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  1. How old are you?

    Nar baby................big 52. Feel like............ A sleep ha ha
  2. Hmmmmmm AGarden your comments made me read Washingtons post again and yep im with you and WW good call especially first cpl of paragraphs. Fab xx
  3. Hello, darn its bed time here in the UK and you lot are posting stuff to keep me u lol. Ok what happened to Arwen here is horrid and yes I'm sure if she could remember his user name he could be blocked. The subject of porn in and before a relationship is well discussed here, personally I'm ok with it as long as its not nasty and again thats down to personal opinion! IAG don't agree with one of your opinions ! But hey this sort of discussion is always good ! Quote .....However, I do believe that having had sex before will mean you'll never forget the person you were with your first time. That it seems to me that on some level there will be comparison to past partners. Ok your slowly dragging me from my shell lol. Personally I did not have the brains to realise the joy and benefits of waiting, I regret this so much and spent a lot of time miserable wondering how to snap myself out of being bloomin miserable. However I'm a chap so do it very well ha ha. Not a day passed without me asking for forgiveness for my wrong doings and whenever I had thoughts of my past experiences I straight away put then out of my mind,and I did this again again and again and now I can honestly say that I remember nothing of those Past mistakes. I would not have thought it possible but its true and all I can say is hallelujah. I remember friendships and of course thats as they should have stayed but anything deeper then nope. For me I hope that this may be a message that I have been forgiven and a way of forgiving myself easier. Hope your all having a great Sunday. Col.
  4. Ha ha. i thought "Homework" straight away too. High five. Cultural differences yes be ok flexing,having an open mind with as long as it was not too diverse. Eg I had to grow hair lol. In fact it could lead to some interesting discussion. Differences on WTM principles is the hardest one in the world for me im afraid one thats not going to go away boooooo. But I have my mates on here for inspiration however and a yacht who loves and looks after me lol lol lol so lifes v v cool. Another weekend over chaps hope it was all good for you. Col.
  5. asking a guy out

    Fantastic. Xx
  6. I am new here.....

    Helloee welcome from the UK. All sorts of folk here all good fun and genuine. Enjoy.
  7. What is your career?

    I studied like mad, gained a degree.and then worked for the British government for many many years in the services during the Thatcher government years and can tell a story from it. I so wish my favorite wine was not Argentinian lol. So when she died recentl I was quite sad. Left with a pension which I can draw in 8 years hoorah. Took over my fathers chimney sweeping business which went crazy and I eventually got bought out by a multi national company which pays for the yacht I still sweep chimneys which is fantastic fun. It keeps me fit. Ok beat that. He he. All the best,, Col ....
  8. Hispanic girls

    Mix this with a lovely kind personallity and hey guys we have the perfect woman.
  9. Interracial Dating

    My goodness this is all very serious !,, Which is not what the OP was after id bet ? Personally I read it as race which means White European Asian, African, etc etc Which im cool with. But also when someone linked it to mean the human race then hey yep I found that a giggle? But then im a Brit so any excuse for a bit of light hearted eh ? Ok back to my rocking chair.
  10. new <3

    Hello glad you joined. All the best from the UK. Col.
  11. Hello mate, Sorry to hear things are not great and im sure they will improve. I guess from reading your story id say stick to what you think is right and I guess I feel that if someone is going through a difficult stage then now is not the best time to make massive decisions in life. Coast along,support and see if a little committments comes along.
  12. Possessive boyfriends

    Hey I took a raincheck on this and now Justin has got it to a tee well done chap. Ok curious about a little twist to the sinareo. She is not a waiter and has ex boyfriends/friends who she has had sexual "relations" with Is it ok for you to say hey im uncomfotable with this I would prefer it if you did not socialise with them ? Or not ?
  13. Possessive boyfriends

    Darn its bed time here so I will take a rain check on this one, happy to give a chaps opinion tomorrow xxxxxx. Col.
  14. Wedding vows

    Hmmmm traditional for me and its important that the word Obey is there !!!!!!!!!!!! Yep I realise that us chaps will of course Obey. Lol ........
  15. What Matters Most?

    Nar im with you dear chap. Its important and nice if its right. However if she has the right attitude towards putting mistakes right for you then im cool. That done forgivness should be in your heart.
  16. Family & Waiting

    Hi Alex, Getting back to your original question. There is no reason why you cannot come to a decision about sexual compatibility without actually having sex. So your sister is wrong. Its pretty common for people to argue their case when they have made mistakes themselves. Hell I did it for years dopey twit. My Father advised me well but hey I knew better. If I had my time again id wait, date like mad to see who I liked,what l liked about the opposite sex and I see no reason why a the end of the day you cannot make a judgement as to who you would be compatible with sexually. And at the end of it you give all to your partner and have nothing to be ashamed of. You sound a great chap to me carry on as you are, smile at those willing to mock and reap your rewards when the time is right. Good on you, All the best. Col.
  17. Rude Kids

    Golly does not come into the equation if they re brought up to have proper values. Sure all children test their boundaries but id hope thats a personal thing and not in public. Developing good values is a thing that must start from the day they are born. If its a gradual thing realising whats right and whats wrong then it doesn't hurt . Its natural. Yesterday i walked into a building and didn't realise that a lady was following junior and myself. He turned around and struggled to pull back the door so she could enter without opening it herself. He is 6. Bless her she was so not used to such polite behaviour she just managed an amazed " er thank you"
  18. You think its bad across the waters........ How many UK members are there ? Aaaaah
  19. Where would you like to be kissed?

    Hmmm ok for me I adore my face, neck, er, er er er nipples. Most sensual is neck but do it too much and im asleep lol
  20. Having Daughters

    To be honest chaps you love them all as much but differently. Ok my experience Daughter now 13 Years old Harriet. is getting more independant and loves shopping. She is lucky that she has an older daddy who can say yes more than no !! And mum enjoys her new mate too !!!! Tomorrow they go off shopping with more money than my 1st car cost ! However when she breaks up from school in the Summer (goodness knows what u call it in the states) she wants daddy time and for 2 weeks we go on board the boat and sail away wherever we desire for 14 days and those days are special and will be with me to the grave. Ok my son Henry. He is 6. Full of beans and wears us all out. Tonight he comes u to me and tells me he would like us to spend tomorrow night on the boat. Just the two of us ( the boat is afloat 2 hours away). So tomorrow we get up ,jump in the car and spend the night afloat. Tomorrow night chaps chat to me I will need adult conversation. Lol lol. However tonight I treated him to a tablet thing so he is happy.! Ok thats me and all in all children are lovely and deserve your best whatever goes on in life !!! Whatever the lord gives deserves our best. Have a great weekend, Col.

    X. 2.
  22. ok girls, what do y'all think about fighting

    Wow glad I'm over 30 all that testosterone. Phew........
  23. The Skinny on the Female Libido

    Friendship,love flowers,chocolate ...................I'm yours Female bc is complicated all in all it looks like the risks of cancer are balanced higher risks from some less from others and its all online. Libido yes looks like its generally lower so............... It's up to us chaps lol
  24. Golly honey, Truly interested. Why ?
  25. The Skinny on the Female Libido

    Well stacie you have a lot of stuff right here ! Not bad for a girl. Lol. Speaking from an old boys point of view !! I have found that. Woman's sex drive goes up and down with her menstral cycle. Ok here's my view and shoot me down when ready lol lol. And of course there are lots of variations. Ok let's start from period week. Kinda fed up that things are a bit uncomfortable but moderately interested in sex and hey safe ?,?, Week after period, wow honey you look fantastic, Fancy sex ? Wow that was great and the word we all dread !! Again. Aaa ah This of course it that time when the body is shouting. BABIES PLEASE. Lol Next week. Well moderately interested. Bodies saying hey where's. baby's ... Of course nice reatonship it's all shared xxxx. Happy Easter all.....