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  1. Nope. Only started at the beginning of University.
  2. That shouldn't be difficult at all. This would be easier if you could provide me with your current height and weight. (PM it to me if you'd like). @Matt: Yup, it is, but if that's what you want, then you won't regret it.
  3. Yes, high intensity interval exercises do provide you with that benefit. Though may I ask what your fitness goals are?
  4. Sure, what about 'em?
  5. That sounds like genetics; some people store fat differently, and you seem to be storing it in your hips. Like I told Sunny, you CAN lose it...but it's going to take a lot of dedication and hard work. Follow the same routine as I told her for the 3 hour daily workout.
  6. Getting into shape isn't hard; reaching optimal fitness is. You don't have to eat every three hours (six times a day), but unless you can stuff down 3 chicken breasts in one sitting...then six meals a day is what you'll need to do. I see; well, I'll be honest and tell you that squats are the most essential workout for anyone, though particularly women. It targets all the right muscles (legs, butt, back, abdomen) and does so really well. Eh, alternate to lifting weights? Of course there is, but it's going to be a lot more difficult and time consuming. High intensity cardio (Running up-hill, swimming) are the two best candidates. Yes, hip-waist ratio is very important; obviously, you'll still need to keep a healthy weight. Obesity is obesity. Like I said, you won't lose your pooch unless you exercise in the right manner. Heck, you could have the greatest legs, butt and back ever seen on the Earth and still have that pooch. Remember, 2+ hours of continous exercise; it's all babyfat. No, that's a myth; carbs are essential to muscle growth. Cellulite is in general associated with calories. The proper routine is as follows: Squats: 4 sets of 5 repititions, or (4x5) Lunges: 4x5 Leg Extensions: 4x5 Calf Raises: 4xFailure (You do them until you can't anymore) Do the following split: AxxAxxA A = Monday, Thursday and Sunday x = Day off @AW: I see; I'd start hitting up the gym/doing some high-intensity cardio. You won't regret it.
  7. The increase is natural; how old were you then and are you now? The most important thing you can do for yourself (Health and Appearance) is exercise. Believe it or not, exercise is very important.
  8. Were are you SINGLES :O

    I'm siding here with Stacie. Love is one hell of a drug, and you'll love that person whether virgin or not. Also, it's nice being appreciated instead of flattered.
  9. Basically, your waist should be a lower ratio (< 1.0) than your hips. For women, the "best" looking ratio is .7. Simply, your waist should be smaller than your hips. Edit: As a note, I'm referring to "should" in relation to the waist-hip ratio theory. I'm not insinuating that YOU (All of you) should have it like that.
  10. Oh, woops, forgot about the leaner legs. That's a whole 'nother story; I'll get into the proper routine if you'd like.
  11. Let me start off by commending your hard work so far, and also that (if you look like the first photo) you've got an attractive body. Okay, now about your initial concern; yes, you can lose that "pooch" if you tried really, really hard. It's not going to be easy, but if you put your heart into it, and utilize the following advice, you'll pretty much lose everything. However. Let me preface this by saying that getting as lean as the second picture (Around 13-17% bodyfat) is NOT optimal for health and most importantly, child-birth. Why isn't it optimal? Well, because MAINTAINING that low of bodyfat is EXTREMELY difficult. You're going to have to eat nigh 100% perfect, and/or exercise for over two hours daily. As an addition, contrary to popular belief, a guy is more attracted to a women's hip-waist ratio than he is the actual weight on her. As long as your ratio is .7 or below, you're gold. With all of that said, here's how you'll lose everything: Eat one breast of chicken and 1 pound of vegetables every meal, and only chicken and vegetables, six times a day. Lift weights for at least an hour. After your hourly session of lifting weights, take an hour jog/run on a treadmill or outside. After your hourly jog/run session, take an hour swim at your local olympic pool. Yup, that's right, 3 consecutive hours of exercise. Why do you need to do this? Because it's been scientifically documented that reserved fat loss, the stuff comprising the "pooch", is only burned during sustained, long-term exercise. Simply put, you've got to be exercising for more than two hours to start burning up that baby fat. You'll lose everything within 3-4 weeks if you do the above every day. Trust me when I say I used to have that baby fat (starting to get a little back due to bulking), but when I did the above routine, I lost EVERYTHING. I was at like 14-15% bodyfat and went down to 6-7%. Like I said though, it's incredibly difficult to maintain that low of a bodyfat percentage (13% for women, 7% for men), so just strive for that .7 ratio and you'll look good to men. That's a bit trickier, because it's all on you. I'd recommend starting off with a set distance goal, and striving to maintain the proper inhale-exhale form until you're capable of running that set distance without a problem. Once you do that, then increase the distance little by little until it becomes muscle (haha) memory. Be sure to document it all, though, so you don't forget how far you ran the previous day/week. Great questions though, Sunny!
  12. Hmm, are you able to hang from a bar? Trying to think up some standing Ab workouts.
  13. 1.) I'd try planks, leg raises and pull downs, of which I will post a video for you of me doing them in the near future. They don't necessarily target the neck or shoulders, so those should be good for you. 2.) Well, you honestly don't require meat to function and depending on your fitness goals, you may not require that strand of protein for that either. As long as you're including raw proteins like nuts and certain grains, you'll be good to go. Vegetables provide you with the most nutrition for your buck (most of the time). But yes, I'd recommend reducing your meat intake slowly. You never know what you're body will do if you deprive it of something it's been having for a long time.
  14. Ah, okay. Well, that's good to hear! At least you're optimistic about starting a new chapter in your life.