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  1. Hey happy birthday!

  2. (Catholic just chiming in) Well, the highest human being in Heaven (besides Jesus Himself) is the Queen of Heaven, and that's Mary, so... xxx
  3. But what if it's not because he's insecure about it, or repressed, or something, and he still just shrugs and says, "Nah, I don't think I've ever been sexually attracted to a man"? Or someone who shrugs and says, "Nah, I see what you mean about Jeffrey Dean Morgan and his ass, but it's not really my thing" *sips drink*? There must be men out there who really aren't sexually attracted to other men. xxx
  4. Random Thoughts

    Just joined Pottermore because I'd read all these stories about how you could interact with the books and collect things and play games and whatnot. And then I found out it's just articles now, and no interactive fun stuff, and I'm about as disappointed as a 22-year-old woman can be about a children's book series. xxx (Ravenclaw house, wand is Hawthorn wood with Dragon heartstring core, 12 1/2" and Surprisingly Swishy flexibility. Still disappointed)
  5. Random Thoughts

    A most beautiful song... xxx
  6. Random Thoughts

    The doggy is licking the other doggy! Also, I found the video clip for that bit of Columbo, so here it is: (Columbo is awesome) xxx
  7. Random Thoughts

    Found this cute Tumblr post of Columbo and his dog Dog. Posting because it's cute: xxx
  8. Seeking Pleasures of the Flesh

    Nope. Having sex just for the enjoyment of it is fine. You don't have to be, like, actively trying to get pregnant, or something. Just having sex because you were Netflixing and chilling and suddenly you were in the mood is fine. I lol'd. xxx
  9. Random Thoughts

    Also, it's not even the videos themselves sometimes. Often, it's visiting YouTube later and the homepage is filled with Recommended videos featuring images of disturbing creatures staring directly into your soul. xxx
  10. Random Thoughts

    Happy 400th deathday, Shakespeare! Millions of schoolchildren and English Lit students thank you for your awesome and difficult plays! xxx
  11. Random Thoughts

    Why do I watch videos like "Top 10 Creepiest Youtube Channels" and "Top 20 Scariest Creepypastas" in the middle of the night? Why do I do this to myself? *sigh* I think I need to watch some cute doggies, or something... xxx
  12. Warning: Phishing site

    Nope, it's gone for me, too. xxx
  13. Yesterday, Mother Angelica, founder of the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) passed away after a long illness. Whilst I was never an avid watcher of her TV show (EWTN isn't quite as mainstream here in the UK), the few times I've heard her speak, I've always been very moved by her faith and her witness to Jesus. Here's a little clip from the end of one of her live shows, where I think you can get a real sense of her faith and her warm personality: Anyway, just wanted to bring her to people's attention since I've always found her very inspiring. Please pray for her and for her fellow sisters at Our Lady of the Angels Monastery. xxx
  14. Random Thoughts

    I had a dream last night that I was watching the first episode of a TV drama adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera novel, and it was really accurate and true to the book (Christine was even Swedish). And I thought, "Darn, I was going to try to write a script for a Phantom TV drama someday, but I guess they've beat me to it." And I was watching it thinking, "Hmm, this is good, but I'd have cut to Raoul's point of view instead of Christine's here," and "I guess they had to cut lines from the book, but I'd have kept the doctor's line in if it were me," and whatnot. And I had to stop watching the episode and save the rest for later, so I never got to see who they'd cast as the Phantom. I wonder if dream-me would have cast Doug Jones, or if I'd have cast someone really stupid like Johnny Depp or Taylor Lautner or Adam Sandler just to mess with actual-me... xxx