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  1. Its nice to hear encouragement. Thanks!
  2. Hi, If you did allow your boy friend to touch your breasts it would not have helped him fall in-love, make you more special to him or save a failing relationship. Instead of feeling bad about that, maybe you should feel good that you did not hurt the man who marries you. -Doug
  3. Hi, I like this site. I developed and tested a study/survey that shows that there are advantages to saving sex for a (major) commitment. Its show that... 1 - Having sex with a man does not strengthen his feelings for her or save a failing relationship. 2 - If a woman is getting used for sex then most likely she will never get a commitment 3 - Most men prefer virginity in the woman they marry. I am actively working on getting funding and finding others who are interested in the results your feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks -Doug