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  1. The Death Penalty

    Their are times that i believe killing a criminal is the best thing to do. Some people are so evil that they are a threat to everybody around them. Its people like this who need to die. While we can say its not right ti kill somebody, their are crimes that are so evil, and people who are evil, that killing them is the safest thing to do. So, yes, i support the death penalty.
  2. Alot of atheist that i have met have been militant about it, and have been very defensive about their views and disrespectful about mine. However, i have always believed that when it comes to people, their is no such thing as 100%. I have no doubt that some atheist are ok with Christians and religion as a whole. So really, i have no problem with atheist as long as they try to be respectful of me and my values.
  3. Asking YOU out.

    I dont think i would mind, I think it would depend on how and who for me.
  4. Thin Guys

    In my family (mainly my dads side), The men tend to be pretty thin until we are middle aged and our bodys slow down. even when i worked out, my body didnt show it until i could out preform those who assumed i had no upper body mass. The hard part of this is that alot of the girls i know like the fact the other guys have showing muscles and i look like i cant lift 30 pounds, when i very well can.
  5. Facial Hair

    I sometimes debate if ill shave my facial hair. I have a full goatee and i hair goes down to my shoulders. For the most part, girls seem to like it, but i dont like the idea of it becoming a deal breaker. I have trouble maintaining it because it grows a different speeds on each side of my face. In the girls opinion. Is it better to keep in short and maintain until i find a girl who prefers it, or keep it as is?