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  1. Travel alone

    I've been doing that most of the time. I can say i'm a solo wanderer. Being here Dubai, which is a multi-cultural and metropolitan country, you can see many places, and visit variety of events, depending on your interests. As an expat, and the only firends i know are workmates, churchmates and housemates, it's a challenge to meet new people. But i'm so glad with the digital technology we have right now, there are already plenty of mobile device where you can meet and chat people on nearby places, and if it feels comfortable you can decide to meet-up offline. Meetup.com website has also been very helpful for me to see and meet groups who are up for interesting discussions. You may try to check in that site if there are organized groups in your area. Meeting new people is always possible when we start going out there and be ready to meet them. Good luck to whatever plan you come-up with.
  2. What are you majoring in?

    I majored in Research and Statistics, and added Professional Education. But i don't think i ever used those in my present job, or maybe just some of skills.
  3. What are you majoring in?

    This is actually one of the most liberating career i know these days. Self-publishing has become a trend, and with a growing online audience, writing is one of the hot skills. ;-)
  4. New guy wishing to say hello there

    Welcome to the waiter's family, Jon!
  5. Hola! Sailing with comrades!

    Thank you, guys! Hope you all are enjoying your Christmas holiday season. :-)
  6. I'm glad to have found this community online. I'm Mae, from Philippines but currently residing in the Middle East. Back home, i was surrounded with people who are also believing on chastity until marriage. Now, i'm with many different ethnicities with varying stand and argument about it. I was searching for the latest statistics of how many men/women are actually waiting until marriage. I may have ot find that numbers, but glad google included this site on the search results. Cheers to meeting new friends, and many great discussions soon!!!