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  1. Hey, guys! So this is just a silly thread I wanted to start. I'm always posting serious stuff, so this might be a nice change! Basically I'm asking, what traits do you find particularly attractive? Now, I can't stress this enough - they've got to be purely superficial, and the kind of thing you're instantly attracted to. We're all attracted to people who are good listeners and are good with kids, so this is just about the kind of meaningless stuff. The things which, in and of themselves, wouldn't make you want to actually marry someone, but they do make your tummy do that fluttery thing! And if you're with them, and the Pope walked in the room, you'd be torn about leaving them to go talk to him (I'm exaggerating a little, but you get the idea). In particular, are there any traits which individually are attractive, but in combination, you're completely and utterly captivated? Okay, so I'll have to go first. I've identified three (and a half): 1. 'Dark' style. As in, kind of gothic-ky style, or Victoriana. Guys in tuxedos are meh, but guys in 19th century tuxedos are awesome. 2. Voice (no surprise there). If he has a really smooth and silky voice, that's amazing. Especially singing voices, I like tenors who can hit high notes nicely, but also have a really good range. 3. Hand gestures. This one's hard to describe, so I refer you to the video examples below. 1/2: Confidence. This one's not completely superficial, but it's the trait that links all of these together. If he sings/speaks and moves confidently, and he owns that gothic clothing, then it's captivating. Okay, so as examples, I present the following: Michael Crawford performing 'Music of the Night'. Note all three and a half elements present. This one's subtler, but by the end of the song, my insides have turned to jelly. This guy playing Riff Raff in a production of 'The Rocky Horror Show'. Not the entire video (he's good, but not that attractive) but just the first half a minute or so. This is like all three and a half traits, turned up to the max. The result is, I've watched this half-minute section about a dozen times in a row, and I still can't get over how amazing this guy is! Now, if he were only single and Catholic... (Starts about 0:07. At first, you'll think, "Okay, so nice voice, cool outfit, kind of creepy character make-up, so what?", but just wait till it hits 0:19 and he starts going all out with the hand gestures and turns the voice up to eleven. Even with the fact that I don't like the Lucius Malfoy hair, I still can't take my eyes off him...) EDIT: NOOOOOO! The video is gone! Oh well, just use your imaginations, then. So, what completely superficial and meaningless traits do you find attractive? xxx
  2. Okay, so this is slightly embarrassing, but heck, I'm going to ask anyway! So basically, I am not the most hairless woman in the world. Not the hairiest, either, but I'd say more-than-average at least. I've got the perfect combination of very pale skin and quite dark hair, and (I suspect) above-average testosterone levels. And that's led to, amongst other things, above-average facial hair, especially on my upper lip. When I was in high school, I used to get teased about it ("You have a moustache", "You look like a man" etc.), and I got really self-conscious about trying to get rid of it. I used to cover my mouth when I was talking to people, or keep my head down at the lunch table, in case someone mentioned it. My self-esteem is still not back to normal, but it's getting there. Now, I've stopped caring so much. I remember my high school days where I couldn't pass by a mirror without checking for a stray hair, and lots of painful tweezering to try to get rid of all of it (and the awful feeling I had when I couldn't remove all of it). I really don't want to go back to that. I can't wax at all because of the skin medication I'm using, and hair removal cream can only be used occasionally (and even then, it makes my skin very sensitive). Right now, it's just the occasional tweezering every now and then to keep it kind-of under control. I don't worry about getting every hair, or even most hairs. Very occasionally, I'll use cream to get rid of it for a particularly special occasion, but to give you some perspective, I think the last time I did that was in April. So, my question is basically, do guys have a problem with girls having facial hair? Frankly, I don't want to go back to how I was before, obsessing over it all the time. Realistically, I can't be completely hair-free, so I'm really just trying to accept that now, and forget all the things people said to me in the past. I'm not a porcelain doll. I'm a living woman, and I have hair that grows, and I can't get rid of it all, and I need a guy who's just going to accept that. I don't want to be constantly worried that if I didn't get rid of the hair, he'd stop finding me attractive, or whatever. xxx
  3. Hi guys! I've been hearing a lot about people who wait till marriage and write letters to give to their husband or wife once they're married. Well, I thought it was a really beautiful idea, and a night or two ago I wrote one to my future husband. What I wanted to ask you all was: 1. What do you think of writing letters to your future spouse? 2. If it's something you would do yourself, what kind of things would you write about? I actually typed my first letter up on the computer, just to make sure it sounded okay. Then I was going to write it out by hand, and I figured it'd be better to write it into a notebook rather than just a sheet of paper, since I figure I'll write a lot of them and it'd be easier to keep them all together. So I was looking around all my stuff to see if I actually had a nice empty notebook to write it in, but I couldn't find any. The next day, I was looking on the internet to see if there were any nice ones, didn't see any, thought, "I'll have a look next time I'm shopping". Then, a few hours later, my mum comes back home, says, "Oh, Julie, I got a couple of things for you while I was out shopping, thought you'd like them," and hands me some chocolate and...*drumroll*...a lovely little black notebook. Like she'd read my mind. And I was thinking to myself, "That must be a sign!" What was it Sally called it? A God-incidence! Anyway, thought you'd like to hear that little story... xxx
  4. (Catholic just chiming in) Well, the highest human being in Heaven (besides Jesus Himself) is the Queen of Heaven, and that's Mary, so... xxx
  5. But what if it's not because he's insecure about it, or repressed, or something, and he still just shrugs and says, "Nah, I don't think I've ever been sexually attracted to a man"? Or someone who shrugs and says, "Nah, I see what you mean about Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his ass, but it's not really my thing" *sips drink*? There must be men out there who really aren't sexually attracted to other men. xxx
  6. Random Thoughts

    Just joined Pottermore because I'd read all these stories about how you could interact with the books and collect things and play games and whatnot. And then I found out it's just articles now, and no interactive fun stuff, and I'm about as disappointed as a 22-year-old woman can be about a children's book series. xxx (Ravenclaw house, wand is Hawthorn wood with Dragon heartstring core, 12 1/2" and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility. Still disappointed)
  7. Random Thoughts

    A most beautiful song... xxx
  8. Random Thoughts

    The doggy is licking the other doggy! Also, I found the video clip for that bit of Columbo, so here it is: (Columbo is awesome) xxx
  9. Random Thoughts

    Found this cute Tumblr post of Columbo and his dog Dog. Posting because it's cute: xxx
  10. Seeking Pleasures of the Flesh

    Nope. Having sex just for the enjoyment of it is fine. You don't have to be, like, actively trying to get pregnant, or something. Just having sex because you were Netflixing and chilling and suddenly you were in the mood is fine. I lol'd. xxx
  11. Random Thoughts

    Also, it's not even the videos themselves sometimes. Often, it's visiting YouTube later and the homepage is filled with Recommended videos featuring images of disturbing creatures staring directly into your soul. xxx
  12. Fictional Crush?

    Hi guys! So this is obviously inspired by markb4's thread about celebrity crushes. I figure loads of girls tend to like Edward Cullen from Twilight. Not me! No, mine would be *drum roll*: The Phantom of the Opera (Erik) The Hunchback of Notre Dame Edward Scissorhands (sort of, might just be because it's Johnny Depp) "L" from the Manga series Death Note If I have to choose someone from Twilight, I'll go with Jacob over Edward any day Remus Lupin in Harry Potter You probably won't know this one, but Phuti Radiphuti from the No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency series EDIT: to include Mr Rochester, since I've since read Jane Eyre And I swear I don't have a fetish for guys who have facial disfigurements! I think I've got a thing for guys that are social outcasts and therefore very lonely and in need of love. Like, every time I watch The Phantom of the Opera (any of the movies or the musical) or read the book, and there's the bit where Christine rejects him, and he's crying, I'm just like, "No, Erik! I love you! I'll marry you!" Sad, I know. Maybe because most people would consider me a bit weird, so therefore I like kind of quirky guys myself. xxx
  13. Random Thoughts

    Happy 400th deathday, Shakespeare! Millions of schoolchildren and English Lit students thank you for your awesome and difficult plays! xxx
  14. Random Thoughts

    Why do I watch videos like "Top 10 Creepiest Youtube Channels" and "Top 20 Scariest Creepypastas" in the middle of the night? Why do I do this to myself? *sigh* I think I need to watch some cute doggies, or something... xxx
  15. Warning: Phishing site

    Nope, it's gone for me, too. xxx
  16. Yesterday, Mother Angelica, founder of the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) passed away after a long illness. Whilst I was never an avid watcher of her TV show (EWTN isn't quite as mainstream here in the UK), the few times I've heard her speak, I've always been very moved by her faith and her witness to Jesus. Here's a little clip from the end of one of her live shows, where I think you can get a real sense of her faith and her warm personality: Anyway, just wanted to bring her to people's attention since I've always found her very inspiring. Please pray for her and for her fellow sisters at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery. xxx
  17. Random Thoughts

    I had a dream last night that I was watching the first episode of a TV drama adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera novel, and it was really accurate and true to the book (Christine was even Swedish). And I thought, "Darn, I was going to try to write a script for a Phantom TV drama someday, but I guess they've beat me to it." And I was watching it thinking, "Hmm, this is good, but I'd have cut to Raoul's point of view instead of Christine's here," and "I guess they had to cut lines from the book, but I'd have kept the doctor's line in if it were me," and whatnot. And I had to stop watching the episode and save the rest for later, so I never got to see who they'd cast as the Phantom. I wonder if dream-me would have cast Doug Jones, or if I'd have cast someone really stupid like Johnny Depp or Taylor Lautner or Adam Sandler just to mess with actual-me... xxx
  18. Warning: Phishing site

    I still get the warnings when I first load the main site or the forums. Once I'm actually in the forums, I can navigate around fine without any warnings, but it's still annoying having to click past the warnings just to get in in the first place. Grrr... Probably shouldn't complain too much, though... xxx
  19. Random Thoughts

    This video makes me happy xxx
  20. Romantic song :)

    Aww, I missed this post! We sang this in choir a few years ago. Okay, if you like that one, you'll like this one: xxx
  21. Uh, Crystal, did you not get the memo? xxx
  22. Ask a Catholic! (i.e, me...)

    Hey, guys! So I thought I'd start this little thread for a few reasons: Firstly, because over the course of the year or so I've been a member of this site, there's probably been at least a dozen occasions where I've been asked: "So Jegs, what does the Catholic Church say about [this thing]?". So I thought it'd be a good idea to have a thread where you can ask me questions and whatnot. Secondly, because if I'm honest, I really enjoy answering the questions! I'm not sure why...It's maybe just because it's like school when the teacher asks the class a question, and you get this thrill of: "Oh! Oh! Oh! I know this one!" (I get the same thrill if people ask me a question about the Phantom of the Opera, too...) And thirdly, I think it's a good idea for people - and not just Catholics - to keep expanding their knowledge about their faith and what they believe. So if anyone asks me something to which I honestly don't know the answer to, then I know that's an area I need to learn more about. And even if I do know, I still have to go away and gather evidence and arguments and whatnot. So you guys get an answer, and I get to learn more about my faith, so it's really win-win! So, if anyone has a question, fire away! And I'll try and get back to you as quickly as I can. Oh, and feel free to start your own "Ask a..." thread, if you're non-Catholic, and want to answer people's questions about your own faith. I figure it's a good way to learn from each other, and whatnot... xxx P.S. You could use this thread to ask me questions about the Phantom of the Opera, too, if you like...
  23. Ask a Catholic! (i.e, me...)

    I've got to be honest, I don't know much about any of this. I've tried to do some research, but I can't say I'm finding the information I'm looking for. So I guess I'll have to speak more generally on the subject, and hope that's okay for you. (Oh, I will clarify that the Catholic Church doesn't recognise Constantine the Great as a saint, although I think the Orthodox do. But that's beside the point...) Anyway, I'll say this. If someone is recognised as a saint, it doesn't mean that they lived perfect lives. It doesn't even mean that they didn't ever do evil things. To be very technical about it, all it means is that by the time they died, they'd managed to sort their lives out at least enough to get to Heaven, and then they managed to get some miracles attributed to them later. I think there's an issue a lot of the time with how the saints get portrayed in Catholic writings. If you've ever read any of the little children's books about saints, they're sickly-sweet sometimes with just how lovely and perfect these saints were. I guess they're supposed to be inspiring kids as role models, but they tend to give the impression to people that the saints actually were perfect. There's a quote from Catholic Dorothy Day: "I have since heard a priest friend of ours remark gloomily that one could go to hell imitating the imperfections of the saints." The thing is, of course, that you rarely hear about any of that stuff, because biographers didn't always record it. You'll hear about saints like St Augustine, living his playboy lifestyle, and St Paul, persecuting the early Christians, because they're all part of the story of how they later turned their lives around. However, you don't tend to hear about things they didn't openly atone for, or even sins they were still struggling with till the day they died. The most obvious example I guess would be the lives of Christian martyrs - no one much cares what they did with their lives. You could have some guy running a slave trade or a meth lab up to the day he died, and it all comes down to that final decision to give up his life for his faith. And then if you're a biographer looking to make the guy into a role model for Christians, you'll search his history looking for that time he gave alms to the poor, or that time he saved a child from being prostituted, or whatever, and ignore the rest. And I'd imagine that's even more true when the saint is living in a society where they don't even question what they're doing as being wrong. Our ideas of what is and isn't moral behaviour for a soldier has developed over time, as has how we view the use of torture. I can't think of any saints off the top of my head, but I think slavery would also be a similar issue. A lot of Catholic saints who were relatively rich in their lives probably owned slaves (even if not recorded), and depending on when they lived in history, a lot of them wouldn't even have seen it as a problem. If you'd asked them, "Why do you own slaves if you're a Catholic?" they'd likely have been puzzled: "Well, slavery is just a part of any society, and that's just how it is. The slaves get mistreated sometimes, and that's wrong, but it's just how society works. It's my job as a good Catholic to be the best master I can, and treat my slaves well and treat them as my brothers and sisters." I heard the Christian speaker NT Wright compare it to how society might view cars in a hundred years: "How could all these so called good people knowingly own and use machines that were poisoning our environment and have really caused a problem for future generations?" And if you ask the 21st century saints, you'd get a similar answer, "Oh, well we didn't like cars, no, but that was just how society worked, and you needed to own a car to get around." I can think of a few saints off the top of my head who did pretty problematic stuff. You've got saints like St Rose of Lima, who disfigured her face with lye to try to ward off male admirers - um, yeah, I think you'll find that giving yourself chemical burns counts as grievous bodily harm, and is definitely a sin. You've got St Nicholas (aka Santa Claus), who apparently had an argument with the heretic Arias at a council meeting. He punched him in the face (I just looked it up, and apparently historians think it's apocryphal. So if it's not true, then not only was Nicholas in the habit of punching folk he disagreed with so much that he became famous for it, but that he actually ended up getting admired for doing it and therefore the biographers kept it in their accounts). My favourite (?) story is from St Thomas More, who died a martyr at the hands of King Henry VIII. There is a contemporary account, about how a friend of his wanted to marry one of Thomas's two teenaged daughters. Thomas took him upstairs to where his daughters were sleeping in their bed, and just pulled the covers off them (they were wearing short shifts that had crept up while they were sleeping, so they were effectively naked from the armpits down, and had to quickly roll over onto their fronts to hide themselves). He then told his friend to pick which daughter he wanted to marry, and his friend gave the daughter he preferred a slap on the ass (and even added a remark to Thomas that he'd seen them on both sides now, that this was the one he liked the look of the best). It's not exactly father-of-the-year stuff. Anyway, I realise that's not really addressing your question directly. I'm sorry I can't find the info I need, so I'll keep looking. I agree, I hate hearing about stuff Catholics have done. I guess it happens with all religions, but it's still painful to hear about. xxx
  24. Uh, no, my decision to "remain celibate" is because I believe sex is sacred and I want to save it for my husband, not because I've got a "fear of having sex". Speak for yourself. Oh, and by the way "remain celibate" means "remain unmarried". You're thinking of "remain abstinent" or "remain sexually continent", or even "remain chaste" (although the term "chastity" refers specifically to sexual behaviour appropriate to your position in life - a married couple having sex with each other are behaving "chastely"). Anyway, this is dumb. xxx