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  1. What defines you as a virgin?

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I know kind of have an idea what to say if I ever find a boyfriend. And has made me think of what Im looking for now.
  2. hi new here

    thanks you all!
  3. I know everyone has their own thoughts and opinions on this. But what makes you a virgin? To me its if you have had not had sexual intercourse (meaning oral and touching is permitted and anything entering your lady parts that is a man's part is a no no) now before someone strikes me down for saying that I’m asking because… The main stream society (people who have sex) will think if you only have done oral you are still a virgin. But some virgins would say you are not. So the thin line between it is confusing. The problem I’m having is the guys who want to wait for marriage are either fine with my past or think im a grade a wild child, granted I could use a swear word here, (when my experience is very little I have only had 2 boyfriends) and the guys who have sex think im a prude. I just need thoughts from others on this.
  4. hi new here

    Hi! I'm new here hoping to meet cool people with some of the same views as me. Love making friends to chat about nothing with lol. I have my own idea on the WTM thing. I have my views and morals and know what I want out of life. Just trying to find someone like that. While I wait Im always looking for advice.