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  1. *sobs uncontrollably* My boyfriend and I are ballroom dance partners. We met in ballroom dance club and we now run it together. I can't stop the feels! >//<
  2. My family is against it. I'm the only one waiting or has waited in my entire family line. They hardly even support me. They think it's strange, outdated, and that I'll either end up really unhappy because my guy will be bad in bed, or I've set my expectations too high and that I won't find the guy I've been looking for. They act as though you can only be good in bed by having multiple partners. It's stupid because you can be really good at pleasing one partner, but not be too good in pleasing the next because they like different things. It's a learning experience- and yes, even virgins can build up their experience with their spouse to the same level non-waiting couples share. Also, I don't think wanting a gentleman who will wait with me is "too high of an expectation." Even so, I am still waiting despite their views. I don't need their acceptance to be who I am.
  3. Hi everyone! So one of my friends brought up the argument of "Why wait on having sex when you are young, healthy, and have powerful desires now-the future is uncertain." As in, we all don't know when we are going to die, so we should do what we'd like to do now and enjoy as much as we can in life before time runs out- whether that's 5 or 80 years from now. To a certain degree I agree with this, however in my opinion, sex is something special I only want to reserve for one person. If that time doesn't come, then that's life, I won't regret my decision. So how do you all feel about this? Do you have any comments on this logic being applied to other things like drinking, smoking, doing extreme sports (skydiving), etc.? Like, why care so much for the future, when the present is already here? I'm eager to read your responses! (Feel free to merge if this topic has been covered already).
  4. Am I A Bad Person?

    Hey, I'm kinda late on this but I just had to comment, because we are literally in the same exact position. Like, everything you just mentioned, I am currently facing. XD So you are not alone! If you ever wanna ask me anything or talk to me about it more, you can message me. It's not bad at all. If you are truly committed to waiting, and you've set boundaries, and know how to practice self control, you'll be fine. And I'm split on the whole doing physical acts before marriage- sure, it may led to temptation but it's also good because you can learn what your partner likes. That way, you'll still be virgins on your wedding day, but it won't be as awkward of an experience because you'll at least have a bit more knowledge on how to please your partner. But if you don't wanna do physical acts for whatever reason, you don't have to. If he cares about you, I'm sure he won't mind if you decide to withold acts farther from passionate kissing. But you are far from being a bad person- just means you have a healthy sex drive, and a good conscience. Hope this helped!
  5. I´m [name removed], non-virgin

    Welcome to the site! I think you made a great decision- better late than never! I respect you a lot for going after what you want and being yourself. Best of luck in finding the right guy!
  6. the non-religious

    I was raised in a Christian family, but I'm actually agnostic now and have been since I was 12. I just don't believe any religion has it completely right. Is there something out there? Maybe, but I really don't care. My waiting has been soley a reflection of my beliefs on what a true relationship constitutes. That emotional is so much more important than physical (even though the physical part is important as well).
  7. Greetings from a waiter with autism

    Lovely to have you here! Great intro! You sound like such a great person. Best wishes for you and your relationship! Looking forward to chatting with you.
  8. Hello, my name is Animdre

    Yay, another anime fan! Welcome! Great to have you on here! ^^
  9. Hello from a newbie!

    Welcome! Great to have you on here! Looking forward to seeing you around!
  10. Hello I am new here.

    Hey Justin, nice to have you on here! Looking forward to seeing you around the site!
  11. Warning: I'm a science major. I may say some things you've already heard, but just hear me out. Well, I believe that WTMers can do the same exact spontaneous/dating things that non-waiters do. After all, just because we're excluding the sex part of it, it doesn't mean we can't enjoy spending time alone together/cuddling/hugging/kissing. Sex is often way too hyped up and romanticized. Sex isn't an end-all-be-all sign of romantic physical affection that you must absolutely do if you are alone together in a romantic setting. It can be for a couple that holds it to be very sacred, which I find it is. It is something I only want to express and lose myself in with a man who will promise me the rest of his life. But when it comes down to it, it's just a physical expression of attraction- not "love for a personality." Many things can be just as, if not more, intimate than sex. Sex can often lead to a false sense of "love" in a relationship. Our bodies are just designed to "love" our mate, even if they are wrong for us personality-wise. If sex is a deciding factor in a relationship and personality is ignored, then it isn't a healthy one for that means the other person doesn't love you for "you." These are some things I remind myself of when it comes down to "boundary crossing." ...But if a couple can make it through alone activities without giving in to physical cravings, then it proves how strongly the relationship supports personality as a priority. In my case, I handle temptation very well, so I wouldn't have a problem "slipping up" if me and my boyfriend took a trip alone together. I think I could even manage sleeping in the same bed, and not doing anything past kissing because that is how important this goal is to me. I constantly remind myself of why I made this choice and it is now simply part of who I am. But it all depends on the person- some are more tempted than others. As long as you keep your WTM goal in mind, it should be fairly easy to ignore lust and do the activities you've seen from others. Also, just because you have sex with someone, it doesn't promise you'll stay attracted to them for a long period either. To me, an ideal husband would be a best friend I'm attracted to, and physical appearance, hygiene, personality traits, kissing/hugging/holding hands can all keep you attracted/interested in being more than friends. So, what I'm trying to say is, anything you see as non-WTM dating activities can be used for WTM dating, and intimacy/sexual attraction stretches out way further than just sex. Will you accidentally get aroused by each other? Yes. Will you fantasize about each other? Probably. Will you desire to go further in a heated moment? Probably. But this is normal, and it doesn't mean that not giving in to your instincts will make a relationship have less spark. Just remember your goal in these times and how much it means to you. Talk previously with your partner about your boundaries, step away from heated moments, cool down your mind/body with other thoughts. It's difficult sometimes, but it can be done. If you truly love each other, the spark will remain. Hope this helped, sorry if I was a bit vague.
  12. I am new here.....

    Hello! I can imagine how dating sites could be disappointing. Even my aunt, a very passionate Christian woman, didn't follow WTM. But no worries, I'm sure there are plenty of people you can find, on here or elsewhere, that share your beliefs. Welcome to the site!
  13. Definitely not something to be embarrassed about. Just goes to show you place a lot of value in physically intimacy. I'm almost 20 and have not had my first kiss either (purposefully). The right person just hasn't come along yet, and when he does, then I'll be more than happy to experience such a precious moment with him. I hope you will be able to have that experience too! I'm not WTM to kiss either, as I feel kissing is an important indicator of chemistry, but there will come a time when it will feel right. Also, it's very sweet you call your future wife your "queen." With that attitude and devotion, you will find "the one" in no time. If anything, your standards are what will make you have a wonderful, rich relationship with your girlfriend/wife. Best of luck!
  14. Hi Everyone!!!

    Glad you found us! Welcome!
  15. Mini Rant: SO MAD at modern feminism

    Sophie, we feel, like exactly the same way about this issue! I think modern feminism is great, however the sexual side is just nonsense. You can see it in the media too. The cool bad-a$$ woman is usually the one with a lot of sex appeal/has a sexy attitude about her. Did you ever notice? Why can't there be a bad-a$$ virgin heroine? :/ That's it! *starts writing a book* Btw, this is one of the main reasons I love anime- so many kick-butt virgin heroes/heroines that wait till marriage! ^^