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  1. Would you date a guy who's still living at home?

    I live with my parents but go to the gym and try to stay in at least as possible. Living with them due to high house prices. Just wondering can I date and marry a nice Catholic or Protestant girl. I'm Hindu but open to marry any reglion
  2. Happy new year to all. Hope everyone had a safe new years eve. All the best for 2014. I'm considering using after watching that conmerical featuring Leroy thr dog. I am bit worried. 1. When I submitt my credit card info will there be chance of hackers getting hold of it 2. Are the profiles real ans verified. I had problem with scammers and don't want to fall for a fake profile.
  3. Hi, I'm Allisha :)

    Welcome to the world of WTM
  4. Are you a virgin? How will you answer him?

    Yes I'm a virgin and hope to marry an virgin women.
  5. Any Old Fashioned Guys?

    I'm a old fashioned guy who believe in keeping intimacy for the one I will marry. Being old fashioned is very fleeting in this modern world but don't get down @HopefulPoet, you will find the man who will love and cherish soon. Don't give up and never settle.
  6. Are you a virgin? How will you answer him?

    As guy, I don't if a woman ask me if i'm a virgin even on a first date. I would not be offended.
  7. So guess what!?!?!? ;)

    Congrats, hope you and Sally have many many years of happiness.
  8. What are your deal-breakers?

    Same deal breakers. Personally race dont matter as long as we connect
  9. Sure just tell where to find the the non smoking women.
  10. Hopw my furture wife is rich, cute , hot. She must be a non smoker with no family history of smoking but I doubt that as most women smoke something No drinking of alcohol If she is a virgin that would be a plus Never married No kids
  11. Dating Advice

    What places where I can find women who never drank or smoked such as Chelsea hightower. I know there are coffee shops and stores but I'm a bit shy
  12. Favourite Tv Show?

    Glad you liked it. David was great. For a scot he does a very convincing English accent. David also stars in the itv show called broadchruch and new homeland style show called escape artist which is on itv this autumn . I didn't know john hurt was a doctor. Very cool. I also watched a special ultimate guide on bbc three via a VPN. Hope I am around for the 100th episode so I can show my kids some proper britsh drama.
  13. Favourite Tv Show?

    You will love the episode. I hope I will be around for the 100th episode and 60th epsiode.
  14. Favourite Tv Show?

    Really liked the day of the doctor 50th anniversary episode. Great idea to have a global simulcast of the show to allow the whole world to enjoy the excitement. Almost Human is my new favourite show along with dr who, top gear, bones, scandal and big bang theory