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  1. What kind of car do you drive?

    Those are the most reliable.
  2. What kind of car do you drive?

    You can sleep in a car you can't drive a home
  3. I bought Mafia 3. What a bad game. Felt completely unfinished. Graphics were glitchy. Store was not linear enough. Kinda all over the place.
  4. Perhaps there are some stats regarding this? Or regarding those who waited a while but maybe didn't hold out till the wedding date.
  5. Who's socially akward?

    i am. Not a lot but around strangers. I just don't like being around lots of people I don't know all at once.
  6. Also, do you like it? Is there something else you plan on getting? I drive '03 Honda Accord. But wanna get a new S550 Mustang GT
  7. NetFlix fav show, GO!

    What is your fav show and why. Keep it short and sweet. My my fav is Heartland b/c of the storyline especially between Amy and Ty. The scenery is cool too. Surprisingly I have no interest in horses despite the show basing around them in a way.
  8. I'm no longer waiting till marriage....

    Still not waiting. Although still a virgin. Just a matter of finding the right person. And if she's right for me then it is what it is. I will wait if she waits. I dabbled in some sites like Tinder but it just didn't work out with the people I met. Too many differences.
  9. Weapon X! Explanation: Weapon X is the name given to former NFL player Brian Dawkins who played for the Philadelphia Eagles most of his career. As a kid his favorite was Wolverine. During games he would enter the stadium on all fours. He would act like Wolverine in every way. So other than "Wolverine" people also called him "Weapon X". So since he's my favorite athlete, I chose Weapon X and I guess Wolverine to answer this question.
  10. new year, same story

    My New Years resolution is to finally complete my 2015 New Years resolution which I should have done in 2014 b/c I created the resolution in 2013! I can relate to how you feel. I'd be lying if I didn't say my virginity doesn't bother me. I think being able to meet a woman and build a relationship (be it long and romantic or short and flirtatious) and then eventually have sex with her is something deemed very "manly" by society. But what makes a man a man is kind of dependent on who you ask. A guy who is smooth and great with the ladies can sleep with a new woman every day of the week but to him he's a man and will see you as less, but that's cuz he interprets manliness that way. You've got to realize that although the urge is powerful (to have sex), your value as a man is not something that is measured or evaluated by your sexual experience. I'm a virgin at 24 like totally never even gotten close to losing it ever. I still consider myself a man. I'm not totally satisfied with how my life is, but I am happy and working on my self. You should work on yourself as well. Try and say positive. The enemy within you (that is your thoughts) are more powerful than anything on the outside so stay positive and focus less on your lack of sexual experience.
  11. I'm no longer waiting till marriage....

    Well while I see waiting as something special and will still wait if my future partner waits, I don't nor have I ever had any sort of conviction that not waiting is horrible or a big no no. Like I don't think I'm going to hell or doing something morally wrong if I don't wait. I'm just doing what I want and I want to do what me and my future partner want to do. Whether it's to wait or not.
  12. I like this community and want to stay on here. I'm still a virgin but I'm willing to do you know what before marriage. I'm not against it. If I meet a waiter and things work out I'll wait, but no longer am I deliberate about waiting. I'm okay with doing it before marriage. Has anyone else gone from being a 100% for sure waiter to being okay with either waiting or not waiting?
  13. I'd move to Montana. I wanna live there because of the beautiful scenery. I'm thinking Bozeman would be a good choice. I love nature and would love it if I could live somewhere where it's scenic and where I'm only a short drive away from a beautiful mountain where I can hike or jog. Where would you like to move? If you like where you are tell me why it's so great.
  14. It would be interesting to know WHY there are those differences. Perhaps the article you couldn't find explains. The numbers make me question exactly what it is about premarital sex that makes a successful marriage slightly less likely.
  15. What offends you?

    One thing that would piss me off is if I'm talking to her about working out and lifting weights and she laughs or makes some stupid comment about how I'm skinny. It's true I'm skinny but if she treats my determination to workout and try my best to get bigger as a joke then I would hate that.