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  1. Willpower

    Is willpower strong enough to keep a person waiting?
  2. What is your favorite Bible Scripture?

    Proverbs 4:7
  3. Do any of you believe the world will end on Dec 21 2012?

    Oh ok. I didn't know that was already a posted topic.
  4. Should singles wtm listen to love songs?

    From my experience, love songs can take your mind to "forbidden places", if you know what I mean. That would bring unnecessary temptation on you.
  5. Men guard your eyes; Women guard your hearts.

    I agree with that: Men to guard their hearts and women to guard their eyes as well. Both genders have to guard both basically.
  6. Is it normal to worry about pleasing your future spouse?

    To CB4E, a key word you used was "lonely". And I understand how that goes too. The thing with that is, we, as single people have to take control over our emotions, with God's help of course. Because if we don't, they will control us and lead us astray. We naturally have emotional needs that need to be fulfilled, and God knows it. What we are to do is let Him meet those needs first, that way when we do get married, our spouse won't push God out of first place in our lives. As far as dating non virgins, well, if you're looking for a virgin, then stand and hold on to your confession of faith. Don't lower your standards either. Who knows, God may bless you with one of these virtuous women from this site. "For nothing is impossible with God" (Luke 1:37).
  7. Is it normal to worry about pleasing your future spouse?

    Wow, this is actually a good topic. As of right now, you ought not to worry about that. I believe that you want a virgin wife. The Bible says to make your request made known to God; Pray to Him how you desire your wife, BELIEVING that He'll honor it. I believe that a non virgin who's a believer definitely has to renew her mind of all of the past lovers, experiences, images, etc., so she won't compare you with former partners. The best thing I believe to do is seek God first, then pray for your future wife NOW.
  8. Seek God; don't seek the mate.

    Focus on God. Don't worry about finding Mr./ Mrs. Right. God knows how to set the stage for meeting our future spouse. "But seek ye FIRST the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and ALL these things shall be added to you." (Matt. 6:33, emphasis added).
  9. Men get into trouble because we don't guard our eyes; Women, because they don't guard their hearts
  10. Men and crying.

    Do MEN cry?
  11. Guys, how do you break the stereotypes?

    Cry when you have to, rather than bottling all of it up.