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  1. Random Thoughts

    You can't make a post with so much vitriol towards people and misinformation and then just say "don't respond to this k thanks." I assume you're talking about me, Steadfast, Mirage, Josh, as well as probably hanachu, and maybe a couple others. Of course, I've never "dogged out" anyone on here, so maybe it's not me... Edit: Better yet, please specify exactly who you're talking to and exactly what each of them did or said to provoke this rant.) Anyway, unless your ideal for this site is for it to be a total echo chamber where everyone shuts up the moment their opinion conflicts with someone else's, then there are going to be disagreements; more and more of them as the site grows. And if a group three or four outspoken people happen to agree with each other a lot and participate in the same discussions, so what? Why are you trying to create an "us vs. them" scenario? Oh get off your politically correct high horse will you. I didn't see this until now lol made me laugh. Nice. And the rest of that part is just completely deceptive. Where has anyone said you don't have the right to say anything because you're a Christian? Who are these Christians that are scared to speak up? Do you not realize that the vast majority of the people on this site are Christian? You can speak out. But people are free to respond and there's no reason why you always have to get upset when they do. This is pretty much pointless given that you haven't mentioned who "you people" are. But ah, I guess you really aren't talking about me. I've spoken about too many different things, and changed my mind way too many times, even visibly on this site, to be called "one-minded". But given that the people you're attacking with this post (if I'm assuming correctly) seem to base their opinions on logical thinking and evidence, I'd wager that they have changed their minds many times as well. Have you ever changed your mind about anything? What are you talking about here? Venting is fine, but when your venting includes accusing people in this community of being hateful, stupid, in danger of getting "messed up", etc, then at least have the courtesy and decency to address them directly about what they have specifically done or said that you think is wrong. This vague rant with the request that no one reply is just silly and unproductive at best, hurtful and misleading at worst.
  2. Words aren't inherently anything. Shaming people and judging them negatively for no good reason is the issue.
  3. Random Thoughts

    Dropped it last year and the screen and touch-screen digitizer went kablooey. Then a few months ago I stepped on it and bent one of the edges slightly. Then an eagle flew in through the window and carried it off and dropped it from a great height. That last part was a lie, though.
  4. @Buster Cannon, Lexia, Welcome, Jasmine... Do you guys not see the problem with using the literal definition of slut to justify calling someone (including someone you don't know anything else about) a slut? Unlike other literal descriptive words that wouldn't be offensive,"smoker" for instance, slut carries a whole lot of negative baggage, such as, oh Idk, years and years of being used to smear and denigrate women's character. It's silly to lump that negative baggage in with the "consequences" she needs to "own" for choosing to have sex as she likes. Yes, people are judged by other people for their actions. To an extent, that is a necessary and inevitable part of society. But some judgments are completely and utterly pointless and based on things that really don't have anything to do with a person's value or character. That's why I repeatedly qualified my statement about the stigma and stereotypes associated with a woman sleeping around as being unnecessary, but as far as I have seen no one addressed that part. I do have a problem with someone calling me a prude for choosing to WTM. That is not a consequence of my choice and I don't have to own it and they have no right to call me that. As far as I'm concerned, someone else's sex-life is irrelevant to me*, and I don't have any right to judge them for their sex habits. I only have a right to judge them for actions that affect other people. *Unless we're considering a relationship together, of course.
  5. Random Thoughts

    ...Then you probably don't wanna know what happened to my tablet...
  6. Darn, missed a chance to rhyme..
  7. Random Thoughts

    I'm getting pretty good at turning my leg into a slide to break my phone's fall.
  8. I'd rather live in a world where we shed unnecessary negative stigmas and stereotypes and let people freely live their lives how they desire (so long as they don't harm others), rather than perpetuate them and tell people they brought them on themselves by choosing to live as they do and that they should just take the judgement and deal with it. When you (in this case Buster Cannon) say she's choosing the lifestyle of sleeping around and by association choosing the negative stigma that goes with it, you're perpetuating what is IMO a harmful and unnecessary way of thinking.
  9. A duck is a duck regardless of how many ducks it has sex with. I don't get the point of calling people nasty names for living life differently than you think they should. Besides, tell me something is a duck and I know a lot about that thing. Tell me someone is a slut and it tells me nothing. Probably tells me more about you, in fact
  10. Random Thoughts

    So today, while on the job, this off-putting woman, in front of her coworkers, asked me if I work out; poked my chest; called me juicy; and then continued talking about me like that for about 2 minutes, including picking on a male coworker for looking at me. I laughed along when it started but it just got really weird and I was happy to leave. Everyone was acting so nonchalant and laughing along with her, but the further I get from the whole thing the more bizarre it seems and the more I wish I could go back and ask her what the hell she was doing.
  11. Also I moved this to Waiting and Relationships.
  12. new

    Is WTM even more excruciating slow-going for the Flash? Welcome!
  13. FYI you're typing inside the quote boxes of people you're quoting which may cause confusion. To avoid this, either 1) make sure you're typing underneath the gray quote box or 2) click the little "BBCode" button at the top left of the comment toolbar. This will change the comment text to BBCode, and you can just make sure you're typing your comment after the tag. (That's what I fixed in your previous comment)
  14. No he didn't, he said he'd pray for OP and her boyfriend.
  15. Free the nipple?

    I don't see what personal or religious views on modesty have to do with what other people should be legally prohibited from doing. Want to save the sight of your nude breasts for your spouse? Awesome, don't go topless! Why should other women be legally required to follow your views on modesty? I also don't entirely get what the level of sexualization of breasts has to do with anything. If breasts should be legally hidden due to their sexualization in the culture, then why not require women to wear sports bras under turtle necks? Otherwise, her boobs are going to be glanced at, gazed at, leered at, and mentally undressed no matter how clothed they are as long as they're somewhat visible. But maybe you only care about the nipple, in which case, why? This is...interesting to me... (edit: assuming you're talking about straight women) Seems harsh. And that last someone views nudity doesn't seem like an issue that indicates how good someone is, but maybe that's just me. Well if a guy was jerking it to a photo of my wife topless that she'd posted somewhere for all to see, I wouldn't really care. Wouldn't want to know in the first place, actually... but if I had knowledge of the guy purposefully sneaking a photo without permission for that purpose, I'd tell him to delete the photo, and we'd have a problem if he didn't. I'm not familiar with laws on the issue so he might be perfectly allowed to do that legally, not sure. I'll leave the religious part alone, but breasts aren't genitals. But maybe I'm nitpicking. Why would that be a consideration in lawmaking? People get photos of them in public posted on the internet without their permission or all the time. Why would them being nude to any extent, in a place where nudity is allowed, change anything? Something to consider for people that don't want nude pictures of themselves on the internet, certainly.
  16. ^Post edited for formatting issues ...Obvious issues with the content left in.
  17. The plan is to marry a girl as compatible with me sexually as possible (as far as we can tell while WTM), so hopefully this will be an avoided problem. But I'm not naive enough to expect a perfect sex life. If we ran into the problem of deviating sex drives, divorce would be the last thing on my mind. There are plenty of things to look at first: is it some sort of hormonal imbalance? Is one of us going through a period of excess stress, depression, or some other neurological issue that would cause a dip in sex drive? Are we not communicating enough or emotionally connecting well right now? If my wife somehow changed and decided she never wanted to have sex with me again or only once or twice a year...I can see that being a marriage-ender.
  18. Free the nipple?

    Well, that's some relevant satire right there.
  19. Free the nipple?

    "Life is all about a gray area" "Are you going to side with my specific view or are you a trans woman?" To answer your question, if you're ever wondering if I'm on your side on any issue, the answer is probably no.
  20. There's a depressing list on wikipedia of the youngest mothers on record. Almost always a sick family member or SO of a family member.
  21. Free the nipple?

    What the hell are you on about, dude? (And to whom are you speaking?) BTW, please share with us your major inventions, decisions, and discoveries that have helped shape our world.
  22. Free the nipple?

    I feel like there's a fundamental difference in the way people on either side of this issue see things. My opinion is that we should start with equality, then consider if there should be any differences in the laws for men and women. Starting from equality, I don't see a logical reason why there should be different nudity laws for men and women.
  23. Free the nipple?

    I won't stand for this kind of immorality. One day women are allowed to show their nipples in public, the next day people will be having sex with animals and sacrificing children in the street. It's inevitable, really, with this terrible downward spiral we're in. And people questioning society? Unbelievable. Anyway, I think women should be allowed to be topless anywhere men are allowed to be topless. What is so different about a topless woman who has nice breasts than a topless man who has chiseled pecs and abs? In theory, I'm even fine with complete nudity being allowed in public. In an ideal world, society wouldn't be so uptight about nudity or judgmental about each others' bodies. I don't think that's going to happen in most places any time soon, so in the meantime I'm fine with society having restrictions, as long as those restrictions are applied to men and women equally. Laws should not be based on the specific modesty ideals of various groups. Personally, I like people, men and women, keeping their clothes on in the general public environment (work, shopping venues, etc.) But I'm well aware that's my personal sensibility and should have no bearing on what is legal or acceptable.
  24. I checked your IP history, and only one has been used in recent months. I know almost nothing about this sort of thing, though... How are you able to tell someone is using it? Checking your profile while not logged in?
  25. 30 minutes

    Funny story, I had sex-ed one day in Engineering 101. They had people from the health center go to freshman 101 classes and give a one-day presentation. They talked about the obvious stuff, like STDs, consent, etc. She even demonstrated how to put a condom on by slapping one of those stick-to-surface dildos on the white board and putting a condom on it. She mentioned at one point that she makes a guy stay with her for 6 months before she'll have sex with him, to sounds of shock from the class (she was fairly young and pretty attractive)