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  1. I said don't. Fine, here's something to look at.
  2. Nothing to see here. Don't click.

    Necro-ing this because I didn't see this question before... Here you go:
  3. Random Thoughts

    In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes and pooping.
  4. You don't have access to that forum yet because you have to have 20 posts before posting there. Kind of an arbitrary number so we could change it, but the idea was to keep trolls to a minimum. 20 might be high but that's what it's set to currently and that's why you can see it but not post there. No threads are "locked"
  5. Random Thoughts

    Losing weight is fun. I think when I get to my goal weight I'm going to gain it all back and do it again.
  6. contraception

    More people should use it, and we should help everyone have access to it and understand it. I plan to do my best not to have a kid before I'm sure I want to and am ready for that change.
  7. If you want to go out with her more than you want to be just friends then just ask her out. If she turns you down then you move on and only continue being friends if you can move past your feelings and not think of yourself as "friend-zoned". Just my opinion
  8. Hopeful, Optimistic & Waiting for Ms. Right

    Off-topic (welcome to the site, Vanguard!), but you should close your eyes, click this video, and see if you recognize the song.
  9. Random Thoughts

    True, true
  10. Random Thoughts

    I think I'm going to be very jowly when I get older...dammit.
  11. Lol guess who got a soul-crushing engineering job It's actually not too bad. My coworkers are pretty cool, the atmosphere is fairly casual and low-pressure, and I finally feel like I can start moving forward with my life. Oh, and to update this, I haven't been to church in months. I love having my Sundays to myself.
  12. Chat Problems =(

    They're separate. The chat bar at the bottom is a relatively new addition and is pretty much like the FB chat bar (unless it has changed since I left). You can use the chat bar to chat with specific people by clicking their name, or you can set up a chat room. Otherwise you enter the main chat and wait for other people to join.
  13. Yeah pretty much all the decent advice here could be flipped between genders. It would just make the semen metaphors a bit stranger.
  14. Random Thoughts

    That's about how it goes, only I don't have Bill Murray to talk to
  15. Random Thoughts

    Sometimes when I'm half asleep and my feelings are most vulnerable, my brain is like, "Psst, you're gonna die some day."
  16. Well, statistically, literally everyone can justifiably go to every first date thinking, "this probably won't work out." For other people things end when religion comes up, or career or family goals, or values, or sexual compatibility, or a thousand other things. It probably won't work out regardless of the reason, so you just gotta take it one step, date, conversation at a time and enjoy the journey. Focus on the things that made you want to ask her out in the first place and on the positive things that you want to learn about her. If things go well you can bring up her past later when it makes sense to do so, and if there's no spark or chemistry, you were worried about her past for no reason anyway. ... Coming from a guy who hasn't been on a date in 3.5 years
  17. Chaperones

    I'm only 23 but the idea of having a chaperone on a date sounds ridiculous to me. And if someone suggested that I should have a chaperone to avoid temptation I'd feel insulted.
  18. Pet Peeves

    "A women"
  19. Chat Problems =(

    I was talking about the chat room function of the chat bar here on the forums. If you click the icon on the chat bar between the hide/show switch and the users online button, the chat room box will open and you can click the little pencil icon in the top right to set up a room.
  20. Chat Problems =(

    In the meantime, if the chatbar at the bottom of the site is working (and I think it is), an alternative would be for someone to set up a chat room and post its name so people can join it. Or just use it to chat with specific people.
  21. Chat Problems =(

    It appears the license (for chat and several other features of the site) has expired. Mike (owner and One True Admin of the site) hasn't logged in in a while. He might not be aware of it. I'm about to shoot him an email. Might be a while guys. Sorry.
  22. I'd say to mention it when you bring up that you are waiting, which I would bring up as soon as you know you really like a guy and want to get "serious". Or whenever sex comes up naturally.
  23. Butt Glitter

    This seems like some sort of trap