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  1. Why didn't he do what every other freshman does and just not read it? Or cliffsnotes it or something.
  2. "How Secular Family Values Stack Up"

    I'm going to assume your first question was a joke and move past it. If Bob were actively attempting to harm me or my family (or anyone else and I were present and able to intervene) I would act to stop him from doing so. No issue there. Bob is just a representative of everyone in society. We decided collectively to give each other some basic rights and establish laws to try and keep those rights from being violated as much as possible. Bob's well-being is important to me because I have empathy, but more importantly because if Bob can be punched in the face willy-nilly, then so can I. And I don't want to be punched in the face. So Bob and I team up and make face-punching illegal. Everyone wins (except face-punch enthusiasts of course) Obviously my example was a very over-simplified example that I created just to make a point. That said, you didn't make it that much more complicated. You would not be justified to kill someone for having "done a serious crime against your moral system." You may or may not be justified to kill someone in war, but I would say a war that is over different moral systems is an unjust and unnecessary war, and that ultimately all the deaths in the war would be unjust and unnecessary, even if individual soldiers might get a pass. Abortion is legal. Euthanasia is illegal in most places, though it will ultimately be legal for a variety of cases, most likely. You probably don't have the proper qualifications to carry it out, though, and unless you did, it would be immoral (except in extreme cases, maybe, and we could talk about that if you were more specific) I'm not going to watch an hour long video to try and figure out your point...
  3. Have you ever been arrested?

    I once ran from a patrolling cop while attempting a senior prank with some classmates. We were in the lobby when we saw the car pulling around and we high-tailed it to the softball field and hid there for a while. Funny thing is we probably could have stayed in the lobby and the cop would have just drove around the school and left. Other than that I've been pulled over once (no ticket)
  4. What is your dream guy?

    A manly man who makes me feel sexy and wanted and safe and protected but doesn't get in the way of me exerting myself as a strong, independent woman.... oh, you meant girl.... Umm, I'm open to my tastes changing depending on the girl that enters my life, but if I had to give a vague description, I'd probably say a pretty, laid-back girl who takes care of herself physically (just to a healthy extent at least), is kind of geeky (interest in sci-fi/fantasy genres and video games and such), and has some level of interest and knowledge in science. I've become fascinated with biology (mostly evolution) and astrophysics (yeah I know, not directly related), and a little bit of neuroscience, and it would be nice to be able to talk about that stuff on a somewhat high level (as I continue to learn) with my gf/wife. Non-religious is a plus (maybe a requirement, but I'm not totally set on that). (I need to learn to stop making so many parenthetical remarks)
  5. Sam Witwicky and whatever Megan Fox's character's name was. Such an intriguing, nuanced romance. So sad it didn't last.
  6. Thanks for the heads up. I've changed my Bonin' All Day picture and username. Hate people recognizing me between forums.
  7. I just remember you saying in past posts that you were a Christian and former atheist, and that recently you mentioned not really being sure what you believe. And here you identified as an atheist, so I was just jokingly referring to your "return" to atheism. Apologies if I've misunderstood or if making light of your journey causes offense.
  8. You've returned to the Dark Side?
  9. religion... Why?

    I personally don't think people need religion, and I absolutely would not want any religion to "encompass" all of society. I was raised as a Baptist Christian, and now as an outsider looking in, it seems like a really depressing and limiting way to see the world and our universe. While I still feel holes in my life, I am much more at peace with myself and reality and more awed by nature and science than I've ever been in my life. While I can appreciate the value some religions have in some peoples' lives, religious belief just doesn't appeal to me at all anymore. What inspire me are real, tangible things: music, nature, science, the works of human imagination and ingenuity (be it art, movies, video games, books, technology, etc.)
  10. What's your favorite show on Netflix?

    Daredevil, Orange Is the New Black, and Cosmos are my current favorites.
  11. Stephen hawking looking for aliens

    I wonder what changed Hawking's mind. Like the article mentions, Hawking has always said we should be cautious about trying to contact alien intelligent life. Personally, I'm more in that camp. Besides, as much as I'd like to know for sure whether there is life out there, I'd prefer humans advance a good bit more before we meet any of that life. On the subject of whether there is intelligent life elsewhere, the Fermi Paradox makes for pretty interesting reading. (Wikipedia)
  12. I've merged four of your topics, DHZ. You had 16 posts and 8 of them were new threads, and 4 of those were very similar. I'm also going to replace your posts that just say "topic" with the respective title to make this merged thread less confusing.
  13. Are all men primitive?

    Well, I shower regularly, but I do like boobs, butts, and would prefer lots of sex (though quality beats quantity). But seeing that I am that way because being that way helped our species survive, and being that we (humans) are the owners of the most powerful brains on Earth, and since technically we're just as evolved as every other living species, I don't consider myself primitive. But I guess you'd need to define what you mean by primitive, since there are a bunch of definitions. I wouldn't say all men have the same feelings regarding sex and women, and waiting may be just one of many things that might signify a difference. Even in waiters, there are different reasons for waiting and likewise different feelings towards women and sex among straight male waiters.
  14. I haven't had to answer the "are you sexually active" question since I was a teenager, but I'm not looking forward to it. I already feel vulnerable enough at the doctor's office, adding on telling him/her how I'm not getting laid without the context that it's by choice will be a bit awkward for me personally. As for my favorite thing about waiting...other than the potential payoff I'm hoping for, there's not really that much. I guess not having to worry about fitting into the mainstream dating scene and going after sex on a regular basis. It seems like a lot of work. Huh...didn't know that. Though now that I think about it we never really used the term, I always assumed it was a fancy term for Jesus' conception. But you're wrong. Mary was born free from original and personal was everyone else. (I love you, Christians )
  15. I don't think I would be willing to make any kind of trade-off just to be with another virgin; not more willing than I would be to overlook something for any other "deal-breaker", anyway. Practically, other things like personality, getting along well together, chemistry, compatible values, and of course love, are much more important to me than her virginity. Yes, the idea of being each other's first greatly appeals to me, but if I could zap something in my brain so I could date girls without caring about their sexual history I'd do it in a heartbeat.
  16. "How Secular Family Values Stack Up"

    So what you're saying is, the basis for saying that the Christian god's morality is superior is that the definition of said god says he's good? I don't see how that works. How can you say god is good by definition? If that's the case then what does "good" mean? There are many examples I could bring up to explain why I don't think the Christian god could be called "good", but I'll just bring up Abraham and Isaac. I don't know any Christian who wouldn't condemn child sacrifice, and yet here we have God commanding Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, and then rewarding Abraham for doing so. Sure, an angel stopped him before he actually did it, but there are several things we can take away from the story: 1. God is capable of commanding child sacrifice 2. Abraham, who is supposedly the most righteous man alive at this time, who communed directly with God, apparently holds a view of God that includes the fact that if God asks him to perform child sacrifice, then child sacrifice is good and moral. 3. God rewarded that very view of himself that Abraham had, that if he commands someone to murder a child then murdering a child is the right thing to do. 4. God did not at any point tell Abraham that killing Isaac would have been wrong. In fact, he explicitly tells him that it was right: “I swear by myself, declares the Lord, that because you have done this and have not withheld your son, your only son, I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore. Your descendants will take possession of the cities of their enemies, and through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed, because you have obeyed me.” Genesis 22:16-18
  17. Saving your first kiss too?

    I got the cold sore virus when I was like 10 or maybe younger, almost a decade before my first kiss, most likely from sharing a drink with a family member. It annoys me that they weren't more careful, but it is what it is. Over the years I've learned to recognize the signs of an outbreak and can usually knock it out with topical medication before it gets bad. Haven't had a bad breakout in years. Usually it's just a day or two from when I notice it coming to it being completely gone again, and that usually happens like once a year. So, like, yeah, if any of you girls wants to make out, hit me up.
  18. Random Thoughts

    Eh, not really that impressive imo. She said she never had an interest in men. She might have been asexual and/or aromantic. If everyone were like her the human race would have died out long ago. Not to discount her accomplishments or contributions, I just think it's weird that her virginity and 'sex and god' comment were a focal point. It seemed like a minor part of her life. I hope girls that look up to her don't try to follow her views on sex and relationships despite their own desires or valuation of sex and relationships, or feel bad for not being able to live like her.
  19. Random Thoughts

    Apparently selfie-sticks are actually a thing.
  20. Nothing to see here. Don't click.

    Yeah, that's why I made this post. It was just to set up a joke somewhere else and then it turned out more people liked this one. lol (Though to be fair the video is pretty freaking funny)
  21. Random Thoughts