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  1. Avoid the situations that might tempt you into giving in such as bedrooms. In a moment of weakness your partner should remind you of your standards and not succumb to whatever feels good. In every relationship there needs to be boundaries and the only way you can enforce them is by being confident in your decision to wait until marriage.
  2. To me, being a gentleman is so much more than opening doors, pulling out chairs, paying for dinner and a movie, giving flowers, etc etc. It's morals that makes a man a true gentlemen such as not slapping his girlfriends ass or having the utmost respect for her. Since actions speak louder than words, I think the only way a gentleman can show his true feelings to the woman he loves is by committing to her and I don't mean just moving in or simply saying " I am committed to you", I mean marriage. So that's just my opinion, what is yours? Oh yes, and what are the two most important characteristics you look for in a spouse? Mine are morals and inner strength.
  3. This or That!

    Live in the city! I am definitly a city girl. Rasberries or Strawberries?
  4. This or That!

    Oasis Jazz or ballet?
  5. Are you a virgin? How will you answer him?

    I would just answer his question.
  6. This or That!

    Cheeseburger! Forever 21 or Nordstrom?
  7. NEW GODZILLA 2014

    I actually wanna watch it now.
  8. Don't give up! This morning I was thinking that those who wait often make better spouses.
  9. This or That!

    With ketchup! Fish or Tofu?
  10. This or That!

    Pickle. Christmas or Thanksgiving?
  11. What if I wait forever?

    You are doing the right thing by waiting. Trust me.
  12. This or That!

    Turtle. Dolphin or Shamu?
  13. Are women turned off by inexperience?

    Your inexperience does not determine your quality.
  14. This or That!

    Summer! Although I do very much love the Halloween season. Would you rather have curly or straight hair?