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  1. 25 facts about YOU!

    Well, let's just say that I'm weird! I do get disappointed if people are rude or if someone treats me badly or so, but I don't get angry.
  2. What Kind of...

    Oww, this is hard because I'm sort of a combination of 1,3 and 4. So, I'll list characteristics that can be found in me. 1. Sanguine: bubbly, friendly, very talkative with certain people, creative, cheerful, compassionate, loving, positive, fun-loving, show emotions, gives praise. 3. Melancholy: analytical, into aesthetic beauty, very faithful, tends to be a perfectionist (in some cases. Like cleaning, school assingments etc), dependable, sacrifices, high standards, moralistically inclined, 4. Phlegmatic: calm, easy-going, super nice, shy, good under pressure, peacemaker.
  3. 25 facts about YOU!

    1. I'm terrible at telling facts about myself. 2. Cuddling cats is like therapy to me. 3. A walk by the seashore makes me happy. 4. Killing any kind of insects makes me sad. If I see a spider or so, I have to carry it outside rather than killing the poor thing. 5. I love learning new things, all sort of things – even if I have no use for that information. 6. I have never been angry at anyone nor have I yelled at anyone in my life. 7. Travelling spontaneously here and there is my passion. Exploring new cities by walking is something I could do every week. 8. Libraries are my relaxing place. I could spend hours there, browsing fascinating books and just listening all those noises you can only hear in libraries. 9. I love gardening and wish to have own garden in future. Planting a flower and seeing how it grows! Or growing your own herbs! Such an amazing thing! 10. Nature is absoutely important to me. Although I love city life too, I need to spend time in nature too. 11. Some say that I sound like a Scottish. 12. I'm generally a positive and cheerful person. 13. I'd rather have a new book than jewlries as a gift. 14. Being childish is part of my personality. I guess that is why I get along with children so well. 15. I want to live abroad. 16. I love homemade things and wish to pass that skill to my own children as well. 17. Helping people is very close to my heart. That is why I wish to be either a psychologist or a teacher in primary school. If I were a teacher, I'd give free lessons to those who cannot afford to pay. 18. I love organizing things. Whether it is organizing my wardrope, kitchen cabinet, or papers – I just love it. 19. I love writing although I'm not very good at it. 20. When I was a child, I believed that my soft toys were spying on me on behalf of my parents. I also believed their fur would grow if I cut it. So I cut their fur, but got sad when I realized it would not grow back! 21. I'm shy. 22. I collect postcards – I have over 300 postcards. 23. I don't tan easily. That is why my skin tone is very fair. 24. Sometimes I love being in PJ's all day and just doing something unusual – like watching cartoons or animation movies all day, eating candies and other junk foods. 25. I get very shy if someone compliments me. And I blush easily too.
  4. Respecting people's decisions

    In my opinion, we should respect people's choices as long as they do not harm other's, themselves or the society they live in. No, I cannot respect a person who decides to kill someone, steal, cheat or anything like this. Their actions are deeply harming other human beings and our society. It is important to separate your own personal views. If a person decides to do something that in no way harms anyone, and you dislike it for a personal reason and can't respect it, that is wrong. For example, if John wants to become a teacher but his parents wants him to be a doctor and can't respect his choice, is that right? Should John really earn respect for his choice? John is not harming anyone by his decision to become a teacher. But his parents personal views prevents them to respect his choice. They have the right to dislike it, but they should respect his decision. It is perfectly natural to have things or values we like and dislike, but trying to prevent other's to like something you dislike is not right. There are many things I don't like, but I understand we are all different. Why should someone have to earn respect for personal choices? If you decide to start a family, do you really think you need to seek approval and respect from others who do not want to start a family? If you wish to study something, do you need to earn respect for that? Why? As long as no one is not harming anyone by their choices, I respect it. Does that mean I like everything? No. but as a human being I am capable of going beyond that and am still able to respect people as individuals.
  5. Swimsuit Models

    I would be very disappointed.. It would mean I married the wrong man who doesn't respect my feelings. Our values would be so very different.
  6. I'm thinking about what would happen if Sherlock Holmes and House meet. Would they become best friends?
  7. How many kids do you want?

    I want to have a big family, but it is not us who makes this decision. If God grants me four children, I'll be very happy, if He grants me one child, I'll be very happy, if He grants me none, I'll be happy anyway. Whether I get a girl or a boy doesn't matter at all. I've never understood why people wish to have certain gender. For me the most important thing is to have a healthy baby. What ever He gives me, I will be content. Children are a blessing from God. If one day I know that I'm pregnant it will be such an emotional day. I can't wait to experience pregnancy, all that waiting and dreaming. And when you can first time hold your precious beloved baby in your arms, smell him/her, see those cute little eyes, nose, arms and legs, everything. :') Sharing all my love. <3
  8. Official Cars thread

    1960 Chevrolet Corvette C1
  9. Your Dream Guy !!

    I don't care about physical appearance as long as he is healthy. Physical appearance is not permanent. I might marry a good looking man, but he might get into a car accident or something, and his appearance might change then. I don't want to leave my husband if that happens. No matter what, I want to be able to say, 'My husband is the most handsome man to me, inside and out'. That is why my list is more about character. To be good-looking is to have a good character. 1. Practicing Muslim 2. Kind to everyone - even if someone wrongs him he treats that person with kindness 3. Respectful towards everyone 4. Non-drinker/smoker/ drug user 5. Faithful and honest 7. Funny - makes me laugh without even trying 8. Sensitive and tender 9. Open-minded 10. Good listener 11. Caring 12. Loves to be close to me a lot. Like hugging all the time, holding my hand, kissing my forehead. 13. Modest in speech and actions 14. Childish 15. A good role model to our children 16. Righteous 17. Have a sense of humour 18. Serious when needed 19. He likes me just the way I am - talkative, very energetic, laughing and smiling a lot 20. He loves to give compliments to me a lot. And he loves to receive compliments from me! 21. Helpful 22. Dreamer - we dream about our wedding together, where we would live, when I'm pregnant and so on 23. Patient 24. He knows how to say "I'm sorry" 25. He is willing to be there for me - . Wipes my tears when I'm sad. He goes to grocery store even if its night to buy me lots of ice cream, and then he makes me tea, sits with me when I eat ice cream and cry. He doesn't say anything because he understands how to act with me. Sometimes he hugs me, kiss my forehead or just holds my hand. Then he smiles and my whole life just melts when I see that adorable smile. 26. Protective 27. Positive 28. Considerate 29. Thoughtful 30. Wants to be a better person and is willing to do something about it 31. He puts my needs first 32. Selfless 33. Stands up for what he believes in 34. Dares to say if I have said or done something wrong 35. Sincere 36. He knows that no one is perfect 37. Loves to spend time outside with me - exploring new places, new cities, or just walking in the park, reading Qur'an together under the tree. 38. Loves to spend time at home doing absolutely nothing. 39. Romantic Okay, my list is a bit long, haha! There's nothing wrong if he doesn't have all these qualities as long as he knows these are the one's we should strive for. So, together we would try to improve our character. But if he doesn't recognize that we all have faults, I don't think I want to marry that kind of man. He should know what he is, and is willing to change his faults if he can.
  10. I want to share the same bedroom with my hubsylove. Sleeping alone in marriage would feel very weird. That might suit for some people but it is not something I personally want. Being close with my husband is important. If my husband prefer to sleep alone I would feel offended. I want my husband to be the final thing each day I see before falling asleep, and also the first thing I'll see when I wake up.
  11. I think the question would be would he really want to marry me knowing how I feel? If he really wants to marry me despite that, I would definitely accept him to be my loving husband. Love is more than just butterflies in stomach, and I believe it is something that develops by time when you spend years together. If he is a good, respectful, god fearing man, who could be a better husband then? Someone who would take care of me no matter what. How could I not love this man by time? I believe I would be very happy in this kind of marriage. Also physical attraction from my apart comes from feelings and respect. Not from looks that much. If I respect someone very much and see these good qualities, I would be attracted. We might fall in love with the wrong person. This person might not be good at all. That's why I don't always trust in that feeling. I prefer to marry someone I'm sure would be good to me. Love will come later, I mean the real kind of love.
  12. Dating an Older Guy

    Age is very irrelevant to me. Would I marry an older man? Yes. Would I marry a younger man? Yes. I only care what's inside him.
  13. Men of all ages. But I guess young men do that because I look kind of young. Without hijab people think I'm 15-16... I'm 27.. I've been proposed to few times. I don't really like when men approach me on the street. It makes me very uncomfortable. My Dad once said, "you should not look so happy. Otherwise men will approach you. Stop smiling, and learn to look angry."
  14. What is your dream job?...

    My dream career is to be an elementary school teacher. I love children so very much. They always cheer me up. I get a long with children so well, and they seem to like me. All that sweet energy children have! They ask a lot of questions as well. They are so pure, and it would be my pleasure to teach all new things to them.