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    Drawing. Reading. Listening to music. Surfing the net. Animated movies, cartoons, and anime. Violent and/or scary video games (preferably M rated ones). Goth/gothic/dark/spooky stuff. Cute things. And more stuff. Also being a loser. Avoiding the real world.

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  1. I like your location lol:D so hows the view?:D

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    2. Amber Elizabeth

      Amber Elizabeth

      Yeah. It's much more interesting to watch someone after they go to bed, so I can climb in trough the window and stand at their bedside and watch them sleep. :D 

    3. Jake1986


      :wub:I think I'm in love:wub:


    4. Amber Elizabeth

      Amber Elizabeth

      Ha. :P Please go to bed soon so I can watch you and then steal a lock of your hair for my collection. I always take a lock of hair from all the guys I watch sleeping. :) 

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