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  1. Was it really worth it?

    Agree with times 1,000!!! Dan and I actually had a conversation about it last night
  2. Was it really worth it?

    Yes it was 100% worth it to wait until marriage!! It did more for our marriage than I ever imagined it could.
  3. I always thought I would change my name when I got married, but am completely stalling. As soon as I got married, everyone started calling me Mrs. Smith (his actual name) and I got really weirded out. I currently have a unique surname and both of my degrees are in that name. If I ever go for a doctorate, I imagined it as Dr. MyLast and not someone else's. Also, with a common surname it's like an interrogation to get anything done. I was picking up a prescription for my husband at the pharmacy and there is someone else with his exact same first, middle, and last name with the same birthday! I had to answer about 10 questions about his biographical info just to get his meds. My husband is completely ok with me not changing it, but did ask me how I would feel having a different surname than our future children. I'm not sure since we're not there yet, but I'll cross that bridge when we come to it. My mom took her maiden name as a middle name and dropped her birth middle name. I LOVE my middle name and am named after an incredible person I never got to meet, so I'd never part with it. I would consider hyphenating, but my current surname also begins with an S. It would make for rather unfortunate initials lol
  4. I had a good friend in high school who was Jewish and we liked each other at one point, but chose not to date. Neither one of us ever saw ourselves converting ( I am Catholic) and it was very important for both of us to be the same religion as the person we married. My husband is Christian but his family doesn't regularly go to church and he was never brought up in a specific denomination. It is hard for me that he's Christian but not Catholic, but I have learned to look past it. We go to Mass together and he has been interested in converting sometimes, but still remains unsure. I go to other churches with him sometimes too but was up front with him when we were dating that I'm not willing to convert. I don't think interfaith marriages are doomed, but I think it takes a certain kind of person to be ok with it- especially if you are planning to have kids. I firmly believe if that is part of God's plan for you, He will give you strength to overcome the religious difference and focus on your similarities instead.
  5. Christian Feminist and Successful Waiter Here

    Hello and welcome! Can't wait to read some of your blog!
  6. Somewhere in the middle. At work everything is pristine and organized but at home I don't care nearly as much. By the time I get home, I just want to unwind. Believe it or not, Dan is more of a neat freak than I am!
  7. Second Amendment Awareness

    Glad you are safe! Props to you for handling the situation so nobody was hurt, too. I grew up with my dad teaching me and my brother gun ownership is not only a right but a responsibility. I am extremely thankful for his teaching especially now that I live on my own.
  8. Dan and I once took a walk around campus and one of us challenged the other one that we could climb more trees. We ended up spending three hours trying to see who could climb more trees. It was pretty hilarious and a lot of fun! I'm pretty sure he beat me, but honestly don't remember.
  9. Definitely! I recently married my college sweetheart. My brother and one of my cousins are also married to their college sweethearts. I didn't have the expectation of finding a husband at my college ( a public university with almost 20,000 students where hookup culture was the norm), but you never know!
  10. Hola! Sailing with comrades!

    Hello and welcome to the site!
  11. Hi, I'm Allisha :)

  12. Dead on! It's really sad what some people see as waiting for a long time. It's most important to stay true to your own values and be happy with your decisions rather than following the timeline of society's expectations.
  13. How many kids do you want?

    I only have one sibling and always wish I had more. I would say 3, but two kids are bound to be closer and one might be left out. Plus, I have this weird things where I prefer even numbers. I know it's really strange I would like 4, but my fiance says that's way too many. We'll see what kind of plan God has in store for us down the road!
  14. new here

    Welcome to our community! Always happy to see a new face
  15. Too late for me, but I don't regret it for one second. It's a personal choice just like WTM. I think it would be too many firsts for one day. Also, I would be nervous about everyone witnessing our first ever kiss. To me, it's a special, intimate moment that should be just the two of you.