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  1. Leo Yeah, I think that's usually the reason teens don't tend to listen to the whole waiting till marriage thing, because often it's like they're trying to force the decision on them. It would be better if they gave them both sides: explained that yes, it is difficult to wait, but also gave them all of the facts and figures, scientific findings, etc. about why it pays off. I love this! I'm going to use it at every opportunity! Well, I can totally relate to that! You know the whole stereotype about Scottish people being complete drunks? Well, it's obviously not true that we're all drunks! But the UK, Scotland perhaps especially, has a really awful record for underage drinking, high numbers of drinking related illness and death, and stuff like that. Honestly, do young people in America go out for the night just to get drunk? Yeah, it'll be great to be able to inspire my kids someday. You never know, if I end up fulfilling my dreams of being a musical theatre star and becoming really famous, then I could promote WTM on a whole different level ! xxx
  2. Sarah Elizabeth Oh, you mean, she hasn't decided yet? From the way you were talking, I thought you meant she'd already gone through with it. Well, in that case, and if she thinks that she is going to keep the baby, then that's wonderful. I'm pro life, so I think that would definitely be the best option, whether she decides to keep the baby or give it up for adoption. Obviously, I'm not going to pretend that having the baby is going to be easy at such a young age, but there's nothing more precious than human life, and it's worth all the trouble in the world to protect it. Also I think that the alternative would be even more difficult, what with having that on her conscience the rest of her life. But, whatever she decides, it's going to be hard for her, and she's going to need all the support she can get from you to help her through it. So she'll still need that hug! xxx
  3. Wow, I wasn't expecting this many replies overnight! I posted this at like, 11:00 at night or something, and I really didn't expect there to be so many replies in like, twelve hours or so. I guess that since the UK is a few hours ahead of the USA, and most of the users of this site are from the USA or Canada, it means I can post stuff really late at night for me, late afternoon to you! Thanks for your replies! Sarah Elizabeth Yeah, it was your post, I was just too caught in the moment of "I must write this, this has to be read!" that I didn't go back to check! I'm really sorry to hear about your friend. I think the whole "Pro Choice" thing is absurd: nobody actually wants to have an abortion. I found this quote online by someone called Frederica Mathewes-Green: "No woman wants an abortion as she wants an ice cream cone or a Porsche. She wants an abortion as an animal caught in a trap wants to gnaw off its own leg." I don't think there's much I can say to help, except maybe just that it doesn't make your friend a bad person, and it's not like she's evil or anything. God understands that we do things when we're scared, and He certainly doesn't want to punish your friend for what she did. He just wants to forgive her. She's His daughter, and He loves her, no matter what. He doesn't have any hands or a voice on Earth except ours, otherwise He'd give her a huge big hug and tell her everthing's okay. So maybe you could do that for Him instead. How many times have we all heard that argument? I was looking on another website's forum where someone had asked about WTM, and this seriously clever guy made the argument that: "It's not like buying a car without test-driving it first. It's more like buying a car that's absolutely perfect for you in every way possible, but you haven't checked to see if the CD player works yet." Genius. Leo That's something Mike mentioned in one of his articles, I think maybe the one about the top ten benefits of waiting, or something. I agree it's really difficult to wait when you don't know anyone else who's... Hold that thought. I just remembered something: a few years ago at school one of the old retired science teachers came back for a few days to cover for some absent teachers. And he was the closest thing I think we've ever had in my school to a WTM lesson. The guy is about seventy, really funny and well known, someone who the students refer to as a "legend". And for one period, he tells us about how we shouldn't rush into sex just because everyone else is, whilst almost everyone in the class except me and maybe two other girls are cringing at this old man talking about sex! I don't know, I guess they think old people don't have sex. And to top it all off, he says "Did I have sex before I was married, you ask? (em, actually, nobody asked) Well, no..." then the bell rings so he doesn't get a chance to expand on it. Well, we'll at least be able to teach our kids about it! Maybe they'll believe thast it's possible to wait if they have definitive proof of it themselves. They are definitive proof of it themselves! Oh, very nice! Sally I think that's a good idea, to tell them that it's better for them to wait until they're at least in a serious relationship, not just how to have safe-sex. Maybe it would be a little unrealistic to have abstinence-only education, but they really do have to promote that sex isn't something to be taken lightly. Anyway, thank you all for your thoughts! Anyone else with an opinion, please reply, and I'll get back to you as fast as I can! xxx
  4. Yeah, sorry, TD, I do seem to have hijacked this thread a little! I'm not really sure why he ignored me after it. Taking your suggestions one at a time: I'd say probably not. He had plenty of opportunities to ask me out: a couple of times my friends even tried to ask him out on my behalf! His excuse at the time was that he wasn't really interested in going out with anyone at that time. Don't know what you make of that... I'd say this one's the most likely. I reckon he'd be pretty embarassed about the whole thing, and he definitely heard from everyone about how much he'd hurt me. I think this one's pretty likely too. I've still no idea whether he liked me as just a friend or not. I really don't want to bring it up unless he does. I mean, if he does ask me out in the future, then obviously we'll need to sit down and talk about it. If not, then I'd rather just forget the whole thing, and we can still carry on being friends. I mean, it was awful when we didn't talk for all those weeks. I don't want that to happen again. Thanks for your advice, Mike. I reckon we should get back to helping Tempest Dash soon as! xxx
  5. Hi guys!

    Hi Faye! Thanks! Yeah, I came up with "Jegsy Scarr" a few years ago so I'd have a unique-sounding nickname of sorts. Since then, I've used it for all sorts: FanFiction, posting online comments for stuff...em, actually, that's about it. Sometimes my friends call me Jegsy, too. That's great to know! Like I said, I think a lot of my friends do actually want to wait, but they just don't believe you can anymore in this day and age. So I'll try and set a good example! xxx
  6. Hi guys!

    Hi there, people! Thought I'd introduce myself... My name is Julie, or Jegsy Scarr, whatever you prefer. I'm from Scotland. Och aye the noo! (I don't actually talk like that, by the way...) I'm also Catholic, and go to a Catholic high school and stuff, but I'm the only person I know who's waiting till marriage. I guess that's why I'm here! I don't know exactly what made me decide I was going to wait. It wasn't really a decision: I've always known it was something I wanted to do. My friends don't really understand why I'm waiting. The sad thing is, I think a lot of them want to wait, but they don't think it's possible to in this day and age. Hopefully, if I stick with my decision, I'll be able to inspire them that it is possible. And at the end of the day, I'd rather follow my heart than follow the crowd. And I know it won't be easy, and it may take a while before I find the right boy, but it'll all be worth it in the end. A bit about me. I play the violin, love watching musicals, and I love reading. My very favourite thing to do is singing. I'm in a choir, and I love singing at school concerts, or just randomly bursting into song at any opportunity (my friends love that). My dream job would be to sing in musicals, perhaps on the West End or Broadway, but I'm also really interested in journalism and psychology. I'm also slightly obsessed with The Phantom of the Opera. Especially Gaston Leroux's 1910 novel. In my spare time I write FanFiction, and I honestly know (almost) everything about POTO, be that the book, any of the movies, the musical... Go ahead, ask me anything! I'm such a geek... So, that's me! The interesting stuff, anyway. I'm looking forward to future articles! And if there's anything I can help you with, phantom-related or otherwise, just ask! xxx
  7. Hey there! Hope you don't mind me adding my two cents...
  8. Hi guys!

    Hi Mike! My favourite thing about POTO is definitely the romance side of it. I can't really relate it to any WTM thing, just because it's set in the 1880's and practically everyone waited back then (well, women were expected to anyway, maybe not so much for Victorian men). But I think everyone here would be able to relate to the romance. The main character is (obviously) the Phantom, whose real name is Erik (I'm sure a lot of people who have only seen the musical don't know that). He is utterly devoted to the singer Christine Daae, and does everything he can to forward her career and help her see past how he looks, because he wuvs her so much . Christine isn't interested because she's in love with someone else. And so, desperate for her love, Erik decides to kidnap Christine and threatens to blow up the opera house and everyone in it if she doesn't agree to marry him. Bear with me, it gets romantic again at the end... So anyway, Christine agrees to marry Erik to save everyone, but then Erik has an epiphany, and realises that if he truly loves Christine, he has to let her go. So he does. And then he dies three weeks later from a broken heart. Em...yeah, they sort of left that part out of the musical. So, I guess I need to come up with some kind of moral to the story... How about, it's nice to be devoted to the person you love, but when you start kidnapping them or killing people, you've gone too far, and they'll probably not be interested in you anymore. Personally, I really love Erik: to me he's like what Edward Cullen is to the Twilight fans. Misunderstood, a little bit creepy, and in desperate need of a hug. xxx