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  1. ok GUNS!!! :D

    Hello guys, This is a real interesting/odd one for me as things here in the UK are so different. Complicated by the fact that historically I have had nothing or little to do with American people other than an American girl who visited Coventry my home town, took me out broke my heart,and at the time impressed me with her wealth and then disappeared as soon as she arrived. ,!!! Here people don't have guns at all. If even the most respected crook/rogue. (Poss bad wording). Has a gun they get shopped to the police and pretty much hung for it. Guns other than for strict sport are not encouraged. I like the thought of playing with a gun for sport etc but have not bothered as its hard to do. So here I am. I see some of you chaps who i love and respect chatting about guns (even the girls) and I think ? Well hey ok that's the culture over there but ooops is that good or bad.?? But it's very very odd for me. So please chaps if I question serious crime rates etc etc its nothing personal just different from here in sleepy England. And although I never wanted to visit the USA historically now I'm ready to book my plane ticket. In case I forget chaps and chapresses have a great Easter. Col.
  2. I have what I am. Lol lol. Jaguar all the way
  3. Hmm can e difficult, I'd put up with it if my partner was always 100% on my side. Those poor souls who have nasty in laws and their partners make excuses. Aaaaah
  4. Hello , yep interesting one, Love interests ! I guess a little is ok. I knew a girl who was going out with a serial womaniser. She knew he chatted on FB a lot and set up a dummy female account, she chatted/ flirted with him as the other woman to see if he would cheat ! He failed lol. I have been tested by girls who have asked my opinions on life,children etc and I think that's fine. Have a great day. Col.
  5. Hello, Good question and yes sure it's covered before and will be many times again but people come and go so hey covering old ground is good for me ? Well here are my odd angles n the subject Ok from the female point of view it's penetrive sex, personally I'm ok with some oral/playing being part of the selection process but not everyone is ok with that. ,!!!! From a chaps point of view again penetrive sex is the no no everything else is fine by me but hey I'm just an old boy !! If your an older person and accepting someone with history then well for me then !! He we go ..... I struggle with a girl who has had "unprotected sex". And oddly not the orgasm thing is important to me. MODs move this to user discretion if appropriate ! What I do hate is British feminists he he.
  6. Hello Newbie Here :)

    Hi good to have you on board. All the best. Col.
  7. WTM because of guilt and shame

    Hmm interesting one and yes your quite right. Just out of interest here,s a twist though !! Interested in opinions. Children are involved. Ok couple meet, get on great. Both have had sexual relationships before meeting, they have children all happy. Then one realises that their earlier life style was wrong and regret it. They toil over the guilt but with the help of their faith and their deep regret feel they can forgive themselves and feel as they could be forgiven. However their partner is the opposite, they think their younger promiscuity is fine, character building,they even seem proud of their conquests. It's not fair for the children to suffer due to the parents current differences on the subject so the marriage is forced into working. Happens !! What's the best tact? Avoid the subject and thoughts/discussions on it ? Accept their opinions/ways or see the relationship through until the children leave home ? and then walk. I couldnt answer this one easily !
  8. Wow guys and gals... Now this is a great thread and healthy living is cool. Especially for you chaps across the pond as you have more fast food outlets than we do here. But hey a lot of you are young and your bodies need a balance of excercise and wholesome food to set you up for the rest of your life. Please please don't stress about your size and compare yourself to the catwalk girls. I look at the pictures on this thread and hear the word pooch.?. Goodness all I see is a lovely body shape, leave the "pooch". It's perfect. So healthy living, healthy mind !! , keep fit, indulge occasionally. And all will be fine. Col.
  9. Chivalry: Appreciated or sexist?

    Yup sad really but I'm a door opener. Have been told off by feminists who do not need me to hold a door. ,!! Ok I had held the door open for an hour............ Joking. Xx
  10. Ah mad English again. I had an auntie who died a virgin at 89. Now she messed up the stats a bit didn't she bless her lol
  11. Hello, Ok you can have my poor old British opinion on this before you commit me to being bonkers ! I think our maker has been a little unkind here in that thee are such differences in the virginity issue between men and women. All in all I think we are all equal. That's not a women can do the same as a chap and vice versa. It's that as a perfect couple we compliment each other and all in all in a decent relationship all is even. That is one of the ways we decide we have met our soul mate ? Ok back to the plot the virginity issue. Not so easy "for me " Now this is purely my own opinion. However for me the differences are.. Firstly women have a physical symbol of their virginity in as much as they have a hymen. Ok I realise the debate on this ! Some do not have one at all, some stretch/weaken/damage this due to horse riding,competitive sport,tampons etc however all in all when they first have penetrative sex they are aware of it and it pinches/smarts a little. What do chaps have ? Nothing other than their mental belief of waiting saving sex. I wonder if chaps had a physical symbol of virginity would it make them less willing to give it away ? If their was a physical symbol for chaps would It just sometimes win over our raging testosterone demanding that we have sex ? Secondly penetrative sex involves the chap entering the women's body. His bodily fluids are left inside the women's body and merrily swim around for up to 48 hours. Does this happen to the chap? Nope it's all external. For me and call me odd if u wish this is a big reason why I hurt when dealing with a non virgin. Now I do not wish to sound moanie. But why is it not more even in life between the sexes ? Ok I will await the calls that I'm bonkers. Have a great weekend all. Col.
  12. Well I read this and at the same time I had the tv on watching a programme of an English couple selling up here and moving out to Florida. How come the property is soooooo cheap ? The property they were being shown was 5 bedrooms, pool, had a mooring and jetty for a boat aaaaaaaaaah and it was £200,000 the same value as my 3 bed modest property here ? Ok what's the catch ?
  13. Hey guys don't know about the rest of you but I'm off to sharpen my sword !!! Come on where's the dragon to slay !! Or is that a knight. Lol. Sorry late here in the UK !
  14. Hello!!

    Helloee welcome. Single mom with a 5 year old wow bet you are tired a lot lol. Great age though they are soooooo much fun at that age enjoy. All the best. Col.
  15. What are your deal-breakers?

    Ooooooooooo. Perhaps I'm reading this wrongly but hey isn't some of this going to make her feel a little er vulnerable and insecure ?
  16. Aw Cou I was going to comment on some of the events that you explain but hey all that I'd like to say is that your amazing. We have chatted here and there on the site and I think have said that I'm gob smacked how mature and wise you are for one sooooo young. You prayed for wisdom and you have it. Well done to you I think you have shown incredible strength of character and goodness things will begin to go your way I'm sure. Good on you mate. Col.
  17. Aaaaaaah don't draw me I will have you running for the hankies lol.
  18. Stress Free Marriage

    The best example I know of a stress-free marriage is my parents. Of course there are rough patches (I'm assuming my parents had them; haven't really seen any), and stress, but there are many ways to minimize them. One thing I've observed and only just thought about, that I think is one of the keys to their success, is that they rarely seem to take anything personally. They know they love each other and nothing is meant intentionally to harm the other. Hey now there is the key to happiness. Good for them. Col.
  19. Phew rock on Sean Connery lol
  20. Hello from CT-NC(a few inbetweens)

    Helloee welcome.
  21. Fave Girl Hairstyles

    Hmmm. I love these old topics For me it's longish, dark, love pig tails or tied up in any way. To answer RYB yep a change is cool. But hey we are all different. Have a good day all. Col.
  22. Greetings...

  23. What are your deal-breakers?

    Wow this one keeps surfacing from the depths ,! Ok a lot of the above say 90% but also A partner who has a sexual past that is not nice. And they do not regret it ! They say its happened it was ok at the time so all right! Even plod on about it being part of what makes them what they are now. Yeuk. When of course do you break off the deal ?? Hey now that's hard !!! Especially if their are others depending on you . Baarrrrrrrrrrrr. Lol
  24. Hi everyone! Christians, Europeans?

    Hello chaps. Europe hmmm are we part of it or nor ? Eeeek