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  1. I don't really know what to title this

    @Mstr Josh, everyone including you believes in something... Atheists believe in something even though they rationalize in their mind with things there is no God. Atheists believes that when they press the brake in their car it will work; they believe that when they work a job, they'll get paid from a man or woman, they believe that every time they turn the faucet water will come out, they just CHOOSE not to believe in God!! Young man, God has given every human being the Power of choice. You have the Power of CHOICE to Choose whether you want to believe in Jesus or Not Josh! You also can not do it your way. You dont tell God how to give you answers; You don't tell God how and what will make you believe in Him. You have to go to manual & the author who has revealed himself, and has given you a blueprint on how to know Him, who He is and where you can find Him. Yes You Will Have to Read the Bible to know God! The Bible is Jesus Christ, who is the Only God revealed in words. Jegsy Scarr is right when she says Science supports Christianity and they don't contradict each other. FYI- Christianity never was and is not a religion!! I explained all that in the born again section. The westboro baptist church you saw on t.v that put up signs saying "God hates fags" are not Christians and don't reflect the spirit of the Christian faith, so don't look at them as Christians. I understand that you said you don't know how to give yourself to Jesus. If you would like to give your life to Jesus Christ, the Son of God and have a relationship with God- which is called being born again, You can read my reply to markb4 in the section "For the Born Again Spirit-filled Christians on the site"; in that reply I explained in detail what it meant to be born again with scriptures according to Jesus and the steps to receive Jesus Christ into your heart. Its simple but profound and significant. I hope you read it and the scriptures I posted there, I pray that as you read them, God touches your heart and you open yourself up to God. God loves you Josh-(young man) & God is love! I wrote this post to you out of love from me to you. I teach young people your age the word of God every Sunday night, and I have seen many young people give their life to Christ and make the commitment and live the Christian life for real with power at their age in high school and in college reaching other people over the years. I am giving you the opportunity & a moment in time right now because God is reaching out to you... If you read that reply in the born again section and the scriptures in the bible, preferably a New King James version and you CHOOSE to BELIEVE in Christ and give your life to Him seriously, Let me know, and I'll endeavor to find you a non-denominational bible believing/ teaching church in your area where you can grow in your new walk with the Lord Jesus Christ! Remember this is your decision, no one can make it for you, not your mum, dad, sibling or anybody; and you dont need anyones opinion to decide. Young man, it will be a joy to see you experience the love, joy, peace, sense of purpose and life-changing power that comes into your life when you receive Jesus Christ into your heart as your Lord and Savior and CHOOSE to Serve Him. With love, Godlyseed
  2. Hey Princess Kendra, I know I have only chatted with you for exactly a week, and I have enjoyed knowing you thus far. You are incredibly special and awesome as I have told you, that's why I call you "Princess Kendra." Thanks to you too, for deciding to still maintain purity at your age and be an example to the females around you. God has great Plans for your life, you continue to follow Him. Much love to you. In Christ, Godlyseed
  3. Why Should I Wait?

    I should wait: #1 because God wants me to, and designed me to wait for my spouse, and that she take my virginity on my wedding night, and its still pure and beautiful that way. I should wait because: 1). Sex was created by God, and He ordained it to be experienced in marriage, and I respect and accept that. (2). Pre-marital sex is a sin before God, and I want to please God in Christ by waiting till marriage. (3). I want to honor God by maintaining my purity and give just me-my all to my wife, not 2, 5, 20 or more partners that would have been in me, if I had engaged in pre-marital sex. (4). I should wait so I can become one flesh with my wife and experience the oneness, love and intimacy God designed should be experienced in sexual intimacy. (5). I love my wife to come, want to share the most intimate part of my being with the one I am supposed to share it with alone-my wife.
  4. Emulator, Can you post the link to your initial post with the statistics because I almost don't believe it!
  5. Chatting with Live Video and Microphone

    Hey Mike, Thanks for responding! So the site I mentioned to you looks dated. Lol. Are you sure you went to the right site? because people chat in real time on that site. A person looks directly into the camera on their computer or laptop and you are able to see him/her and hear their voice when they grab the mic; or a person can use the second option which is using the feature that only allows them to grab the mic and you hear their voice loud and clear but no camera and their avatar is shown instead of their face when they talk. Majority of the people on that site use the second option that only allows them to grab the mic and their avatar is shown, but no camera for privacy, and its fun. I was on that site engaging in live-prayer and bible study chatting with people in real time from October to December of last year on some evenings when I had the time, but I didn't use the camera though to maintain some privacy, but all could hear my voice and I could hear theirs and it was fun. I don't get on that site anymore, because It was an avenue to be a blessing for that time period I was there last year. I don't know where on that site you went to, but If you can after you set up an account on that site, go into the bible study room and hear how they chat with video and without video. I don't know of any modern video-enabled chat system better than the one on that site at this time. If I find a better one, I will definitely let you know. Thanks for all you do Mike. Thanks for thinking out the box, being innovative and ingenious to create a site like this WTM.
  6. Wny, You are only 20. You will find her, if you follow Christ. Christ will lead you to her. In the mean time, develop yourself in other areas. Yes brother, don't settle for a woman without the traits you have thoughtfully decided that you need in a spouse. I am proud of you
  7. RJ and WanderingWashingtonian, LOL.... Its Ok to vent .... He's out there.... Be Patient dears.... I understand, lol.... He will find you.... you "keep growing deeper in your walk with Christ" as you said in your "about me" section RJ, and growing in other areas of your life, and being an asset to society, and he will come right along soon. Both of you are Women of Virtue! You keep preparing yourself for him, as God is preparing him for you, and you'll meet soon, and it will be exciting!! LOL The guy exists! If you wont get anxious, doubt or lose your Faith!! You also know God is good, so you aren't waiting in vain!! "Be anxious for nothing...." (Philippians 4:6). "The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, To the soul who seeks Him. It is good that one should hope and wait quietly for the salvation of the LORD" (Lamentations 3:25-26). New King James Version. I know it gets tough sometimes .... God doesn't show us the one for us sometimes because it isn't time yet, He is still preparing us or other reasons. We have to keep Trusting Him-God, and growing in Christ, developing godly character, having a Christlike nature, and advancing our lives in other areas: vocationally, educationally, financially, having healthy relations with others and been a well rounded person in Christ while we are waiting. RJ, I also see you said "Y'all", so you are a southern person, I am in the south too. Lol, I see y'all making it to y'all wedding night with your virginity if you don't give up!! Meditate on the scriptures I just gave you and the ones I Posted in "For the Born Again Spirit-filled Christians on the site" in the Religious topics section, they will help you both a lot. Don't lose your confidence! "... do not cast away your confidence, which has great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise (Hebrews 10:35-36) Don't get impatient girls, lol... "Be anxious for nothing...." (Philippians 4:6). I believe in you Godlyseed
  8. Not a Virgin but I Want to Wait

    WanderingWashintonian I love the video you posted titled "Forgiven" by Skillet. Yes, The Blood and Person of Jesus Christ is able to forgive every sin, every sexual sin, and cleanse, and deliver a person from sexual sins, lust and all the destruction pre-marital sex brings into a persons life and make them whole again in Christ Jesus, If they choose Christ!! Thanks for posting that video I like it a lot!! You can check out my posts and scriptures I posted in the "For the Born again Spirit-filled Christians on the site" section under Religious topics if you are choosing Christ! God bless you Godlyseed
  9. Not a Virgin but I Want to Wait

    Hi Jack134, I congratulate you for deciding to stop and wait from now on till marriage! That takes courage and intestinal fortitude. Sexuality is something given by God to man that should be only experienced in the boundaries of marriage. However, majority of people have had sex before marriage and broken their spirit and done damage to themselves. I encourage you first to turn to God through Jesus Christ, because He is author of sex, and author of sexual unity and oneness that can be experienced in a couple in marriage. Jesus wants you to know Him, so He-Jesus can make you-Jack134 whole again from your past sexual experiences and give you the Power to wait till your marriage night from this moment on... You can read my posts and get more information in the section I started titled "For the Born Again Spirit-Filled Christians on the site" under the Religious topics section. God bless you, Godlyseed
  10. Hi Mike, I like your site, and I thank God for it!! I wanted to make suggestion, have you thought about incorporating mics and video chatting abilities into the chat room? I saw that done on a Christian chat room site, where people would grab the mic one at a time, and they had the option of when they spoke through the mic, it will show an avatar they put up, or live-video of them speaking through their computer wherever they are. It will be fun!! I sent you a personal email to your email address listing the site where I saw this done at. You can log in as a guest on that site or set up an account there and see how its done. It might cost some money to put the system on your site, but it can be done, and you can have people give to your site to get it done. God bless you mike, Godlyseed
  11. Single on Valentine's Day

    Don't feel alone or unloved on this Valentines day. Jesus loves you and one day you will that Special Husband or Wife for you. Be Happy
  12. Single on Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentines Day to all you Waiters!! Jesus loves you.
  13. @Mstr Josh, I understand you, but I was explaining from the BIble's/Christianity perspective/God's perspective. In the eyes of God, willpower is not pleasing to God. We Christians are commanded to rely on the Power of the Holy Spirit, and our motives to doing things are too please God first according to the bible. Also in general, something can appear to be good in the eyes of a person, but if the person's motives or intentions isn't pure or right, then it makes the good thing bad or corrupt. e.g, people can do things outwardly to please themselves, get a crowd, get some attention, recognition or boost their ego, buts its all for themselves and not to better someone's else life from the heart, or for the glory of God as We Christians are commanded to do, in all that we do. That's where I am coming from,as I explained carefully.
  14. Tatyana, Read your initial post again because it came across that or you implied that Christians just go by what the bible says, and don't think for themselves which means Christians are stupid; and so I replied to everything you said in detail. Read your initial post again,and look at my reply, and maybe You can understand why I replied you the way I replied you.I don't hold nothing against you.
  15. By the way Matthew, I am glad you still jump into talks on this subjects sometimes. Keep having an open mind, and open your heart again to God. I also just prayed for you!