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  1. New

    Hello, Welcome from the UK glad you found us. Col...
  2. Possessive boyfriends

    I think this is an amazing post. From experience however talking is sometimes really hard. Get it over with asap as too far along the line it gets awkward. Back to my rocking chair he he. All the best. Col.
  3. hi, I'm new here :)

    Wow. All I can say is X2. Welcome. Col
  4. Is it true that Christians hate Jews?

    Wow thats some history that makes you a very very wise lady. And well done to you too. Xxxx
  5. 25 facts about YOU!

    You know Josh from your picture I cannot see any eye brows ?........??
  6. Hey

    Hello from the UK
  7. I think you are amazing. Hold your standards and don't fall for the idiots. Sadly the idiots out number the nice guys by 10:1 so good on you for your strength of character. The excuses come from all angles so good catch. Lol x Mr Right is just around the corner. Happy weekend from the UK. Col.
  8. 25 facts about YOU!

    I like this one Xxx
  9. Hello, Welcome too.... Ok as you say opinion on this is a very personal thing. For me virgin is no penetration. In my book I am ok with everything else. I think it does not matter if folk get a "feel". Bad expression sorry!!! For each others sexual likes and dislikes as long as they stop short at intercourse. But hey thats just me and I know some even save the first kiss for the one. There is also much discussion on here about those who have made mistakes physically but have only given themselves spiritually and emotionally to their true love. Im good with this too. Ahhh hey I am just a crazy Brit he he All the best. Col.
  10. Ah its generally after marriage you lose eye contact......... Joking he he happy Tuesday
  11. Possessive boyfriends

    Ok slight deviation!! Chap meets girl and they get serious.She has previous sexual partners in a small town. They go out occasionally to the few bars in the town and he asks her not to have anything to do with her past partners who they will probablly bump into. Is that fair enough reasonable request? Possesive Or controlling? For me its reasonable but not the norm here in the UK. Any opinions ? Happy Wednesday. Col.
  12. Have you ever met a celebrity?

    Hmmm see Ellen MacArthur ??? Spelling. When I sail into Cowes sometimes she lives there and last month Eddie Issard at Portsmouth ferry terminal. Ooops are theses known in the States ?
  13. Wow perfect id be happy with that well done.
  14. Is it okay for guy friends to say you're beautiful?

    Yep Queen if i told a girl she is beautiful then its a "Hello". But of course if a friend says to you she is ugly then beautiful is in order as a pick me up, a wake up or whatever. Beautiful in the body or mind are of course two different things. Get the two and hey your lucky.. Col xxxxxxxx
  15. Possessive boyfriends

    Can I double like this reply please xx
  16. Tidy, Generally screws turned the same way on DIY. Im a busy chap but spend almost most of Fridays cleaning the house from top to bottom. Kitchen especially shelves out and crystal polished. Oooops OCD. .
  17. post about posts

    Hey I have to put up with your odd spelling too. I have to watch the barefoot contessa to work out half you chaps say. Ha ha . And then she puts into the pot some erbs ???? But joking aside old chap its what you mean that makes sense and good on you. All the best. Col.
  18. Official Cars thread

    Ok Mr J Tomorrow I take pictures and hide the badge. Being an old git I have treated myself but the 155mph limiter stays on at the moment. Don't get too excited even though she is black. Ha ha
  19. Official Cars thread

    Do you chaps really want me to show you a picture of my car ? You might hate me if I do I'm an older chap
  20. Celebrity Crush?

    O you are He he
  21. Newbie

    Hello, Welcome from the UK. Please excuse my humour xx
  22. Hmmmmm no not on first thought here. However a long friendship to see it develops is cool. As said above opinions and attraction change after time. Happy Friday. Col xx
  23. Men, would you date/marry a taller woman?

    Hmm ok its whats in the heart and mind that attract me to a girl but physically I like a girl 5'4". To 5'6". Not that I have thought about this. Ha ha ...... Col
  24. Yup sounds about right to me. I recon that in this world there may be a number of people that you might be compatible with. And as said its all a matter of finding that someone who has "enough" of your desired qualities to make it ok for you. Its all to easy to go looking for perfection but that makes it a hard haul ?? And as you get older even harder. Happy Sunday. Col.
  25. BUCKET LIST...

    Actually at my time in life the list is very short hmmmmmm