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  1. Best rock song ever!

    Another Brick in the Wall or Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd.
  2. Controlling, manipulative, morons are not worth your time, same goes for the people who fall of their crap and believe their lies. I know two people like that. One of them even has dementia now and still somehow convinces people that he is nice, competent, etc. Those two people have attempted to worm their way back into my life years ago, and I fell for it the first time, but quickly saw that I shouldn't have. I really despise manipulative jerks who convince others that they are “nice†or the “victim†and you are just the a-hole who doesn't want to talk to them. To get people like that to stay away from me, I used total avoidance and literally screamed at them to “stay the hell away from me or else.†I didn't accept and of their calls, gifts, and when family members talked about them, I told them that I didn't care and I didn't want to hear about them, and now I haven't heard from one of them for 4 years. The thing that helps more than anything though, is have at least one other person (in my case it was some family members) to back you up. Eventually others will come to realize that the ones you cut contact with are nothing but fake, controlling, worthless leeches.
  3. Autism Spectrum Disorders.

    I have Aspergers and I think some other people on the site do as well. Obviously all very high-functioning people.
  4. This is gonna basically turn into a no-win religious argument.
  5. I got Denver, Aurora, and Providence. I don’t know how that works, but nowhere near the Phoenix area. Some of those questions were weird, like the night before Halloween, and I have never heard of some of the terms for the roly poly question like “doodle bug,†“sow bug,†and basketball bug.â€
  6. He should also put an ankle monitor on her, have her call him every hour, and make her give him her phone records every month. Right? TALK TO HER. You want her to tell you everything? Then you tell her everything, all your emotions, every thought you have about your situation, and even how you invaded her privacy. Both of you need to build some trust. Seriously, TALK, don’t go psycho like some other people are suggesting.
  7. Some of the most annoying criticisms to me are: - when people who have been in countless failed relationships call me a loser because I “don't know how relationships work†-because I’m WTM people start criticizing me for being religious, even though I’m not -people think that because I’m WTM everything I do and think revolves around sex, that its the most important thing in the world to me, its not I think like most WTM people, I really hate the "Why would you buy a car without test driving it?" analogy. But, whenever people ask me I just reply with: “wouldn't you want a new car instead of a used car?â€
  8. Sleep...

    Before going to sleep you could try to stay away from computers and electronics, you could try reading an hour or two before going to bed. Try to create a “normal†sleep schedule. Anxiety from worrying about getting to sleep can also affect your sleep. Some of that stuff sometimes works for me, but hey, I have insomnia, so four hours of sleep is good for me.
  9. Ayyy!

    Wow, another college student from Arizona. Welcome!
  10. Sexiest Accents

    I really like New Zealand, Irish, Australian, some Mexican accents and Southern accents (not the hillbilly or redneck accents).
  11. Vasectomy as birth control

    I would rather have a vasectomy than have my wife go on birth control. I really wouldn't be comfortable with the my future wife being on birth control, with the health risks and possible mood swings. Vasectomy can't be easily reversed, but I would rather go through a minimally invasive 30 minute surgery, than put my wife at risk of blood clots, hormone imbalances, etc. for a long period of time. Although I would rather try NFP before doing all of that.
  12. Race/ethnicity truly, honestly doesn't matter to me, I don't care what color my wife's skin is. The only two people who I have ever encountered in person who were against interracial marriage were my two grandmothers, they were extremely racist against anyone who wasn't white, and what came out of their mouths was usually horrifying and my whole extended family hated when they started spewing their stuff. I would just be really hesitant in introducing someone of a different ethnicity to them. I think the real challenge would be marrying someone who comes from a very different culture from you. Like someone from a Western culture marrying someone from a central African or central Asian culture.
  13. Everything happens for a reason

    I've often wondered about this saying; like cause and effect or some divine plan? Cause if everything happens for a reason, then where does free will come into play? Is that phrase a bit like predestination, like that other phase "its all part of God's plan"? If everything does happen for a reason, then many things are happening in extremely convoluted ways. When people use "everything happens for a reason," its usually followed by something like "things will work out," or "it'll be alright in the end." But what if your talking to someone who has never had anything good happen to them? Like someone in a 3rd world country? What if every bad thing that happened to you happened to teach someone an extremely simple lesson? The phrase seems like a cop-out for explaining all the bad things that happen, but I'm probably thinking too much into this.
  14. Cheating during the relationship

    WTF?????? Don’t people talk to each other in relationships to convey how they feel? You know, to expresses when they are unhappy, or what parts of their relationship needs improvement? Cheating is completely unforgivable, and I believe the worst thing you could do to your partner. Once infidelity happens the relationship is changed forever. If I was ever cheated on, it would be completely over, nothing would change my mind.
  15. NEW GODZILLA 2014

    WOOH, I love Godzilla. It better have Space Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla, and Destoroyah. And yeah, I hope no American film studio is in on this because the 1998 one was worse than Son of Godzilla.