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  1. I like a guy who eats well and has a little meat to 'em. But that's just initial attraction, when you really get to know a guy and really appreciate/understand his beliefs, etc, even if his physical traits arent what youd usually consider attractive, theyll actually start to be attractive to you overall. So its not a dealbreaker for me. Although I might feed him a lot after we get married, lol.


  2. That is a great question Artsy, Weapon gave a great answer and i am really curious what tge other guys really think.

    Yes its a great question indeed.

    Ok my angle. To cover the rape point. That would not be his/ her fault and so one should help another get over this.

    However I so agree with Vince on attitude we could almost write the same script. I do though have a few odd whims on the subject that are me. Possibly a bit crazy? Could be considered controlling but come about from my own past.

    Id desperately want to respect the lady.

    Here we go :~ I have had a speckled past before I grew up. I regret it thats right and proper. I am willing to accept a lady with a past but expect the same regret. If she is proud of her past, think its ok to have a sexual past, respect those chaps she has had sex with them thats a deal breaker. Id find it easier to come to terms with her having a sexual partner where the sex was protected (condoms) Perhaps thats another "me" freaky thing I don't know perhaps someone could comment.

    Ok enough for now before I go back to my rocking chair.

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  3. I agree with Weapon...for the most part. The one thing I'd disagree with is that the past is not just the past because it plays a huge part in shaping who we are today. 


    Let me make it absolutely clear first that a person's past DOES NOT diminish one's worth. However, the a person's choices or past experiences does have consequences on the present. That's is the real issue, not so much the past itself IMO. What is important to me is what kind of a person she is today in spite of her past. If she's slept with many guys in the past, does she still reminisce about being with them and compare me to her exes? If so, I will not be with her. No self respecting person, guy or girl, should have to deal with constantly competing with past suitors. But if she truly regrets her past, is committed to waiting on her own and completely committed to me, then absolutely I'd be with her. Of course it would hurt very much to learn of her sexual past, but I would work through it if I really loved her.

    Yup good with this

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  4. Aw I really would not lose any sleep about your dreams. Hey joke there?? Blooming British humour.

    If I think about something when I go off to sleep then I dream about it with a few fantasy bits added on. I don't think its anything sinister.

    May even be a way our maker has decided to teach us or test us ?

    Enjoy I say. Take care. Col xx

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  5. Hello and welcome,

    I have done a fair bit of work on this subject chap and would be happy to help/talk. However its 20 mins to midnight and so 20 mins to Christmas day so catch up over the next cpl of days. Till then chill out and enjoy your partner for whats good now and the joy of the season. Stay cool as no good comes from hasty decisions.

    Happy Christmas. Cheers. Col.

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