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  1. Men, would you date/marry a taller woman?

    I do not understand why this would ever be a problem. Men plan to put their wives on a pedestal on the wedding day, so at that point his wife becomes taller for the rest of the marriage. At least that is my plan. I know some men feel intimidated by taller women, but I have never understood that. We expect women to tip their heads back to look up at us. We should be willing to do the same thing. I will admit, if she was a foot taller than me I would probably feel awkward, but a few inches would not matter at all. As long as she can reach my hand to slip on the wedding band and our lips can meet for the wedding kiss, she is the perfect height.
  2. Your type of lady

    The ideal woman is the one who makes me smile, laugh, and full of desire to achieve. She needs to be able to accept all of my little quirks, just like I plan to accept hers. What is her occupation? That is up to her. She can be a stay at home mom, or go to work if she wants. Do I want her to take care of the kids? I expect her to take care of the kids in partnership with me. Anything else would be unacceptable. An ideal situation would be for us to have a business where we both work from home and can be with the children. That would be a great partnership in life, love, and business.
  3. A couple of interesting articles

    I cannot agree with that statement in the first article. It might be true for a 16-year-old boy, but for a 40-year-old man, I suspect the opposite would be true. He would embrace that wonderful experience as the beginning of a fantastic relationship and work to sustain the relationship. The men I know who have waited until they were in a committed relationship, never felt a desire to "move on". They found what they were looking for and stayed with their women until they exchanged wedding rings at the altar.
  4. What is Love?

    What is love? It is that feeling in your gut that you would move heaven and earth to help your woman. It is that feeling in your gut that your life would be a tiny price to pay to save her life. It is that feeling of awe that happens every time you see her smile, and that feeling of dismay when you see disappointment cross her face. I disagree that love is accepting all the flaw and imperfections. I believe it is the desire from both partners to improve, change, and adapt into an amazing couple, even if it means making minor changes for each other. Love is not agreement. When I told my fiancée I preferred a tungsten steel wedding ring, she was furious, until she understood why. She thought I was being cheap and was devaluing our commitment. Now she understands I want a ring that is durable for work and play so I can wear it always. We have disagreements, arguments, and varying opinions, but underlying it all is that undying feeling that we would be less without the other.
  5. I know she is the right one because she told me. We were out on a date; she looked me in the eye, and said, "I'm the right one." I just stared for a few minutes and replied, "Ok, what's next?" There was not lead up to her comment and there was no question in my mind what she meant. She is right. She is the right one. How do I really know? The only real answer is to say I feel it in my gut. Everything about her feels right. We are comfortable together. We improve each other. We complement each other. We are smarter together than apart. Our dreams flow together towards the same destination. Could we be wrong? I guess so, but I do not believe that for a moment. We are shopping for wedding rings and planning the future. You will know.
  6. Love!!!

    Love really isn’t either one of those, in my opinion. Sure, I guess they’re part of falling in love, but love, in my opinion, is getting to a point where you would do almost anything (within reason) to make a person happy, and gaining a desire to spend the rest of your life with that person.

    I’ve already knocked a few things off my bucket list (like doing a backpacking trip over part of the Appalachian trail), but I do have some more things, like wanting to earn my PhD, traveling around the United States, and owning a pet pig. I know the last one’s random, but I love pigs, okay?
  8. Hello All!

    New to the forum and just wanted to drop by and introduce myself. I am mostly into fashion, health, marriage, weddings, relationships and jewelry. I am really enjoying the forum so far and hope to become a strong part of the community. Look forward to seeing everyone around for some friendly chatter and learning! Best Josephina B.
  9. Are women turned off by inexperience?

    I guess the way I feel about it is, if they’re inexperienced, how are they going to get experience unless they’re around a woman enough to get that experience? So, no, it doesn’t bother me. It may require a little more patience on your part, so if that’s not a gift you have, you may want to reconsider, but overall, nah. It’s no big deal.
  10. Surrogate Parenting

    The way I see it, the people who are able to do these medical procedures were given their gifts by God, so why wouldn’t it be okay to use those medical procedures in order to have children? I think a lot of people forget that divine intervention doesn’t only have to be divine.
  11. Would you date a guy who's still living at home?

    As long as they were helping out and not just freeloading off of their parents, and they were working a good job, just couldn’t afford living on their own (living alone can get really expensive!), I wouldn’t care. Money isn’t everything. One of my best friends got married this past summer to a guy who hadn’t been able to move out of his parents’ house yet, and then he moved in with her. It worked out fine.