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  1. I changed my question, but this answer to the previous one is still awesome.
  2. Being a Second Choice

    I agree with Envincebal... He wants to have his cake and eat it too. It doesn't work like that. I don't trust people who think like that. The guys I've seen who acted like that to girls were usually just using one, or the other, or both. He wants both of you at the same time. Or he wants sex with her while having a backup to marry. But he's gonna hurt both of you, and he's really not worth it. People who are like that, whether it's girls I like or guy friends who treat girls bad, I cut them out of my life. And if I can spot them a mile away, they'll never come into my life.
  3. Totally understand what you're saying. One easy way to prevent things from going further is to always be wearing clothes around eachother. It makes going too far just a little bit more difficult. Also, don't keep condoms around. Finally, being stubborn as a mule would help, even if people call you a prude lol.
  4. Virginity in the USA

    Dunno about the USA, but"waiting until marriage" doesn't seem to be a thing in London(UK). If you said those words, people would look at you like you spoke a different language. So there's no way we have "virginity hype" here
  5. Race? I'm part of the human race.
  6. Someone's got something to hiiiiide who's your crush? hehe
  7. Have any of you found yourself crushing on a fellow member here on the site? To be honest, I don't know anyone on here very well yet. I'm gonna be around so hopefully I get to know people Would you ever consider dating someone from WTM? I think I actually would because, now I know that there are other people waiting too, I would prefer to date a girl who is doing the same thing as me. When you found this site were you secretly on a mission to find other waiters to date, or were you just looking for information about waiting until marriage? I don't know anyone who waited until marriage, even out of all the Catholics among my friends and family. I felt super lonely and find it hard to mention my choice to anyone because of their weird reactions. I thought "There's a community for everything online, there must be one for people waiting for marriage" so I searched for forums on waiting and this was pretty much the only site of it's kind that popped up. It's an awesome, unique website still haven't seen another like it.
  8. Just Joined

    よã†ã“ãï¼Welcome There's no way any of us are freaks. Western society used to have worse names for gay people and black people. Anyone who is a little different from the majority gets ganged up on, and it's not fair. The nail that sticks out gets hammered down. But here, there's so much support from all these awesome people. And you're never alone. People try to hammer us down, but there's so many of us that they give up Asking someone to wait is not at all an unrealistic request. It's completely doable. People have done it! And if someone isn't only after sex, they're not going to be that bothered by waiting. That song is awesome x)) I haven't heard anything like it before.
  9. I had a different question here before but I realised it wasn't really helpful so I changed it. People have been asking me how to avoid impulsively giving up on waiting until marriage. I would like some solid answers to give people in future. The only advice I had really was just to constantly be doing something else so that you're not in a position to hook up with someone. Even if it's you're with your boyfriend/girlfriend, do something together that prevents you from feeling like it's sexy time. Any kissing sessions should be short. If something turns you on, that's a warning signal that you're going too far. What are some other good suggestions? If someone says "I feel like I won't be able to make it until marriage," should I encourage them to try and keep going, or should I try to help them figure out what they really want? All answers are appreciated D
  10. How to deal

    Well, if I wasn't suffering from chronic fatigue(which is being treated now), I would just be making the most of life. Write songs, paint pictures, write blogs, make vlogs, make games, make gaming videos, make movies, make stuff etc.etc. there's so much to do and so little time don't waste your lives like I did before chronic fatigue!
  11. New To the Site

  12. My Boyfriend

    If it's his choice to wait until marriage, then you can assume he's going to wait. Breaking up with him so he can have sex is silly, if you really love him. Even if the plan is to get back together, sex always complicates things when more than two people are involved. If he's mature enough, talking to his friends about sex should be fine. I'm a complete virgin but I feel comfortable talking about sex because people are always talking about sex around me and I've picked up more info about it than most people know in the world. It doesn't make me want to stop waiting. So just have faith in him, tell him he's awesome since he feels comfortable talking about sex even though he's not doing it yet, and tell him he has good willpower and he must really love you if he's waiting too. Encouragement, basically.
  13. Being chronically ill and not being able to meet people helps.
  14. You wouldn't want to play a videogame that's already been completed for you. Why would you want to practise sex when you already have done everything a million times? It's exciting when you start from scratch and try new things every time, and communication is required, too... Some people have loads of sex and are terrible at it, whilst some are amazing from their first time onwards. That's what people have told me. Experience is not needed at all.
  15. I'm lucky that I was pretty much near-paralysed by chronic illness and spent much of my free time as a teen doing schoolwork, and even at uni. Though I still almost had a first kiss twice, but accidentally avoided it both times and now I'm glad I did it was lucky, because one of them turned out to be a mean girl... And the other one kept changing her mind about me.