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  1. WTM Podcast by an old friend of mine

    Since the site is still up almost a year after it was supposed to be taken down, maybe there's still a chance for a revival.
  2. I know this site is basically dead, but I just found out about this, and I wanted to share it with anyone that might still visit this site. So I just found out that an old friend of mine does a podcast with two friends. She's a tiny bit older than me, but we've known each other since we were babies. But we haven't socially interacted since the early 2000s even though we've been around each other up to the early 2010s. The only social interaction we've had is that I accepted her Facebook friend request a few years ago. So episode 18 of their podcast is about her WTM, and there are a few other episodes that have WTM like stuff. I haven't listened to any of the podcasts, and most likely never will, but I sure someone that sees this topic will enjoy their podcasts. Also free advertising! Her WTM episode: Website: Instagram:
  3. 4 Temperaments test

    I got melancholic.
  4. Dating Sites

    I've used eharmony and okcupid. I didn't use them use them, just joined them to see what dating sites were like. And back when I joined them, I wasn't ready to date in any way, and I'm still not years later. I joined eharmony first, and one guy did start the icebreaker feature the site has with me, but since I wasn't a paying member, I could only complete a little bit of the icebreaker feature. But I was under the impression that if a paying member started the icebreaker with you, you would be able to complete it and even message that member afterward. But I guess I just misunderstood the FAQ. So I just disabled my account after I found out I couldn't go any further. I did try to reactivate my account sometime after that because the site was having a free communication weekend (though I think I missed at least half of it by the time I found out). I had to redo the personality quiz, I completed it, but the site had to do something like reverify my account before I could do anything on the site, but it never did. So I just deactivated again after days or weeks or whatever of waiting for it to finish, and I haven't touched it since and never will. And then there's okcupid, which was way better. I liked how all the basics were free, and only special features like seeing who liked your profile cost money. And I really liked the match questions. There were questions you could answer about important or more mundane stuff. And your match percentage with another user was based on how both of you answered the question. And if you were a paying member, you could even search users by how they answered questions. Though just because you had a high percentage match with someone, it didn't mean that they answered the important questions or answered them the same as you. There'd be high ones for me, but they'd only answered a few, or there'd be ones where they really only answered the unimportant ones and little to none of the ones about more serious topics. Or there's be ones where they'd answered the unimportant ones the same as me, but then their answers for important ones were the complete opposite of mine. Or they answered the WTM question and it said they were WTM, but answers to other sex-related questions showed that they had an average/high sex drive and/or interest in types of sex I don't want, so it'd be a complete turn-off. I loved the whole match question thing and how match percentages were based on it, but I'd actually had to look at how they answered things because a high percentage didn't mean much. I was on the site, but I never sent a message to anyone or liked a profile, and only sent a couple of replies. The match questions were cool cause you could see other people's opinions on a topic that was important to you without messaging them, if they had answered them and had their answer public. Like I said earlier, I wasn't looking for anything, just checking the site out. Besides, there was no one interesting there, at least based on their profile. Maybe some people there would actually be my type or at least close to it, or maybe they'd make a good friend, but nothing I've seen or read there sparked any kind of interest in me. I have deactivated and reactivated my account several times, but I deleted it a few months ago cause I don't want to date and don't need to keep a profile up that most users wouldn't see anyway because I never put up a profile picture. I liked okcupid and I would recommend it, but they changed the site two years ago. Now you can't do much for free. Like you can't even read a message someone sent you unless you both liked each other's profiles, though I think that applies to both free and paid members. Probably still a better dating site than others though. I also joined some kind of celibate dating site one time. It was a branching community on some dating site that had different communities and you could join a couple of them on one account. I don't think the celibate page was very active though, and I didn't really do anything on the site, so it doesn't matter anyway. I looked in my inbox to find the name of the site, and the site's called Celibate Passions, with the other communities called *blank* Passions. My account's still up too. I'm not really a dating site person, but for recommendations, I'd say just use whatever sites or apps that are currently most popular. The more active members, the better chance there's someone your type on there.
  5. What is your sexual orientation?

    Asexual, but don't know what kind I actually am. It doesn't really matter though, cause I don't care about being in a relationship.
  6. Modern all the way. I'd rather die than be in a traditional relationship.
  7. I don't know, maybe. It would feel a little weird if I dated a guy that was more into guys than I am. A guy being bisexual wouldn't be an immediate dealbreaker, especially since I might be one (I don't really know though. And since I'm not super interested in relationships, it doesn't really matter if I'm into men, women, both, or neither). If I dated one, I would only date a virgin bisexual guy or one that has only had sexual contact with women.
  8. Thought of this topic a while ago, but never made it. Even though the site is mostly a ghost town and is being taken down in less than a month, I decided I'd make it anyway. When you first joined this site, what was your relationship/virginity/WTM status? Were you single? Dating, engaged, or married to someone? Virgin, non-virgin? Were you waiting for everything or only some things? And how does your relationship/virginity/WTM status in 2020 compare to what it was when you first joined? If you were in a relationship, are you still with that person? If you were a virgin then, are you still one now? Are you still waiting, or are you not waiting, or only waiting for some things? Or have you even decided to be celibate for life? So how does your status when you first joined compare to now? This would be an even better topic if this site was still active, but even if only one person replies to it, then that's cool. I'll post mine in a bit.
  9. 1-1.5 years after engagement. Two at most. In a relationship 100 years before getting engaged. Er, I mean 2-3 years. Depends on how long we've known each other before dating, though.
  10. This post will get slightly VDA-ish. First joined in January 2014 (Age 19) Relationship status: Single, never dated or been in a relationship, not really looking for one Virginity staus: 110% virgin WTM staus: Wasn't really interested in sex, but only wanted it with husband if I ever was. My staus in February 2020 (Age 25). Relationship status: Single, never dated or been in a relationship, not looking for one Virginity staus: 110% virgin (unless having sex with yourself counts ) WTM staus: Thinking about staying celibate for life, thinking about having a celibate marriage, and thinking about still being a waiting for everything WTMer if I ever dated. But also recently started thinking about only waiting for PIV sex with a boyfriend/husband (but of course we would wait at least 6 months to a 1-year minimum before we did anything). But if I did that, then we wouldn't really be doing much anyway since there's not a lot of sexual stuff I'm open to. So it would mostly be him doing hand and mouth stuff on me, some pegging, and using toys. If it involves a peen and isn't PIV, then I don't want to do it ever, or rather not do it for some things. But then I have also fantasized about hooking up with people and them giving me hand/mouth stuff (either sex, but f more than m, and with f it might be more than just that) by either me looking for one or someone initiating one and then me going along with it. But in reality, it is very unlikely that this would happen. Highly unlikely that I would actively go out and look for a hookup offline/online, and unlikely that I would agree to one if someone asked if I wanted to. Too risky STD wise and such for me to seriously consider ever doing that. Though I couldn't say for certain that I wouldn't ever actually do stupid shit like that at least once. So in the 6 years since I've joined, my relationship and virginity status has stayed the same, but I'm unsure about my WTM status. Not sure if I want to be celibate for life, wait for everything besides kissing, or only wait for PIV. Most likely the first because I'm not attracted to anyone. And I have a super-specific and unrealistic type of guy I would date, and I wouldn't very far outside of that type, so the chance finding anyone I would remotely be open to dating are basically non-existent.
  11. Everything but Sexual Intercourse

    Absolutely not. I would not have any kind of relationship with a guy that was into everything but sexual intercourse until marriage, nor would I have a relationship with a guy that was into any of this "everything but" stuff after marriage either. Yes, a guy should come out and say that he does not believe in premarital sexual intercourse. When the topic of sex comes up, it's not hard to say "I don't believe in premarital sexual intercourse, but I'm okay with doing everything but" or "I don't believe in any kind of sexual activity before marriage, ETC...
  12. Favourite things about guys: I don't know, nothing I can think of that would apply to guys in general and not just an individual guy. Least favourite things about guys: Their sexuality, sex drive, sexual interests/desires, and their genitals. I know guys don't usually actively choose those things for themselves, but I still don't like those things in anybody. Totally kills my interest in guys and relationships.
  13. Humorous: Why you should wait!

    You should WTM so your partner won't know how bad in bed you are until it's too late for them to leave.
  14. Random Thoughts

    I caught a broken drumstick from the concert I was at earlier. Second time in a row that I've caught something, last time I got a signed guitar pick.
  15. Random Thoughts

    So I just won a ticket from one of the giveaways (I've entered three different ones for the show) I entered to go to a concert in Dallas, Texas on Saturday night (it was the closest show to me). Since I entered the first giveaway about a month and a half ago, I had been thinking it would be cool if my brother got his driver's licence (he officially got it two weeks ago) so he and I could take the 200 mile trip to see the concert and to shop at this mall I want to go to that's nearby because it has this cool arcade I want to go to because I've seen youtube videos of people winning stuff at various locations, so I wanted to go to one at least once, spend money, and then win little to nothing from there. I was also thinking that if I didn't win any tickets, we could just buy them because it would only cost $30.90 for two tickets. But it still costs a bit too much money to go up there and my brother hasn't driven that far away, so the trip probably wasn't going to happen either way. But now that I've won on such short notice, I'm not sure if I'll be able to go or not. I still have school homework I have to finish that's due on Sunday. It's just a two-page calendar and a quiz, which shouldn't take too long as long as I don't take forever. I had also wanted to finally redye my hair for the concert if I got to go, but there's not enough time for that now.
  16. Random Thoughts

    What the heck is a "valentine's day"?
  17. Celebrity Crush?

    If he's 19, then technically he's an adult, but he's currently the same age as my brother, so it's still a no for me.
  18. Celebrity Crush?

    I don't know, I guess. That's assuming I ever actually had a celebrity crush on him. He's okay looking I guess. 19 year old guys (it said he was 19 when I looked him up) are too young for me to find them attractive anyway.
  19. Celebrity Crush?
  20. Random Thoughts

    Yeah, it's this new flavor called Sweet Heat they released last month. They made spicy Starburst as well, but I haven't tried those yet.
  21. Random Thoughts

    The new spicy Skittles aren't too bad.
  22. Engagement Ring Stone

    I don't care what kind of stone it is as long as it's a pretty color like pink or something.
  23. What was the last film you watched?

    30 Days of Night.
  24. A woman's voice

    They sound just like regular little girls, they just slur their words a little bit.
  25. A woman's voice

    I hope there are men out there that are attracted to women that have voices that make them sound like drunk little girls.