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  1. At present I am in a beautiful, waiting ( even for the kiss) interracial relationship. There was a time I wondered if I would ever see it come to fruition but God is so perfect in His timing. This is actually a first for both of us. We have both had friends of varying race and culture but not actually dated/courted. He says my heart, sense of humor and personality captured his attention. That was enough but when I explained my intentions...that I am waiting....that I have committed my body and my self to Jesus until the marriage bed...well THAT is what is truly knocked him off his feet! We really can have it all!! So happy! So blessed! #swirling
  2. Valentine's Day

    I would skip the wine, if you're avoiding temptation...

    A couple weeks ago I pulled into a McDonalds drive-thru. I decided while I was in line that I would like to bless somebody, so when it came my time to pay I also paid for the person behind me. I just asked the cashier to say "Merry Christmas" and went on my way satisfied with the blessing given. Several minutes later I arrived at work and a co-worker pulled up as I walking in and asked me if I had just been at McDonalds. I asked her how she knew that. She said she was a couple vehicles behind me and the woman in front of her bought her breakfast and sent a message "Merry Christmas". Lol My co-worker then paid for the person behind her. That little blessing turned into several blessings. So worth the few dollars spent! That's what paying it forward is all about.
  4. Random Thoughts

    i've got a love addiction and Jesus is my prescription.
  5. GOT warrior name

    Brenda "The Virgin" Mother of Sleep Rides for House Targaryen
  6. Well done... Although I am not a virgin, I do promote abstinence and WTM. Many know I have a teenager daughter and practice what I preach. I also work in a homeless shelter where I supervise single women and women with children. I have had several opportunities to share my testimony and my WTM journey. Sometimes I am met with a cocked head and a "do what?" or "huh?" and a "more power to you". Sometimes I cause someone to stop and think about it. Think about a way to stop the hurt of being used because of their current situation and circumstance. The streets are tough! Setting the example of Gods love first...and giving all of you to Him. Teaching women that they have value and it is not determined ... okay I am going off the rails...but you see where I am headed. So in keeping with the topic. YES!!! Promote waiting...promote it online, promote it in your daily living and live it!! Only good will come of it....
  7. Happy Father's Day!!

    I know we have a couple Father's here on WTM. Just wanted to wish you a very happy father's day and congratulate you on your decision to wait. The impact of your decision on your children is a testimony of your love. Happy Father's day to our heaven;y Father!! we wouldn't be here without you!! Hope ya'll have a wonderful family filled day! Much love and many blessings!
  8. Glad to meetcha!

    Welcome to WTM! May your journey be short!!
  9. 5 Love languages

    Yea, there is a thread about the 5 Love Languages... physical touch and quality time are my top 2
  10. Was it really worth it?

    If you are doing it for You, your future bride and/or for God...then YES!!
  11. Daddy's Girl or Mommy's?

    I am the daughter of the one true King!! Daddy's girl!! My Heavenly Father's favored..I sit at the foot of His throne and poor my heart out to Him. Those He entrusted with my care? Birth Mom...she abandoned me while I was still very young Birth Dad...went off to war and was never able to find me or see me again First adopted Mom and Dad...surrendered me in lieu of criminal charges Second adopted parents...Dad passed in 1986 and if I chose a favorite, He would win hands down. Wish we had had more time together. I miss him daily. Mom, she emails @ once a year and occasionally remembers my birthday or Christmas. So you see...I am so glad to have a Savior. He has been there my entire life.
  12. What Impresses You?

    Remember my name....
  13. What Impresses You?

  14. Celebrity Crush?