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  1. Okay, this is probably not the best place to post about it but you guys are such great people and you give great advice too...I just wanna share really.. There is this guy I love...our relationship is chaos but I don't why I keep coming back to him, asking for more. I mean, we argue all day and he says I'm unbearable because I get jealous and it's true,I think I'm kinda abusive toward him because I'm always accusing him of cheating with his ex and I get mad if other women try to get close to him. Being together is like some kind of hell but I can't get awy from him. When we are together, I'm afraid to talk and i always have to watch what I say because the smallest thing i do annoy him, he even claims that i upset him on purpose. I'm trying to be a better girlfriend, but I'm failing... I'm losing myself in this, I'm supposed to be a feminist yet I do everything he says, he kinda intimade me...if he shouts at me to shut up i do. He does those weird things, where if I piss him off, he gives me 2 warnings and if i don't listen he gets violent. I mean I understand when I'm annoying but sometimes I don't even know what i do that is annoying.. But I love him so much, sometimes I hate that I love him so much, and he says also that because it's not a one way thing sometimes I also get mad at him and scream, I mean I used to but now I don't want to upset him so thoses things that bother me I keep them inside.....I'm so ashamed of the way I let him treat me so i can't talk about it with my friend or family they think I'm so strong....
  2. What's your favorite show on Netflix?

    Orange is the new black is the reason why I got netflix!! Brooklyn nine nine is funny too!
  3. Favorite Films by Genre

    Anime:none Action: Colombiana Comedy:right now, Conasse princesse des coeurs Drama:For colored girl, La rue case negre (Sugar cane alley) Musical: Carmen 1950! Romantic:My sassy girl korean version Foreign:Windstruck korean Horror :love horror movies so Carry, Halloween Family: life size Documentary: Life and death of a serial killer (Aileen Wuornos)
  4. I Know IM very late but I just started watching jane the virgin, is anyone watching it too? What are your thoughts? Who do you ship, I'm for Rafael and Jane! And I love the fact that it is made as a telenovela but a funny one as a big fan of telenovelas!
  5. I agree with you Nicole. Moreover, in the modern songs like rap, rnb and stuff they tend to depict women with curves as good for one thing so maybe when they see they have this maybe they think they are supposed to behave in one way. But i don't think that this is always true because I have friends with wide hips who are just not well in their body so they just don't date...
  6. Non-sexual S or M quiz lol

    1)A 2)A 3)B 4)B 5)A 6)C 7)B 8)C What am I then? I guess I can say I am a combo of both, it really depends on my mood of the day
  7. Favorite Horror Movies

    I'm a huge horror movie fan even though I'm not very courageous but I think there is something funny about them and I like to scream when something scary happend it's just so much fun!I also like the diversity of stories, and the fact that there is always something weird and out of reason happenning, the settings, the light they use, Every single detail they use to frighten us.. People tend to say The exorcist is the best but that movie made me laught more than it's frighten me... I love 80's, 70's and 90's horror movies.... 1) The omen (chapter 1,2,3 they're scary I'll never watch it again, I slept with a rosary after seeing it for 1 month) 2)Nightmare on elm street 1 3)Halloween (the first one is the best the others are okay) 4)Candyman ( I love the all athmosphere of this movie you don't know if it's a dream a vision or reality everything is so mysterious even their love) 5) Paranormal activity <3 (I'm not going to slep just saying the name of that movie) 6)Night of the living dead(classic! the black and white version!!)1963 7)The Wicker man 1973 (original, it stands out of all the horror movies clichés and very very scary I love it!!) 8)The Hills have eyes 9) Cujo 10) Carrie (classic, I have sympathie for her though, , I loved the whole concept of the movie, Carrie was a great killer!! ahaha) <3
  8. Can you accept a Guy who went from non-virgin to Waiter?

    I won't bother me to date a non virgin who had decided to wait as long as there are dedicated to their choice. It's like someone took the wrong way and decided to be in the right way again, I'll forgive them, and even respect them because in a way if you've never smoke it's easier not to smoke but if you've smoke already and know what it's like,I would think it's harder to stop smoking....
  9. Honeymoon baby?!

    I would really want to wait for at least 3 years, time to have my career, to do stuff just the two of us, before having the responsability of a child. Now I'm young and I'm saying that if we did have a honeymoon baby I'll be pissed off, but knowing me if I'm married and in love I'll be happy!
  10. Any high school memories?

    Before high school I didn't have friends,I was bulled and stuff....But in high school it was super cool because, I actually made friends, and hanging out with them in the high school was spending the best time ever!! We were the first of the class type.Also, we did a contest, and got to represent our school in a trip to another country, and were all very happy and proud about it. So the thing is High school is the best place to make good friends if you choose them well, but it's also the time when you want to work as much as you can and do the best you can do, because it's want makes the difference at the end of high school and you don't want to tell yourself I wish I had worked more but neither you want to say I wish I had done that now I can't anymore.
  11. I do not want to have kids of my own, but I do want to adopt, as much as I can. I feel a little like you, my opinion is why should I bring more children to the world when there are so many wanting a family!
  12. Those College years

    I'll tell you later, I start in september
  13. The new girl in town! Hi Everyone! :)

    Hi Rachel welcome! sorry but what is the 216?
  14. Actually I've read an article like that about Amish women not being able to have sex after their marriage because they thoughts it was dirty as they were told from an early age. I guess, sex is not only emotional but sometimes psychological. Personally I think that it is just sad how some church by trying too hard to do the right thing indoctrinate their members....
  15. Sibling Loyalty

    My sister and I don't share the same interest in men.. but if we did like the same guy, the second I'll know she likes him I will let it go.This may sound stupid but as a twin I like to be as different as I can from my sis, so if she likes him that would be a huuuge turn off.