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  1. unwanted dreams

    Ive been having alot of sexual dreams lately and I dont get why. My belief is that dreams are from the subconscious mind, and a way to get messages from the spirit world ie: God, guardian angels but unfortunately also demons. at first when I would get these dreams or I shall say nightmares I would be confused as to what my mind was trying to say. Then after another one I realized that it couldn't be my desire or lust because the actions happening in these nightmares are dark, some kind of violent but not from love. In the nightmares I can hear "my thoughts" but they are not mine and these thoughts are telling me to do inappropriate things that I simply dont want to do in reality. Alot of these nightmares lately have been showing me promiscuity, sleeping with different men and wild sex acts. In the nightmares everything feels real and I can feel my lust and desire growing really strong at these times. That's usually when I fight and have to wake myself up and when I wake up im me again, and im annoyed because those desires arent mine. I dont wake up with lust I usually wake up digusted and confused. This usually only when I take naps, not when I have full nights rest I dont get why this is happening all of a sudden ive never had this happen before, has anyone else had this annoying experience?
  2. On being "ugly"

    Often times I hear people(mostly women) talk about their insecurities when it comes to their appearance and Im not gonna lie it truly bothers me, because I believe that everyone should love themselves completely for who they are no matter what. I guess this bothers me because for the longest time I thought I was ugly and I was confused about why boys would look at me at times I was disgusted that they would find me attractive, all because I didnt look like the women I saw on tv. I didnt compare so I thought I was ugly. I took my power back by not comparing myself to others and embracing who I am.and learned that looks do not define me. Most insecurites come from society; magazines or comparisons to celebrities but in reality looks are subjective and honestly not as important as society makes it out to be. I wanted to share a couple of videos that express this better than I can, I think its important as a person especially as a woman to be confident in yourself and not to base your self worth on how you look... thoughts?
  3. About Women

    I know this is ask guys but As a woman I must say that I absolutely detest drama. I dont like when people do this, why do they care so much about someone else's life? We had a situation this weekend, some girls invited me out and it started with...drama. One of the girls was on the phone asking what some other girl said and they gossiped about her for a good 30 minutes. Blah blah blah he said, she said, then we finally left and they gossiped about people in our command pretty much all throughout dinner(mind you this is ABSOLUTE torture for me) I decided I probably shouldn't go out with these girls again. The next day one of the girls (a different girl) in my command was crying and yelling in the hall. As I was walking out I saw a friend of mine carrying stuff upstairs so I asked her what she was upto. Apparently the girls I went out with the night before were picking on the girl that was crying in the hall. Calling her fat, and basically bullying her for the past week, ie blasting music to disturb her, taking extra long showers, doing everything they can to torture her, so she was moving upstairs. I helped the poor girl move her stuff, it was like I was back in middle school I dont know why people have to be so mean. This is why I usually keep to myself and have a very small friend pool, as soon as someone talks badly about someone else I skeedaddle outta there! and choose not to hang out with that person again. I just cant stand constant gossip/drama blegh!
  4. in laws.......YIKES

    I dont think I'd ever have to worry about his family not liking me, im a pretty likeable/loveable person. Ive only ever been disliked by jealous people or psychos so I think im pretty good in that department. And my family not liking my in laws wont bother me as I dont really care, what people do or dont like.
  5. Children! What if you can't...

    Id be...relieved I dont want to have biological children, id rather adopt.
  6. Hmm ive never understood this issue growing up, my family is very mixed. My dad was Caucasian so I never got the whole *gasp* "white man with little black and mixed child". I have pretty much everything in my family so ive never got the "obligation to one ethnic background" its all just very silly narrominded and pointless. People are people to me. Everytime I hear someone or see posts like this I just SMH we're all people we just come in different flavors who cares. No one gets questioned about what flavor ice cream they do or dont like. Just love who you love and enjoy life and also if folks would please not justify your reasons for liking or not liking a certain ethnic group. Not that anyone has done it here. But for some reason people feel the need to justify why they are attracted to people in a certain group. "Cause i grew up around blah blah in the suburbs" youre just feeding peoples ignorance, let them be close minded. What you like is what you like...think about it. When do we have to explain why we like men/women? we don't cause its just natural attraction.
  7. What if an ex randomly contacted you out of the blue, what would you do? Lets say this person broke your heart would you reply to him/her? If so what would you say. Or what if you had an ex that keeps trying to get back with you while you just wanna stay friends because you know this person is not for you then what would you do ? Im asking this because recently I have gotten messages from both of my exes and im in no way interested in getting back with either of them and I would like opinions on the best ways to handle this. And id like to know your thoughts... why do you think people contact their exes? Lonliness? To inflate ego? Regrets?
  8. Arrrgggggggggggggh! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! I just wanna pull my hair out! I love my new job I get to travel work nights and meet new people almost every day. BUT... With me being an INTJ certain things can just be absolutely torturous. I have a supervisor that must talk and talk and talk about anything! He even narrates himself at times. And he constantly repeats himself which is a pet peave of mine. I dont believe my time should be spent listening to someone talk mindlessly for long periods of time when I have work to do. At first I was fine with it until he started to get personal, he would ask about my family and tell me I should do things for them etc. etc.(some of you already know that I dont have a very good relationship with my family) I was just nodding but he just kept talking about it and pushing asking how often we talk ect. family is a bad word to me I dont like talking about it freely to just anyone, so thats what I told him. Maybe that was my mistake?? Because then he proceeded to tell me to justget over that and be thankful for them and he went on and on. Ugh A few days later he asked me about my dad, big no no! He talked about how my relationship "should" be with my family, I dont like to be told what to do. Who does this guy think he is? he doesnt even know me. (By this time i have not only been dealing with his personal questions but also months of his constant mindless chatter) then the very next day Mr. "All knowing" decides to ask me another pointless family question. This time in front of other co workers and while I was in the middle of working. Im a very private person and at this point ive had it and decided to ignore him as I was trying to concentrate on more important things. He kept repeating himself, and talking louder because I guess he thought I couldnt hear him. I was walking back n forth filing paperwork and finally snapped and said "I can hear you loud and clear I heard you the first time yep, I get, it I get it!" Then one of my coworkers said "youre not even listening to him blah blah blah" So I blurt out "trust me I heard him". When I walk back with my paperwork trying to take notes from my chief, he continued on and repeated himself AGAIN! (I thought i was in the twilight zone) Thats when I cut him off and told him again that I already heard him, I really tried to be polite but this guy just doest know when to hush. Then as I walked away I could hear him saying how he was just trying To help me and I could tell ive offended him. I really tried to be patient and polite but I couldn't take it anymore, I almost cried it was really that bad.Lol so when I go into work tonight I wont be surprised if he continues to chat me to death, I would like some advice on how to deal with someone like this. I just want to get my work done without the constant babbling interruptions and silly questions. Ive completely run out of patience! help! what should I do?
  9. The ex factor

    Hmm thank you for all your replies, ive been thinking and I remembered how much of a jerk the first guy was. I was going to reply to him just to be polite... but then I remembered that I already said what i needed to say when we broke up. Ive moved on and I want him to stay where he was; in the past and forgotten. I dont really care what he is doing inlife and I dnt wanna be friends, I know his type and Bluey youre right I aint got the time. I left home for a reason. I left alot of pain, people have hurt me and betrayed me and now Ive moved on and left everything negative/toxic behind and in the dust. Im happy now, so why bring that mess back into my life? Ugh I dont know what I was thinking earlier. Thanks girls. Im not gonna lie though an evil part of me wants him to never forget me, so he may forever regret losing me Ill be the one that got away ha!
  10. Techniques

    I laughed at this because this is so me, when men approach me in a sexual manner(wanting me to go home with them) im immediately repulsed and I start to think of the germs this man could have. I think to myself "how can you just play around with different ppl and their bodily fluids" it just disgusts me, its so unsanitary. I cant stand when a guy grabs my hand and I don't know him. Ppl are just nasty, and we dont know what diseases they have or what germs they carry. Eww recently this annoying guy in my squadron tried to follow me to my room ugghhh! I just wanted to punch him, for him to think id ever wanna touch him with a 10 foot pole knowing he sleeps around yuck! im so sick of it being socially acceptable to be so nasty and everyone expecting me to be the same no thanks.
  11. unwanted dreams

    Thank you for all your replies, I guess im overthinking it. ( I tend take my dreams and their meanings very seriously when they are that vivid and feel that real) I havent been watching anything sexual, I dont really watch tv and if I do lately its been innocent cartoons or something about puppies. I mostly read books, nothing raunchy in them. it could be my mind being evil since the dreams have started up after being back on this forum. @Allishia G youre so lucky, ive had so many random sex dreams I cant keep up.
  12. New member has arrived!

    Welcome to the site Bahrain is a great place I hear. I have friends that live there and love it
  13. Well there ya go...kinda reminds me of O.J simpsons "if I did it" im just casually reading btwn the lines folks. And well taking hints from his previous post. About polygamy, Im with Sio, as I dont really care, its not my business.
  14. Oh god sounds like somone is really adamant on justifying their selfish actions. SMH wrong site buddy, polygamists and sex crazed fetishes is down the hall on the left past the stairs.
  15. thank you for this site

    Welcome congratulations for sticking to your guns, and welcome to the site
  16. People that talk faaaaaar too much.

    @sunny other people are much worse than I am, they simply walk away or talk to someone else passing by or blatantly ignore. I dont want to be rude all the time. I will try the stay quiet approach, id just hate to be rude. @Egirly lol He is not good at listening, he is the type that wont let you get a word in and by the time he's done I feel exhausted, stressed and just shut down. I will try these though and see how it goes tonight, thanks
  17. "Bitch" as a term of endearment

    That's old there's a new word that now being freely used called C U Next Tuesday I dont know why people just freely use these words in my opinion they're both degrading, and classless I think its alot worse coming out of a mans mouth. Just disgusting.
  18. Obeying Your Husband

    Never! Excuse my bluntness but sssheeeeiitt, I dont do obedience. I feel as though this is for inadequate men to feel somewhat superior, like how some women have to dumb themselves down just to get a guy so they dont intimidate him SMH. Last time I checked I wasnt a dog, I am capable of making my own decisions ive gotten this far. So why in the hell would I all of a sudden need a man to tell me what I should and shouldnt do? Im all about balance, obviously if I am not good at certain things he should take over and visa versa. I also understand though that people have certain beliefs that their husband is whom they should submit to and thats ok. Im coming from a different place, a place of anger and experience with jerks, chauvinistic types of men who expect everything from their women and give them nothing in return. if its coming from mutual love and respect I think its great, if its coming strictly out of dominance then hell no.
  19. Ugh these silly criticisms make me cringe, I often wanna punch these people in the face or curse them out. My decision is my decision so take your old dusty used up butt and scram! But I agree with what l8dyluck81 said about the car, I see nothing wrong with saving money for a Ferrari instead of buying a piece of crap used toyota that id have to replace in a few years. Great rebuttal to that stupid car analogy I will have to use that next time.
  20. What makes a man a true gentlemen?

    I know one when I see one but unfortunately its hard to come by nowadays since there arent that many ladies around anymore. Its unfortunate that this question even has to be asked but thats the world we live in today, since people have lost their sense of decorum. The way I think about it is when you feel like a princess then you are with a true gentleman.
  21. Not waiting on Purpose BUT

    Im sorry im going to be quite honest here. So you expect a woman to be pure for you but she gets sloppy seconds? I think that thought process is hypocritical, silly and very selfish.
  22. I must admit I have a harder time telling guys that I actually like I become too shy to discuss that. but if Im not interested at all in someone (because he's an obvious sleazeball) then I tend to blurt it out to keep them a way. What a complicated soul I am someday I'll get it right.
  23. Being Single

    Right now I love being single, there is so much freedom noone to answer to, and you can keep your happy days without someone bringing you down (not saying all relationships are that way). Right now im enjoying myself I dont want to be single forever but until I meet Mr. Right I will continue to enjoy life, have fun, a work on being a better person. On V-day dont be sad, surround yourselves with people who love and support you, appreciate them, appreciate the life you have. Sometimes it can be hard because of the pressure society puts on us about sex and relationships but there's nothing wrong with being single so enjoy it
  24. What is the proper way to deal with jealousy? Lets say hypothetically that Im dating this guy and he gets upset because another guy was talking to me. So he starts bombarding me with questions, who was that guy? why were you ta--- and this is where I get irritated and shut down. I dont do well with conflict, am I wrong or being inconsiderate if I just wanna curl up in a ball and roll away at this very moment? should there be jealousy in relationships? is it unhealthy? And when tiffs occur I immediately want out, I just feel like if the argument is pointless why have it? its just too stressful but people tell me that in normal relationships these things happen and they are near impossible to avoid But some arguments help you grow and you learn more about one another... So then what is the best way to deal with these? because in the past whenever arguments have occurred I usually just sit there quietly thinking of ways to escape...help!