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  1. Dating sites?

    Signed up for that site. Already got some nice contacts too! Thanks so much!
  2. Dating sites?

    Very good advice! Yeah, I was kinda worried about that creeper factor. :/ Oh, well, maybe it's worth digging through a pile of coal to find a diamond. Hmm...hadn't thought about virgin fetishists. But yeah, I can definitely see how declaring right away might be a bad idea. Any ideas on how to tell a prospective partner? Yeah, I know not every Christian is extreme. I'm one after all. I actually considered ChristianMingle, but to be able to contact other members you need to pay, plus I've heard some scary rumours about scammers and rapists on there. Any ideas on some Christian sites that are free and good? I might consider eHarmony or Match if they aren't that expensive, but as a student money is definitely important.
  3. Dating sites?

    I don't necessarily want to date or even marry a waiter, just someone who's ok with me being one. Yeah, I know not all waiters are conservative, but a lot of waiters I've met in real life tend to be...:/ Nice tip about trying many dating sites at once! Are there any non-dodgy cheap or free ones you know about? There's always OKCupid, but I've tried that before and gotten a lot of messages from real creepers...
  4. Silver Ring Thing

    I bet what they're hoping for is either someone who's never been involved with homosexuality or any of those other things they seem to see as negative, or someone who HAS but has "reformed." I like their abstinence message and their faith base, but the level of conservative viewpoint this seems to show might be a little much for me. Not all Christians are against homosexuality, abortion, etc. I consider myself rather liberal and don't know if I'd fit in with them...You're also right about their lack of investigation. They should ask a person's views and if they ask about history, they also should ask about now and instead of tick-boxes, maybe a spot for a short written answer. Perhaps contacting someone in the organization and asking more about such matters would be a good idea before applying?
  5. "Bitch" as a term of endearment

    "Bitch" is always an insult for a mean-spirited or rude woman as far as I'm concerned and use of it as an endearment just seems strange. I've never been one for strict traditional gender roles (a woman can be a housewife or a CEO, whatever she is capable of and desires to do), but any attempt to reclaim that term as a positive just seems like it won't work. Change in meaning happens to words over a very long period of time and attempts to force such changes don't help the process. That said, "bitch" or "byotch" can be used jokingly, as in "what's up, byotches?" to a group of friends, but even that strikes me as a bit awkward.
  6. 32 Year Old Virgin :)

    Oh, oops. Didn't notice the past tense. Sorry. XD
  7. 32 Year Old Virgin :)

    Great to meet you! Is PurityPeople still active?
  8. So, I'm a very touch-centered person who loves hugs and cuddling, even with people I just see as friends. However, when in a dating situation, these things have often seemed to send the wrong message, especially kissing. As someone who's WTM, does anyone else encounter this problem? How have other waiters who love touch and closeness avoided temptation when dating? How do you make sure your partner understands the barriers you've put in place while still engaging in some non-sexual physical closeness? Does allowing such non-sexual contact (hand-holding, hugs, cuddling, maybe kissing) cause more frustration than no contact?
  9. Dating sites?

    Hi there! I'm curious about dating sites and the relationships one might find using them. Are there dating sites specially-dedicated for waiters? Is it hard to find someone to date who is alright with waiting till marriage but is not extremely sociopolitically or religiously conservative? Which dating sites are the best for people like us? I really do want to find my soul mate one day but feel like the search is extremely difficult. :/
  10. Just wondering what everybody knows about the Silver Ring Thing. I was sorta thinking about joining their Tour Team, but the homophobia evident in the application gave me some pause. Do you guys think it's a good group to work with? Also, what are the specifics of their vow?
  11. Not a Virgin but I Want to Wait

    Welcome, Jack! You seem like a wonderful guy! Congratulations on your decision. It doesn't matter if you're a virgin or not. What matters is that you want to wait now. That is a very admirable choice.
  12. Hi, everyone! *waves*

    She is not a member here, but her name is Janelle. She was my flatmate last semester.
  13. Weird Thing About You

    I use my toes to pick up things sometimes too! My mom always told me I had monkey feet. XD
  14. Weird Thing About You

    Hmm, let's see... 1. The only thing I am afraid of is such a phobia I can't even tell people what it is, because I can't even stand the word! >_< 2. I celebrate geeky holidays like Star Wars Day (May 4th of course, so fans say "May the Fourth be with you"), the day "RENT" came out on Broadway and its writer died (January 25th), and what "Les Miserables" fans call Barricade Days (which is June 5-6, the days of the actual June Rebellion). 3. Most animals people hate, I love (like snakes and bats and rats and such). 4. I often keep looking down while walking, because sometimes really cool things can be found on the street or the ground in general.
  15. Single on Valentine's Day

    I like Valentine's Day a lot but admit it can get lonely while single, especially considering its origins as Lupercalia, a festival of fertility and marriage...That's why this year I choose to celebrate two other "holidays" in its stead. One is the Day of Purity and the other's V-day. Both are pretty great causes and worth joining in on! Here are links to more info: http://www.lc.org/dayofpurity/ http://www.onebillionrising.org/page/event/search_simple?source=BSDAds_GoogleSearch_V-Day%202013-%20Search-%20V-Day_V-Day_v%20day_Broad_24490833303&gclid=CKmEgIjKs7UCFcc-MgodR30ADQ