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  1. Greetings!

    Hi Faye, it's so nice to meet you! =) I'm an East-coaster too...from Florida, hopefully moving up to Georgia really soon!
  2. Thank you again so much! I really appreciate all the advice, we haven't really talked to anyone about what they would recommend us do (it feels a little awkward to me to ask someone, especially since most of my friends aren't saving themselves...) so it means a lot to me to have your opinion and advice! And what you said about assuring me that he's happy...that made me smile so much and feel so good! =) We are both people-pleasers, and with him being my favorite person...I always want to make him the happiest person in the world! And he says the same thing to me, haha. But I think this waiting for the ceremony would make it even more special...he hasn't even asked me about it lately, we're both just getting really excited talking about the furniture we want, how soon we can really be together, and all that fun stuff! And thank you, I will keep everyone posted! We are having a few snags for our April 25th idea...even though 5 hours isn't that far, both ways for gas will be $200 and money is a little tight since we spent a lot of money for me to go see him and spend the weekend with him when he graduated at the end of March. And my grandma could be moving up here any weekend and we only have one car that could make a 5-hour trip and if my mom needs it that weekend to go get her, that is definitely more important...we don't want her homeless! We're both happy because we know it will work out, sooner or later...and we are use to the "waiting" game if you know what I mean, lol!
  3. Hi!

    Thank you very much for the warm welcomes, Mark and Mike! =) And Mike...I LOVE your avatar! I loved that movie so much and it was actually the first movie me and my SO saw together in a theater!
  4. I agree with Anna, when people say that, they just want to be in a secure and loving relationship...most likely with someone they could see themselves marrying, but they still don't want to wait that long. My sister was/is that way...she had a couple of boyfriends and she said she just didn't feel ready or like they were the one for her. One guy she was with for over 3 years but she just wasn't ready for it yet. She was 24 or 25 when she met the right guy to make love to...and he is a great guy...and they are still happily together and wouldn't change a thing! My fiance is one who also said he wanted to wait for the right girl and not necessarily marriage. He said he even had previous girlfriends that wanted to have sex, but he said he just didn't feel like they were the one so he said no. I think people who choose this way value their virginity and want their first time to be special (definitely not a one-night-stand type of person) but just don't think it needs to wait until marriage. =)
  5. Thank you so much, Mike! And no, that didn't sound morbid at all...it made a lot of sense. Honestly I still want my fantasy of our first time being our actual wedding night and not just the night we signed the papers. And he's never pressured me, but I still just want to make him happy...and I know he's really excited (as am I) to make love. If when we met he also told me he was waiting for marriage it would probably make a difference...I mean, we are both virgins, but he is just respectful and told me he was waiting for the right girl, and not marriage. We have been talking a lot today and are trying to plan it for April 25th - the day after Easter. :-) I still wouldn't be able to live with him until probably a month later, though. And yep, our ceremony should definitely be before Christmas...we were planning in October sometimes, but it's dependent on when he actually graduates (he's not in classes yet, and once he starts them, they take 24 weeks). And I've heard stories about some soldiers deploying merely days after they graduate...but they are infantry so it's different. My sweetie told me the earliest he's heard of deployed Signal soldiers (what he will be) is 6 months after they graduate, but it could still happen any time. I've tried thinking that 20 years down the line, when I looked back to this year, what would I want to happen? And honestly since like you said, it's not that far away, I really would still like to wait for the day of our ceremony. And also...the possibility of deployment is what is making us want to get married now! =) But I am excited and I don't think we're rushing into it at all. I feel like I would regret it if he did end up getting deployed and we didn't make the most of the time that we knew he was still in the States. And I feel very lucky that his job in the Army is a pretty safe one...if he does get deployed he will be on the base working on computers and not in the heart of the danger (even though everything over there has an element of danger, he's not on the front lines). I'm just not looking forward to the possibility of 6 months to a year without him! =( Thank you again for your advice! I'm sure we will talk about it again and I will let him know that I would be the happiest if we could wait for that special day. At least we will be able to live in the same house and see each other every night...rather than maybe once a month if we didn't get married.
  6. I'm new here!

    Hi Sarah! I'm a huge Facebook junkie myself but I've never heard of that site...now I wanna go check it out! Lol
  7. Hello! I'm Zoe and I'm new here! Things in my life are moving pretty fast (and I'm happy about them!) but there's something I would really like advice/opinions on from others that are saving themselves for marriage! I've been dating the most perfect guy for me for about 21 months now. He joined the Army last year, and just finished basic training (boot camp) at the end of March. Now he's going to be in school for at least 6 months (could possibly end up being 9 months), and if we were married, we could live together (right now we're 5 hours apart). We've been talking about it a lot because it's been really hard on me knowing we could be together if we were married, and it's hard on him too...so we have been seriously talking about getting married one weekend so we could live together! Especially with the possibility of him getting deployed after school, we'd like to spend as much time together as possible. And I'm really excited about it and I know he's the one for me and I'm so ready to start my life with him. My question is...I was wondering about it too, and so is he...if we got married soon, we wouldn't have time for a ceremony and would just go to the champlain on his post to get married. And I know that marriage is marriage, but I always kind of pictured in my head getting to walk down the aisle in a white dress, my dad giving me away...and us making love for the first time on our wedding night! And he is so sweet and told me even if we got married the "quickie" way, if I still wanted to wait for our ceremony, he wouldn't mind. I would prefer to do it that way but I also want to make him happy...and even though he is nothing but supportive, it was my decision to wait and not his personal choice. My question is, what do you think you guys would do in our situation? Should we still wait for a proper ceremony, or even if it's just the two of us and a chaplain, would that still count as waiting for marriage?
  8. Hi!

    Hi everyone! It's great to be here! I've been reading this website for a while but just recently joined the forums and I'm very happy to be here! I'm 22-years-old, and decided at a very young age to save myself for marriage. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life and I couldn't be happier! I'm also in a very serious relationship with an incredible man who is also 22-years-old. He respects women and himself and is a virgin, but he never planned to wait for marriage but is 100% supportive of my decision! I'm looking forward to meeting everyone! =)