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  1. Having children?

    I was #4 a couple of months ago but now I'm #3. I think if my husband wanted a child ( no more than 2) then I may have one.
  2. If I were ever to have a child I would love to be a stay at home mother. I don't really like the idea of someone I don't know taking care of my child (funny, cause I work in a daycare). Maybe it's just me being paranoid lol. However I don't know if I want children but my family (husband, parents, sister, brothers...) would still come first. Even now I would never put a career over my family or health. If my spouse and I don't have kids I wouldn't want him to be like a sex worker lol. I would be fine with other careers. If we did have a child then I would prefer he didn't have a job where he was gone from the home alot.
  3. No "wedding dress" for your wedding??!

    I would like to design my own wedding dress (and get someone else to sew it for me ). However there are retailers like Modcloth and ASOS who sell wedding dresses at a low price. I use to watch alot of Say Yes To The Dress and couldn't imagine spending thousands on a dress I'll only wear for one day. Then I'll either donate the dress or if possible sew it into another dress that can be worn to special occasions but maybe not weddings if the dress is white. I honestly would prefer to wear a black wedding dress cause I dislike wearing white lol but then part of me thinks it might be bad luck.
  4. account delete option?

    She left!?
  5. Random Thoughts

    I watch those too! I can't stop even though I stay up all night with the lights on.
  6. Not sure why me being selfish with WTM is seen as a negative. But cool story.
  7. hello

  8. Random Thoughts

    I think I'm just going to start buying books again. I am horrible with returning my books back on time.
  9. Surname after marriage

    I would want my last name hyphenated but maybe when I am actually with someone and talking about marriage, I may feel differently.

    I found this and thought maybe it would help...
  11. Random Thoughts

    Ugh I know!!
  12. I hope I do not sound mean saying this so sorry if I do but I have noticed alot of people on the internet diagnosing others with Aspergers. No one on here can give you a yes or no answer because alot of us aren't professionals and also this is via the Internet which makes diagnosing someone difficult. If you have this concern please visit a doctor. They'll be able to point you in the right direction - don't look at Google. I have social anxiety also and can understand the difficulty that comes with making friends or making the first move. I have the same issue where I've been at my church for almost 3 years now and I have just begun to make connections. It is not much but it is something! "Also how hard is it to get to the point where it is possible to find a girlfriend?" For this question the only answer I can give you is things do take time. It can take us a while to build up the courage to approach someone, especially if we are interested in them! Don't beat yourself up if you think that you have failed. It's like we have to kind of rewire our brains to start seeing the steps we have taken towards our goals no matter how small the step. I hope what I wrote makes sense and that it helped you in some way.
  13. Random Thoughts

    Watched the movie Paper Towns with my sister. I know it's just a movie but it was getting on my nerves. I'm ashamed to say I was one of those people who talk during a movie Thankfully no one said anything to me.
  14. I actually searched Google for those sites :/