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  1. Before I was dating, I thought I'd want to know somebody for 5+ years before marrying them-you'd have to build up that trust though. Once I started dating Phillip though, I think it was about 3 months into our relationship when we began talking about marriage. We've been engaged after dating for just over one year, and by our wedding date, we will have known each other for just over 2 years, which I'm perfectly fine with. I trust Phillip more than I ever imagined, and love him like crazy. So it really depends on the person and the relationship. I can't imagine dating Phillip for more than 3 years, while waiting, without going crazy.
  2. I am engaged!

    Thank-you for all of the congratulations! We're both extremely excited! He sent me on a scavenger hunt at a bunch of our favourite memories, and texted me a bunch of memories we have at each of those locations, such as where we met, our first date location, our common lunch places, and how he knew I was the one because of each of these. Then he was waiting at the end with a picnic dinner, and proposed by singing the song "Would you go with me" by Josh Turner, except he changed the last line of the song to "I love you so, so will you marry me?" I said yes, and we ate some picnic food, took some pictures, then went to share the news by talking to and calling our loved ones. It was the perfect proposal for us, and I love the ring, which he chose himself!
  3. Philip proposed! We've made it so far together, and we've had some struggles and frustrations with waiting sometimes, but we're still waiting for each other, and now we're engaged! I keep crying because I'm so happy
  4. still here and...

    If you stop waiting and just lose it to anyone, then my question is this "Will not being a virgin make it easier for you to find love?" No, it won't. If you're unable to find love because you're a virgin, then those are not the right people for you. Do you want to be with somebody who doesn't respect your decision to wait enough that they'd stay with you? Will that make it better for you? If you did that, then I believe that there would be many times that you would regret it, and wish you had stayed waiting.
  5. A few years-we both want to be done school before we start having children, so probably 4-5 years from now, assuming we get married within a year or two, as we've talked about.
  6. Honeymoon Anyone!?

    When my boyfriend and I have talked about it, we talk about finding a nice secluded cabin in the woods somewhere so that we can have privacy, lots of fun, and a not-too-expensive honeymoon. Also, as was mentioned, our honeymoon isn't the time for sightseeing, it's the time for what we're all waiting for!
  7. Usually mine's around a 5-6, except, like the other females said, around that time of the month. The week before, I'm at least at a 10. Phillip and I are much more cautious around that time because that's the prime time for reproduction, so my body's just ready to go, but we're not!
  8. Phillip's told me that he used to watch porn, but not since a few months before we met. He realized that it wasn't the right thing to do, and that it was something that he could give up. Both in regards to God and to the future relationship that he knew he would have, he understood that he should stop. From a woman's perspective, I really appreciate this. I understand, somewhat, the male need to watch porn, but it also causes a build up of negative emotions in me. As a woman, I can say that, if Phillip was still watching porn, then it would be difficult, once we married, for me to forget that fact. We (women), compare ourselves to others, trying to figure out where we're different, and knowing that our husbands/boyfriends were watching porn makes us, sometimes subconsciously, compare ourselves to the actresses in these videos, and make us feel insufficient. It's hard, knowing that he's seen a 'professional', and that you may never measure up to that level.
  9. I think that one thing that has to be mentioned is that no animal other than homo sapiens, (that I know of-correct me if I'm wrong), practices birth control. Animals other than humans have sex in order to reproduce. Humans have sex for a great number of reasons. So it isn't to 'spread our genes' around if we're practicing birth control. I also believe that sleeping around will not get sex 'out of their system' but more deeply engrain it. Once teenagers begin practicing sex, they will most likely, forbidding any intrusion or life changing events that may turn them into Waiters, continue with it. They will always be hungry for more, and will have a more difficult time settling down into a monogamous relationship later in life. Think about it like food, (and I'm not saying that eating from around the world is bad, just using it as a metaphor). When you first taste the cuisine of another nation, say African cuisine for example, you will begin to wonder what other cuisines taste like. You will go around craving all the different cuisines of the world, and imagining what they'll taste like, what they'll feel like when you eat them. You'll eat from them all, unashamed of your gluttony. Then you find a cuisine that you find yourself sticking too. That's fine and dandy, but eventually you're probably going to remember how much you loved the variety of other cuisines, and you'll find yourself first thinking about the other cuisines here and there, then sampling them guiltily, then eventually consuming large quantities of other cuisines from all around. If you've only ever had one cuisine though, it will be easier to dedicate yourself to loving that one cuisine and not craving the rest because you've never really had to worry about what the other cuisines had that yours didn't. So no, I don't think that sleeping around will get it out of a teenager's system. If anything, I believe that it would be more likely to create a midlife crisis.
  10. New member intro./Aloha!

    Welcome to the WTM community I find that a great thing about this website is that it hosts a variety of people. Instead of the stereotypical 'prudes', there's a variety of people here who hold a variety of beliefs as well.
  11. Hey Waiters! I wasn't really sure which section to put this under, so I just kind of put it in 'Discuss Stuff'. Do we have another name aside from 'Waiters'? I feel like we should, because to me, 'Waiters' always reminds me of the restaurant workers under the same title. If we don't have another name, is anybody else looking for a different name? Or is it just me who thinks we could have another one? I don't know-let me know what you guys think...
  12. Hello again everybody! I just wanted to know if you have support in your decision? Does everybody know where you stand on the topic of premarital sex? For me, my parents don't really care either way, as long as we're 'safe'. Phillip's parents believe in waiting though, and they like/respect that we are planning on waiting. They've been a good support team that we can look to for guidance. None of my co-workers really know, and my friends don't really ask about those things. What about you guys?
  13. Before I met Phillip, I was worried that I'd be alone forever (even though I'm only 19). I definitely used to have those thoughts, and sometimes wondered why I was alone. It might be easier for me to say this because I'm in a relationship, but I believe that everybody has a soul mate. Maybe it's because I'm religious, but I believe that God made people in sets of two, and that we all have our matching pair, even though it may not seem like it. Don't ever settle if it doesn't feel right. You'll find that person, even if it may take some time. You don't always have to 'test drive' the car before buying it. Just because you may not like a certain aspect of the car doesn't mean that you won't buy it. Sex is not life, but only a part of it. Wait for the right person, and you'll be much happier that you did
  14. I can definitely understand that! We do make out, just never in riskier areas, such as bedrooms, or while lying down. Sometimes it seems like we lose ourselves in the moment and, occasionally, we toe the line. We're very good at noticing that though, and stopping each other when we think we've gone too far. A lot of it is what we feel comfortable with, and what we know we won't regret. I know that when we pass these lines, we regret it, and that helps stop us next time. Also, praying for strength and guidance helps, but I know that not everybody feels comfortable/right doing that!