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  1. Male Doctors....

    This is why I mentioned building a rapport and not judging your doctor based upon personality. Screening your doctor includes checking his/her past medical history which you can get a hold of including injury claims and malpractice. I didn't however, claim that your MD experience would be perfect if you took these precautions, just a tad more improved. My personal experience is that research saves me troubles a good majority of the time. If you're in an emergency situation where research isn't feasible, then you end up going with whatever options are available to you. I think you misunderstood what I meant when I mentioned educated and logical. I mean reading up on my concerns, for example my history and issues that I'm bringing up to the doctors. I research whatever medications or procedures the docs want to do/prescribe and if I happen to disagree, I present my viewpoint to them with my research in hand. Although I've seen my share of confused and agitated patients, I don't happen to blame them because if they don't understand hospital jargon or procedure. Doctors aren't infallible and that is why I like being prepared and educating myself. It helps me to be more proactive in my medical care is essentially my point. This is where standard procedure comes into play. Again, there are medical standards that have to be adhered to. When I went to the ER recently, I also had a pregnancy test even though I had stated specifically that there wasn't a chance. But, because a CT scan was ordered, I was told to pee in a cup. I wasn't offended in any way and I didn't take it personally. I've been on the other side of the table where a critical test, like a CT scan, was delayed because the pregnancy test was wasn't done. Every woman within childbearing years is almost always automatically tested. It's a standing order. I tend to be pragmatic and somewhat results based in my thoughts towards the medical field. I try to minimize my bad experiences by being proactive. I treat everyone with respect and expect the same back. If I have a bad experience, I make sure it is documented, and hope to save another patient from other bad experiences.
  2. Male Doctors....

    This whole argument is the reason why I screen my doctors. I look into ratings and reviews so that whatever experience I have with my MD is as drama free as possible. I never understood why people don't look into these sorts of things. Why leave it to chance? I'm also a straightforward, calm, and confident person. I extend the same courtesy towards my care providers that I expect to receive and I've rarely been disappointed. I'm also educated and don't come across and anything but sane and logical. You'd be surprised at what a difference this makes. I've worked in 3 hospitals with a range of physicians and I can say the doctors can be either awesome, or not, purely separate from gender. As much as I hate to say it, you are a name and a medical history to most physicians until you build a rapport. And personality is not always a good indicator of skill in a physician. As for having doctors doubt you when you reveal you're WTM, please don't be shocked. Just think about how many patients they get that have the "there's no chance of pregnancy" or "I've never touched a drug in my life" statements that are proven false with a single drug or pregnancy screen.
  3. Singlehood

    I'm still pretty content in singledom. I like my current state and simplicity of life. When I think of marriage, I see the beauty of it, sure, but I also see so much responsibility and work. I figure that means I'm not ready yet. And I have absolutely no problems with that.
  4. Does your family know?

    I don't think I've ever told family that I'm waiting till marriage. Maybe it's a cultural thing but we don't really talk about intimate matters in my family. It's a funny combination of taboo and awkward. I'm also really vocal in disinviting condescending or counter productive advice in my life so most folks don't try to manage/change my choices. Even as a teen, I was more sure of my path and most folks seem to respect that.
  5. Sibling Getting Married

    My older sis was married 2 years ago and recently gave birth to their first baby boy. We, the family, met when they became engaged and it was a tad awkward, I'll admit. They did the whole courting after engagement which is hilarious since they're both in their 30's. But, good news, we all warmed up to each other. I organized my sister's wedding in exchange for opting out of bridesmaid duties. They had a huge, emphasis on huge, very traditional wedding and I have an aversion to being anywhere near that. All in all, it was fun and exhausting. Weddings are interesting in how emotionally and physically exhausting they can be for all involved, but seeing your loved ones happy makes it all worthwhile.
  6. What is Maturity

    It's subjective, I think. Maturity means something different depending on age. I'm 27, so maturity to me might mean priorities that include job security, self improvement, saving for first homes and so on. I don't think I'd be able to date someone much younger than because you wonder what you might have in common. For example the 20-21 age. I'm going to assume that the main topics for that age, when I was there, was internships, exams, and so on. I don't really have to deal with that phase in life anymore, so In my mind, the next phase signals maturity. The good news is that the definition is fairly fluid, it has more to do with what you might have in common with the person. If despite to age gap, you have a ton of things in common and shared perspective, chances are that she might consider you mature for your age.
  7. Flu Virus

    Ugh, so sorry to hear, Stacie. I hope you feel better! I'm lucky enough to have the constitution of an ox. The worst that I get is a mild cold once every 3 or 4 years. Thank God for fruits and veggies. Oh, and exercise.
  8. Of my favorite places traveled, I'd have to say I'm torn between the beaches of Miami or the city of Boston. Or maybe western Maryland or Virginia with the mountains. I favor the East Coast but only because I've yet to try traveling the West. I've lived the the U.S. the majority of the time although I was born outside of it for my youngest years. I can't wait to start international travel. As for food, I'm in favor of anything spicy as long as it's not seafood. I have a thing about textures. Be it Indian, Thai, Ethiopian, Italian, Greek. I'm always willing to try. And thanks to living next to a city, I have the opportunity!
  9. Giving to people on the street?

    I struggle with giving and not enabling. As a smaller girl, I've run into situations like Steadfast mentioned where the bigger guys will try to use intimidation or are plain crazy. So, I try to help the smart way, meaning I'm more likely to give to charities, help the elderly or women with young children. Honestly, I've seen the same person begging in the street finish for the day and get into a car nicer than mine, or smoke a cigarette while telling me they don't have enough money for food. Sort of disheartening. But, it's a constant struggle not to be too jaded or hard hearted. My solution is to give when I do have it to folks that I feel lead to. And half the time, they're not the homeless begging, it's the young Mom counting change to pay for groceries or gas, the church program for college scholarships and food drives. I've learned to let go of needless guilt.
  10. New Years Resolution

    I want to run my first and what will probably be my only marathon this upcoming year so that's my big one. Other than that, just to try and learn to have a tad bit more self control around chocolate.
  11. Physical strength: a dealbreaker?

    I like muscles, I definitely find them attractive. But, having them, or lack thereof, isn't a deal breaker for me. People are built differently and I appreciate that, too. I think the link in my mind is seeing someone in good shape is automatically linked to health and caring for themselves. I know that isn't always the case, but this is the association that I have rather than just waiting to be picked up or the protection aspect.
  12. Single by choice here, too. I'm only 27 but I still don't know if marriage is for me. I'm that oddly content person regardless of status. And yes, there are folks that abstain even if we're not necessarily interested in meeting "the one" and getting married. It's a personal choice, not one that depends on external factors. At least for me, it is. But, that has to do with my reasons for waiting, which is tied closely to my faith.
  13. Is Virginity Really Attractive?

    I don't particularly care. If he isn't a virgin, that isn't something I'd hold against him and neither would it make him more attractive. Just like I wouldn't be in the group the would be giving him kudos strictly for being a virgin and desire him more. I like to think that everyone has a path they walk in life to get to where they are, so as long as he believes in waiting till marriage, we're good. Your love life isn't going to be perfect just because you are the first experience that he/she will have nor would it be ruined because you weren't. As long as you're both WTM, that is.
  14. Do you even lift bro?

    Another runner here. I like running anywhere between 2-6 miles almost daily. I do it because running to me is like free therapy. The rush, endorphins, sweat, and so on is my idea of fun. Plus, I like the exhaustion that comes from a good run. Everything sort of fades. My favorite is running with my dog.
  15. Being called beautiful?

    Pretty lady, cutie, beautiful aren't really names/compliments that I take any sort of offense from. Like it was mentioned before, since I don't know the guy, I'll say thank you or smile and walk away. The other names like sexy or hot are ones that I can't stand. They're more of what I consider on the spectrum of disrespectful. What's to be flattered about a random person saying that. I tend to ignore those. On another note, I had an older guy stop me the other day to ask me, very politely I might add, if my boyfriend would mind me talking to him. That was a new one for me!