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  1. Thanks every one for your thought to share!
  2. Do you on any dating sites?

    I agree with you People really write opposite of what I'm looking for.
  3. yes since i joined okcupid i got ALOT massages or my inbox filled of emails there ;D
  4. Yes you can find some virgins on OkCupid,few days ago i joined OkCupid i got 1 matche 99% but he is not online since August, i got other matches 96% too but not luck yet and still trying to fing!
  5. That would be so GREAT if this site turn into a dating site that would be really great idea!yes you are right some virgin are bcz they couldn't find anybody to have sex.yes this site is more specifically directed at those who are virgins by choice until marriage but this a forums,i had a wished why this site is not a dating site it would be really good if owners change it in dating site, i specialy love the name www.waitingtillmarriage.org !
  6. but i am not Christian or Jew i am Muslim but it does not matter i would like to marry from any religion just want him VIRGIN and litte religion thought!
  7. Thanks everyone for your replies ,thoughts and for your votes!
  8. Should there be a dating site for virgins? where they could date each others!
  9. Im looking for virgin man!i am on 2 online dating site www.connectingsingles.com and www.okcupid.com,do you on these dating sites?
  10. To be virgin does not mean that you dont love/like sex,EVERY ONE love sex even they are virgins or nonvirgins but some people dont do it before marriage or give this beautiful gift to their spouse!If virgins dont love sex then why they get married or look for partner!
  11. I 100% agree i made dating site for virgins but its realy work! http://virginsonly.webs.com/