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  1. Guys. Make-up or natural?

    I'd say no in most cases. Half the reason for what it probably does to your skin over time and the other half I only ever notice when there is too much on a girl so, its not really needed in my opinion. Fake tan I don't think is too bad, not from experience lol.
  2. Alcohol/Drinking

    Arguing with an idiot only proves there are two
  3. Alcohol/Drinking

    The alcohol is the fuel though, I suppose you both also think that guns should be made free to own too. Typo on my post I meant 'Does a lot more damage than it does good' , cant really write that in more simple terms really.
  4. Alcohol/Drinking

    Can you not say that about everything? Does a lot more damage that is does good
  5. Alcohol/Drinking

    I have recently been wanting to find out more about the faith of Islam and the more I find out the more it makes sense. Like refraining from drinking. On my way home tonight I saw two men fighting outside a pub and one got knocked to the ground, obviously drunk. No one seemed to care. I wonder if the example was set for me not to drink I would have wanted to do this. I hardly drink at it is and I think you feel better in your body for it too. Does anyone think its important to abstain from alcohol, health benefits aside just seeing what it does to society or that its too easy just to go along with what everyone else does to fit it instead of standing back and thinking what am I actually doing to my body. Appreciate any views maybe even from Muslims
  6. Travel alone

    Hey thanks for taking the time to add a comment. I will try and do this one day, even if its for a few days the world is too big to stop visiting new places and like you said run into new people.
  7. Travel alone

    Has anyone any experience of going away anywhere on your bill and meeting people on their travels? I have a couple of unexpected weeks off work, literally found out at the weekend so too late to plan anything with friends. Just wondered if anyone had done that before? If not I'll have to occupy myself at the gym or something.
  8. My Boyfriend and His Friends

    Hi First of all try to relax. It sounds like it’s very important to you and you want this to be respected. I won't talk about him because he's not here to defend himself so to you I'd say if you did go down that road would it possible that you would ever regret doing something you weren’t entirely happy with. I don’t want to sway you any which way, you've got your own mind but I'd say you need to feel comfortable with whatever you do, I think that is the message they try to get to young girls in relationships, at the moment it sounds like you feel a lot of pressure, guilt, worry for doing something (or lack of) that is important to you. It shouldn’t necessarily be a right or some kind of pay off that you need to supply in the relationship, again, if you're not comfortable. Best of luck.
  9. Hi everyone

    Thanks for that Mirage but ignore that crap I wrote about the UK, I can see its more of a global community on here so I will be more than happy to get to know everyone.
  10. Hi everyone

    Hi everyone I'm Joe, I'm glad to see other people who take this seriously, I would be interested in hearing from other people and why its important to them! All the best
  11. Hi everyone

    Thanks! After reading a few posts its more interesting than I thought it would be, everyone loves a good debate I suppose!!