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  1. This is a really good song (actually, a mash-up of two songs). It gets played all the time during Adoration so I like it a lot: xxx
  2. JOKES

    Merry Christmas, everyone! xxx
  3. Natural family planning : what do you think?

    How is NFP not healthy? xxx
  4. JOKES

    Here's one I just found (contains some sweary words) xxx
  5. Surname after marriage

    Yep, I want to change my name when I get married. Although, if I've already had a book or whatever published under my maiden name, then I'll keep using it as my pen-name and whatnot. Actually, even if I don't publish till after I'm married, I might want to write under my maiden name. I'm an only child, and my dad only had sisters, and although there's someone else in the family with my last name, he's only got daughters (so far) so it might be nice to keep the name going somehow. Plus, it helps keep private and professional life separate, which I might need if my books are ultra famous and I get fans trying to send me locks of hair and vials of their blood and stuff xxx
  6. Pottermore Sorting Hat!

    Ravenclaw 83% Gryffindor 58% Hufflepuff 43% Slytherin 26% (yay!) xxx
  7. Hi guys! Found these videos online. There's 9 of them, so I'm going to have to post them in separate posts. They form the chastity talk Romance Without Regrets, which is given by Catholic speaker Jason Evert and his then fiancée Crystalina. They'll take a bit of time to watch all the way through, but they're excellent! The arguments are mostly based on religion, specifically Catholicism, but I think most of you will find them interesting, and there is scientific stuff in there too.
  8. Who on here likes to read?

    Well, I'm doing English Literature, so I guess liking reading is kind of a given. I like C.S. Lewis, so I've got a bunch of his books waiting to get read once university is finished for the semester. xxx
  9. Dude, the Church didn't excommunicate Galileo because they wanted to be "the sole source of authority on celestial matters". In fact the Church didn't excommunicate Galileo at all. Copernicus and Kepler both wrote about the heliocentric solar system before Galileo did, and they were both well-received by the Church (Copernicus even dedicated his book De Revolutionibus orbium coelestium to Pope Paul III with his permission). Galileo got in trouble because he couldn't prove his theory as being anything more than a theory (he couldn't answer the strongest argument against it at the time about the parallax shifts in the stars), but he adamantly proclaimed it as being true. Even then, he'd almost certainly have been okay, but then he started insisting that he'd proved the Bible wasn't true, since it uses phrases like "the sun stood still", and so on. A lot of Bible scholars at the time took offence to that, and assumed, probably pretty fairly, "Well, he's claiming his theory is definitely true (even though he doesn't have evidence to back it all up) and that it proves the Bible is false. Sounds like he's trying to preach heresy." Pretty soon, the whole thing got controversial, with a lot of people believing that the heliocentric model of the solar system was heretical. So Galileo met with Pope Paul V, who basically didn't want any part in the debate, and just passed the case on to the Holy Office, who questioned him and told him, "Look, your theory isn't backed up by science, or by the majority of scientists, and you're trying to tell people that your theory is definitely true and therefore that the Bible is false, so we're condemning your theory as heretical and you're not allowed to teach it any more." Galileo agreed to this, but then he asked if he would be allowed to carry on exploring and discussing the theory as long as he didn't try to claim it was definitely true, and was told that would be fine. Basically, the Church authorities ended up trying to distance themselves from taking an official position on his theory. Things were going well until 1623, when Galileo went to the new Pope, Pope Urban VIII (an old friend) and asked his advice about getting a work published on his theory. Urban advised him, "Okay, well I really strongly advise you to present both sides of the argument and look at arguments for and against." Galileo did indeed decide to do just that - and he published it in the form of a dialogue between two characters, where the Pope's position was advocated by "Simplicio", a character who was portrayed as being pretty foolish. It's said that Urban was genuinely hurt by this portrayal, and felt like his friend had betrayed him. Galileo effectively lost one of his biggest supporters. He then made things worse by launching attacks on Jesuit astronomers, the Jesuits also being some of his biggest supporters. He got brought before the Inquisition, who pointed out that he'd broken his agreement about not promoting his theory, and that they believed he was trying to promote heresy. Eventually, Galileo renounced his position on the theory. He wasn't excommunicated, he wasn't tortured, he was put under house arrest in a nice apartment and then with friends, he was allowed to publish another book, he was allowed to travel to a doctor when he got sick, he was buried in consecrated ground in a church, and he was actually a pretty faithful Catholic for the rest of his life. And even Pope John Paul II held an investigation into the Galileo case, and decided the Church hadn't treated Galileo fairly enough. xxx
  10. Is it better to....?

    Well, both involve having sex outside of marriage, which is mortally sinful. As for whether it's better or worse to use contraception, that's not really something the Church has ruled on (the teaching against contraception is always framed as being about sex in marriage). It's not been ruled on because it's really a moot point. Is it better to have sex using contraception outside of marriage, or to have children outside of marriage? Well, it doesn't really matter, because you shouldn't be having sex in the first place. People may argue, "Better to avoid bringing children into an unideal situation" or "A new life is always a blessing," but it's all pointless, since if you're following Church teaching, then you're not going to be having sex anyway. I'm confused, too. You're not asking, "Is it a sin to have sex outside of marriage" - you know it's a sin (otherwise, you wouldn't be asking "which is worse?"), but apparently, you're considering doing it anyway. Now, you also said you're considering waiting till marriage, so is there anything about the idea of waiting till marriage that makes you not want to do it? xxx
  11. Natural family planning : what do you think?

    Well, hormonal birth control works by tricking your body into thinking you're pregnant (because if you're already pregnant, you stop ovulating, because you don't need to get pregnant when you're already pregnant, right?). So I don't know, I guess if some women tend to get a little when they're pregnant, then that would make sense that their mood might swing the same way when they're in a state of pseudo-pregnancy. Not quite the same, of course, since when you're actually pregnant, you're also dealing with a lot more emotional, physical, mental stress etc. since there's actually a baby on the way. Mind you, I've heard the opposite argument made - that at least when you're actually pregnant, you're happy and excited about a baby coming, so it might not be as bad as not actually being pregnant with your hormones etc. acting like you are. Eh, I don't know. Never mind. xxx
  12. The satanic origin of halloween

    Yeah, I'll just leave these here... "Samhain would have breathed its last breath many years ago if not for the "ordination" of the Catholic Church." *closes tab* xxx
  13. How are you defining love? Warm fuzzy romantic feelings, or the act of sacrificing your own desires, needs and even life for the person you love? The former, yeah, we'd probably survive, although things would be boring. The latter doesn't make sense a lot of sense. If love is an act, how could an act not exist? That'd be like asking, "What if hugs were non existent?" Unless the concept of love itself stops existing, in which case, yeah, we'd all be screwed. Society can't function without love. Even having children in the first place requires someone to say, "I care more about a little baby than my own desire to have an easy life." So we'd just end up in a world where people decided, "Urgh, I'm not having a child. What happens when I want to watch my favourite movie and they're crying in the next room?" and so on. Yep, that'd be the end of us. xxx
  14. What if your man...

    Aww, that'd be so sweet! I'd probably start crying a little too (if I wasn't crying already). xxx
  15. Well, this is bizarre. Especially getting a doctor to "prove" she's a virgin. Yeah, that's not really how it works... xxx
  16. I think I've posted this before, but anyhow... And, in the spirit of ecumenism, here's a favourite Orthodox hymn EDIT: Oh, I'm supposed to say why I like them...They're pretty. xxx
  17. Appearance!

    Hi guys! In response to Sally's topic about girls and makeup, just wondered, do you feel as if there's any pressure on guys from society to look a certain way? I know that there's been an increase in the last few years in the number of men getting cosmetic surgery and botox and whatnot, as well as in increase in men who develop eating disorders. So it would seem that there's a lot more pressure on men to look a certain way than in the past. Well, you know me, I really don't care about looks when it comes to guys. As long as they're attractive on the inside! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sort of off-topic, but thought I'd share it with you anyway...I remember once having a discussion with some girls at my school. We were discussing a TV program about this guy who had Treacher-Collins Syndrome, and we were all saying how he was such a lovely guy and we were glad he'd found a girlfriend, when one of them said, "He's really nice, but...I'm sorry, I just couldn't date him. It'd just be really awkward, and I couldn't get over how he looked." So then I, out of curiosity, asked her and the other girls, "Well, say there was this guy who was absolutely perfect: really smart, funny, respectful, great job, really sweet - everything you'd want - but...physically unattractive." And pretty much every one of them said, "Wouldn't go out with him." So I said, "Okay, well what if he was just average looking?" And they said the same thing: they wouldn't go out with him. So I asked them, "Why on Earth not?" And they just told me, "Well, you have to be physically attracted to someone! He has to have the whole package" I couldn't help but think, "You won't even settle for average? He could be the nicest man in the world, but you won't even give him a chance because he looks a certain way?" To me, that's like saying, "I won't go out with him because he has blue eyes and I only date guys with brown." I actually thought to myself, "Well, that works out brilliantly for me then: you girls can go after your Adonis-lookalikes who every other girl is fighting you for, meanwhile all the wonderful average-looking guys who none of you are interested in are left for me!" xxx
  18. Appearance!

    Yes, I've been single this whole time. I've been asked out on a date once, and that's it. I don't know, I guess the guy was kind of "average" looking, although I'm not sure how you judge that. I mean, I wasn't really trying to make a point, per se. I just figured back then that having impossible standards for what you want your future husband to look like is probably going to limit you in who you date, and means you might miss out on someone really special. I still think that's probably true - seems pretty commonsensical, but no way to prove it. Sorry I can't be any more help! xxx
  19. Hey, guys! Read this a while ago and just found it again. Thought I'd share... xxx
  20. The sin is sin argument

    The verse they're referring to, James 2:10, "For whoever keeps the whole law but fails in one point has become guilty of all of it", isn't saying that all sins are equally wrong. It's saying that you have to follow God's law completely. You can't pick and choose what commandments you want to follow, and then say you're following God's law, because if you're not following all the commandments, then it can't be said that you're following God's law in its entirety. As others have pointed out, there are many other verses in the Bible that confirm that some sins are worse than others. For example, 1 John 5:17, "All wrongdoing is sin, but there is sin which is not mortal." Plus, it's just common sense that cutting off someone in traffic is wrong, but cutting off someone's head is much worse. xxx
  21. Smoking

    My parents are some of the only people in my family who don't smoke, but I remember as a kid how much I hated going round to visit family members who smoked, and the smell would just get in your clothes and hair. So, no, I really don't like smoking. I think it might be close to a non-negotiable with me, because I really wouldn't want to date someone who smoked or bring up my kids in a house where there's smoking. xxx
  22. Alcohol??

    Hey, you, none of that! *smack* xxx
  23. Alcohol??

    Since posting this (aged 18), my tastes have changes a little, I think. I still don't like drinks that taste strongly alcoholic, but I'm more willing to have a glass of something (cider, a fruity cocktail, etc.) when I'm in company, although I still tend to just have a Coke, or something. But I usually have a glass of something at Christmas, New Year, and so on when I'm with family for some special occasion. I'd still say I can take it or leave it, though. I still love my non-alcoholic ciders and cocktails! They're yummy. Plus, I get hyper enough without drinking anything, so there's that. (I should do more of these revisiting old post things. They're kind of cool, and Past-Me is funny...) xxx
  24. Very inspiring movies

    I've posted it on here before, I think, but just in case anyone's missed it... xxx