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    Amazon Warrior (Proverbs 31: 8-31 ; Bible)
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    USA, GA Macon
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    I’m really good at:
    Camping and hiking
    speed skating (MPH 22 current high)
    Crafts: like sewing dresses to costumes. Painting too
    Bord games like D&D, card game, and so on. I'm a nerd at heart.
    Xbox games like Fallout! I lost a summer to that game!
    Watching classic movies~with pizza! And talking.

    (I believe Christian make the best nerds, after all we were the first nerds *laugh*. Many Christian (good ones) mix up D&D and Nerd party (Cons) with sin. This is partly because it is true. There are those that miss use fun events, stories and games. Christian devotion is about attitude. D&D and these other thing are not evil)

    Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food:
    The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Lord of the Files, Wicked, A Lady in Waiting, God's Chosen Fast, Bible, Hitchhiker's Guide, Dracula, Frankenstein, Dune, 1984, Animal Farm, Chronicles of Narnia series, and so on. But mainly school books, right now.

    I don’t watch TV anymore, but I do watch shows and movies on my computer:
    Cartoons like: the Avatar, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Batman, Batman Beyond , and Justice League
    Firefly, Sherlock…I love Sherlock!How I met your mother, Big bang theory
    Some movies: I can’t think of any right now. I’ll come back.

    Classical, 80s, Queen, U2, Relient-K , DC Talk, Veggie Tales, Audio Adrenalin, Neon Trees, Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Queen, U2, And others.
    Greek, Indian, and Japanese/ Sushi, is the best

    ~I don't smoke or drink.

    (In a big superhero voice) "I am not entitled little princess, I AM an amazon warrior. I am-Wonder Women! Please feel free to leave a message at the sound of the beep. BEEP!" or a message on my page~

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  1. Hello everyone ^_^

    Welcome! It's very supportive here. And way to go for Australia! There a a few Australian here , we need more!
  2. Hello everyone!

    Happy New Year! And Welcome!
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    Welcome! Yeppers, there are a lot late teen/20s here. But there are older waiter too! Just a bit rarer to find
  4. Hey, Y'all

    Hi There! I 'm from MN (really really yankeeland!! ), Then I moved to FL and GA. Welcome Welcome!
  5. USA, GA 'WTM' Meet Up

    If you live in the GA area, and would like to meet up for lunch and chat (maybe do a post altogether!)? Would any one (in GA) like to meet up for fun? We can start by Facebook each other, so we can get name, phone number, and meeting point (where and when). Start thinking what place would you want meet for lunch, and what you want to talk about! If so, Please start by giving each other Facebook 'address'. I'll start (takes off her mask) I am at: https://www.facebook.com/jill.vevea
  6. what are your favourite Christian preachers?

    The son of God! C.S. Lewis Frances Chan Beth Moore This is Very good topic and idea! I love the writing of C.S. Lewis, they are open and so honest. While Frances Chan (Who is married to a awesome wife with 7 kids, and still chasing after God!) has a driving/ burning passion for God. Beth Moore, coined for woman studies, is not scared to take it all to God.
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  11. DragonCon In GA

    I understand. I'm still a student working my way though college. Pennies add up! I can only go because I volunteer. But I’ll post picture about my (very epic) tripo~ But if you want to go next year, buy your ticket after DragonCon for a cheaper price ($60 ish)
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    Is any one come to DragonCon, here in GA? And would like to meet up?
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    Nailed it! Beautful stated Jegsy! here here
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    great, but which do you enjoy more? turkey or chicken?