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  1. Must finish chapter 14 of my fan fiction story...

    1. Jegsy Scarr

      Jegsy Scarr

      lol! Yeah, this chapter's his introduction, so I'm looking forward to writing it!

  2. Hey, Aditya? Just watched "Johnny English Reborn"! Awesome movie!

    1. Aditya


      OMG! It's today that I have discovered all these stuff that you guys left lmao... *BIG HUGS* Hope you all are doing absolutely great :) ... Btw... I AM BACK! ;)

  3. All my exams are over! Yay! Now I can learn to play the guitar!

    1. Jegsy Scarr

      Jegsy Scarr

      Oh, yeah! I'll need to remember to read them...The Murder of Roger Ackroyd first, right?

    2. Slayerofdragon


      Good luck with the guitar! Don't let it beat up your fingers too much, :).

    3. Olivier


      congrats! I hope the exams went well!!

  4. Exam-time! Is it sad that I actually enjoy studying for French?

  5. M&C! Happy Birthday! xxx

  6. Hey Sophie! Happy birthday! xxx

  7. Hey, Mike? When are you getting around to reading my WTM celebrity suggestion? I want my $10! (for my chosen charity...)

  8. Hey! Happy Birthday! xxx

  9. I love your new profile pic, with the balloons! So cute!

  10. I love your new profile pic, with the balloons! So cute!

  11. I take it, you are? (Otherwise, it'd be the worst rhetorical question in the world...)


  12. Hey TG! Are you enjoying your Phantom of the Opera soundtrack? My favourite song is Music of the Night, as it is so pretty and romantic... *sigh*. Oh, but the song The Point of No Return is a little...em...well, let's just say, we couldn't add it to the song list on this site...


  13. Okay, scrap that. I just noticed you've already added me. D'oh! Hey, great minds think alike, huh?

  14. Hi Mike! Sunday night's chat was cool! Hopefully we'll get more people next time! Also, I'm adding you as a friend on here, because right now I have no friends, and it's kind of sad. Reminds me of when I started out on Bebo (you know what that is, right, like Facebook but rubbish, and with no one on it anymore) and I had, like, 2 friends. :(