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  1. Just upgraded to Windows 10. No one warned me I'd lose Spider Solitaire. NO ONE WARNED ME *sobs*

  2. Going to see the Pope! xxx

    1. Aditya


      Huh!! Don't tell me you are becoming a nun now Jegs! lol

      Sorry, just messing with ya lol... It's great to hear huh! Not all can be SO lucky! Have fun :)

  3. I find your post signature oddly hypnotic, that cute little guy shedding his skin over and over again. Just thought I'd mention it.

    1. Matthew


      Yeah I grabbed it from the Wikipedia page on molting...don't remember how I ended up there...

      Just thought it looked cool

  4. My exams are all over. Yay! Over! Now I can write my novel and read C.S. Lewis! xxx

    1. Jegsy Scarr

      Jegsy Scarr

      Nope! Actual novel that I'll try to get published, if it's good enough.

  5. Back at university. Apologies in advance for being kind of MIA in the Forums, but I am oh so busy...

  6. I am happy to say that my essays are now written! Yay! xxx

    1. Jegsy Scarr

      Jegsy Scarr

      Unfortunately not, but that'd be cool. I wrote an essay on Phantom back in high school, though. It was okay, but not great.

  7. I am thankful for the fact that we don't have Thanksgiving in Scotland, and I have two 3000 word essays to write in two weeks...

    1. Jegsy Scarr

      Jegsy Scarr

      (That was sarcasm, by the way, in case anyone's wondering)

    2. JesSea


      Good luck with your essays!

    3. Jegsy Scarr

      Jegsy Scarr

      Just saw this! Thanks! xxx

  8. Wait...Is your profile picture a chicken with gladiator arms?

  9. Found you a video you'll appreciate (don't worry, it's short)

  10. Stayed up till seven to see the results. Glad it's all over now. xxx

    1. Jegsy Scarr

      Jegsy Scarr

      I bet lots of people did. I wasn't back at university yet, so I just slept in till two...

  11. In case anyone's interested, here's a link to my new blog! I just posted a book review of 'The Fault in Our Stars'

  12. We must learn not to ramble-ramble in our PODCASTS. At least, I have to. xxx

    1. Invincible


      yeah, I agree. You're the one who rambles more. jk :P

    2. Jegsy Scarr

      Jegsy Scarr

      I know, right! I watched the thing back again. I blame the ADHD...

  13. Just found out that there are 4 copies of the first edition of Phantom of the Opera in existence (with their dust-covers), and they cost $25,000 each... xxx

    1. Jegsy Scarr

      Jegsy Scarr

      Unfortunately, I do not have that kind of money lying around. Plus, if I did, I should probably spend it more wisely than just on a book. Even if it is my dream book. Perhaps if I ask the owner of a copy nicely, they will just let me have it, right? xxx

  14. You changed your name?! Why, Vincey, why?

    1. Invincible


      Because I FELT like it! Got a problem with that?! :P

  15. I need to start working on my first draft again soon... xxx

  16. I have sprained my ankle. Feel sympathy... :) xxx

    1. Jegsy Scarr

      Jegsy Scarr

      Let's see now...

      Dim give_cookie as Boolean

      Sub virtual_cookie()

      cookie_permission = InputBox ("Please enter your name")

      If cookie_permission = "markb4" OR "Mark" OR "Poirot" THEN

      give_cookie = Yes


      give_cookie = No

      End If

      End Sub

      That should do it, Mark. Let me know you got it okay. My Visual Basic is a little rusty.

    2. Slayerofdragon


      I am another sympathizer. Hope you feel better Julie :).

    3. Olivier


      I sympathize!

  17. Saint Vincent of Portland?

  18. My university chaplain's going to be a bishop! Yay! xxx

  19. It's a pretty sad day to be a Catholic in Scotland...

  20. Vince is silly xxx

    1. Invincible


      But that's why you love me :P

    2. Jegsy Scarr

      Jegsy Scarr

      Yeah, that's true...

  21. Pope is 77 today. Happy birthday Papa Francisco! xxx

  22. Replying to comments left on WTM articles = Fun fun fun!

  23. Italy! xxx

    1. Jegsy Scarr

      Jegsy Scarr

      Back home now! Yeah, I posted a thread in the Intro section saying I'd be away, and I think Mike's got it set up so that whoever posts a new topic in there is automatically set as the "newest member"...

  24. I realised I had a thousand awesomeness points and was really happy, and then realised that you had more than 2400... Now I feel non-awesome...

    1. Invincible


      HAHA! Aww, Jegs. You are awesome! It's not quantity it's quality :)