion *EDITED FOR MISUNDERSTANDING* my sincere apology. ~JM
  8. Men, would you date/marry a taller woman?

    why wouldn't i? if she's the one no doubt i will , its who she is from the outside that i love and who she is from the inside is what ill love the most ~JM
  9. Why is virginity so important to you?

    ill cut this short: YES ITS IMPORTANT! its like a chocolate inside a candy only to be eaten after getting MARRIED! only if she'll be honest to me in our relationship(telling me she's not) before getting married it'll be okay, but finding out that she's not would be a different story. ~JM
  10. Any Old Fashioned Guys?

    well.... one old fashioned guy over here asking for their parents permission to date their daughter and serenading(the old fashioned way (like standing outside their house at night along with the gang(with an acoustic guitar)), because it pefer it that way ~JM
  11. Guys, do you like shy girls?

    the shortcut: YES the long way around: guys like all types of girls, specially when they are plain real of who they really are, break the ice within a shy girl and you'll probably make her happy more than you could ever think ~JM
  12. The Friend Zone

    well.... i got my own personal opinion and experience. if he treats you like a sister DONT (it maybe a case to case basis but if you two are satisfied of what you two have, i strongly advice dont.)... you can risk of LOSING a one loving brother like friend OR you two can be friends (who knows your future child might find a real besfriend with his own child, like what you two have) i personally friendzone anyone i treat as a sister BUT i always keep them loved like their real brother on the other hand, you can always try to show a little bit of obviosity(sorry i dont know the right word) BUT not too much cause it will make you two feel a little awkwad, we dont want that. how can you stop the feeling? *you can start by being SATISFIED of what you are to him, *divert your attention (dont avoid him everyone hates the feeling of being avoided, well if you got a lot of things to be reminded by him those are the things you are going to avoid) dont feel bad for being single(if you are), dont push your self so hard for finding or waiting for someone... he's just there waiting just like you im no pro to advice, its just my opinion and it might or might not work but i hope it helped. ~JM
  13. hi everyone

    hello guys, Lithia is my alias and you can all call me JM for my name im happy i found this site from knowing im not alone in our generation to wait for the right time good day everyone!