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  1. This is Frustrating

    1. I'm not sure any of the admins really know how to fix quirks like that. Your best bet for figuring out technical issues would be to PM the creator of the site, Mike, though I haven't seen him around much lately. But, I know I've experienced issues like that over the years and some things that seemed to work sometimes were clearing my browser's memory cache and/or manually logging out and back in. Sometimes the issues seem to resolve themselves over time like it was a temporary kink. i know other users in the past have had issues with entering chat and it simply resolved itself. 2. You've obviously changed it before. Are you going through the same steps as before? What exactly happens when you try to change it? Detail the process exactly. 3. Is it signing you out while you're using the site, moving from page to page, or sitting on a single page, or when you close and reopen the site later? Do you check the "keep me logged in" option when signing in? Also see number 1 above. 4. Did you PM Sally or NicoleNova? Nicole is the current Girls only mod, and she may have just not seen your post/PM yet.
  2. This is Frustrating

    Here at the forums customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. Please reply with specific details about the issues you are having and it will be my pleasure to look into them for you.
  3. To clarify, Bible school as in fundamentalist universities where kids I grew up with went to get a degree and go into ministry in some capacity. Most that went to these schools single came out married or close to it. I actually know very few couples that met going to the same church.
  4. I grew up in church and I can't think of anyone who went to Bible school and came out single. Anecdotal, I know.
  5. Random Thoughts

    Got super glue on the tip of my index finger. My tablet is all like "Nope, not a finger."
  6. I'm no longer waiting till marriage....

    Did you notice his post count and how long he's been a member? I'm not in his head but he likely has an attachment to this community and some of the members. Is he supposed to just piss off because he may not decide to keep waiting? This community has never had a shut door to non-waiters anyway as long as they are respectful, and there was nothing negative about waiting in this post. I just don't get the "You shouldn't have posted this" sentiment. You said this much better than I was about to say it
  7. Ask an Atheist!

    Wrong person. You've been discussing this with Steadfast Madcap. But anyway, cool.
  8. Ask an Atheist!

    Please stop taunting. This is not a debate thread, but a thread for theists to ask questions to better understand the beliefs and perspectives of atheists and agnostics. If you want a thorough debate about NDEs, feel free to start a topic to focus on it.
  9. Ask an Atheist!

    Little of both, I think. Ultimately I want what I believe to be as close to reality as possible, and my default since becoming an atheist is to disbelieve all the god claims that I know of. I don't want to be attracted to atheism because then I might not be as open to new information as I should be, but ultimately I am susceptible to the same confirmation bias as everyone, and I think that once you settle into a belief or way of thinking, whether it's new or you've always had it, it becomes attractive and preferable to you. But really, I probably find the spirit of skepticism and inquiry to be much more attractive than atheism.
  10. -"if scientists are generally claiming millions of years, then we have to admit they're going to be wrong about a lot of other things too." Actually it's billions. But why do you say that means they're wrong? Have you studied the science behind the conclusions of an old earth and universe? You brought up carbon dating but that's just one of many dating methods and, like Steadfast said, can only accurately be used for relatively young objects. -I've never heard a scientist or teacher say that fossil fuels come primarily from dinosaurs. Fossil fuels come from pretty much any organic material under the right conditions, and any scientist would say so. On the U.S. Dept. of Energy's website the section on fossil fuels literally starts with, "Contrary to what many people believe, fossil fuels are not the remains of dead dinosaurs." -Have you ever had an in-depth discussion with your uncle about why he believes in an old universe? What I wouldn't give to have an actual scientist in my family..
  11. Accountability Partner

    The idea of an accountability partner has never appealed to me, for waiting or porn or whatever.
  12. It's always weird when someone posts a question like this and then never comes back. I still want to know what in the world he was doing here. Maybe he was lost.
  13. I see that your intention was to use that verse to show god's sense of humor, but I've read your comments and the verse in its context many times each and I just don't see how it's saying what you're trying to use it to say. But at any rate, if you weren't gleefully implying god is laughing as people go to hell, then i'm content and retract my yeesh.
  14. Yeesh.. I don't know if anyone that didn't already believe in the hell he describes would be convinced that he's telling the truth, but I'd wager the reason many people believe in that kind of hell is fear.
  15. Moved to General. Please keep the Controversial Topics forum to serious discussions.
  16. Random Thoughts

    Dropped the soap with one hand and caught it back-handed with the other. Thought, "Man, too bad no one was around to see that." Then I remembered that I was naked and rubbing soap on my armpits.
  17. ...Well what in the world are you doing here?
  18. The satanic origin of halloween

    Moved to religious topics; though after reading some of the views in there, it may have to be moved back to CT depending on how the discussion goes
  19. What if your man...

    People not reacting or answering how you want them to isn't trolling. If you're going to get on a soapbox over this you're taking the chatroom way too seriously in my opinion.
  20. She'll present a doctor-signed certificate and I'll give a short speech about my love of the Dark Souls game series.
  21. Random Thoughts

    I just ordered stuff to start doing my own haircuts. Oh lawd...
  22. Ask an Atheist!

    Used my admin powers to steal Steadfast's numbered version 1. Don't believe in one. Sometimes that's scary, sometimes it's comforting. 2. I never had a rebellious stage in my teenage years, so sometimes it's fun to feel rebellious, even with little things like not speaking the "under God" part of the pledge, or not bowing my head or closing my eyes when someone's leading the group in prayer (I'm lame, I know). But there are times when I get annoyed by just how pervasive the Christian belief system is around me. I hate the isolationist attitude that many religious people, including my family, perpetuate ("be in the world but not of the world!) I still struggle sometimes to shake off that perspective. As far as politics go, I do wish politicians didn't have to work so hard to maintain an appearance of being a man or woman of faith in order to get votes. It'd be nice if they left their religious beliefs out of it and just got down to business and solving problems. 3. I actually heard a really good approach to the morality issue today while listening to yesterday's Atheist Experience episode. One atheist caller described a conversation he had with a preacher friend of his. The preacher asked him how he can have morality without God, and the caller asked him why he should care about morality at all. The preacher was surprised and began to list all these reasons why it'd be bad for individuals and society if we didn't act morally, how there'd be no way to trust anyone and it'd be chaos. The caller was like, well you just explained exactly why I have morality, and you didn't mention god once. Obviously, I don't think people need religion to have morals. I don't even think most religious people would lose their morals if they lost their religious beliefs (in fact, I think many would improve). As for whether they do good deeds for rewards, in my experience the people that consistently put others ahead of themselves were genuinely selfless people and didn't do it for future rewards. Even the ones that believe in future divine rewards for specific acts on earth. 4. Since I never noticed any divine intervention in my life beyond emotional/psychological changes in my own head, not having a god to turn to now really isn't that much different. It was mostly just an invisible shoulder to cry on. Looking back, I always felt out of place in my religious community when people would talk about how close they were with god and would refer to him like he was a real presence in their life. The times I felt the strongest presence and connection to my beliefs was always at summer youth camps where there was an inevitable emotional climax where all us hormonal, angsty teenagers would feed off of each other's emotions and the emotional rhetoric of the various speakers. I guess you could say I spent most of my life trying to believe that it wasn't just me and finally accepting that it was. For the most part it's more comforting not having to worry about pleasing and not offending an all-powerful deity. And as scary as death is to me now, it's honestly less scary now that I don't feel the threat of eternal torment. 5. That atheists are just normal people with a different perspective on some things. That not all atheists are angry and bitter and many that are have legitimate reasons for being angry and bitter. That atheists are all individuals with their own perspectives and ideas, so when in doubt, ask them directly before making assumptions about their beliefs. That atheists are human too and just as susceptible to thinking uncritically as anyone else; you can't take every example of an atheist thinking uncritically as being a mark against atheists in general. I keep quiet about my atheism in real life, unfortunately. I'm still trying to figure out for myself how to be open about it without making things awkward or tense with the religious people in my life. After a couple tense discussions with my brother when he confronted me about my spiritual life, things are pretty normal between us but it seems that's only because we don't talk about it anymore. Relevant: As funny as I find that video, I honestly think both Comfort and Hovind would be descent people without Christianity, even if they can't conceptualize it. Well, Comfort maybe, I have my doubts about Hovind.