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  1. Alcohol/Drinking

    Sorry, I never was like this situation in UK. There is always benefits and jobs but cold weather
  2. Alcohol/Drinking

    Its just fun to stay see how people hate on my comments.
  3. Alcohol/Drinking

    Every since I came to the states I have become more depressed and just hate living here. This forum is making me even worse
  4. I will just stop posting.
  5. I am going to be unemployed, carless and just so depressed and desperate I have loss all faith. I am saying I meet at a bar or lounge, get to know her, date her then marry .
  6. Yes, but I would try see if was interested in me
  7. What are you majoring in?

    I did English lit at school. Read Macbeth and Romero and Juliet
  8. Alcohol/Drinking

    Sorry for complainting. I am a pessimist. Yes I workout in the morning and evening. Do get up early and apply for jobs but still getting a lot of no's
  9. Yep Sane bedroom, we will not spend every second in bed. I want to wine and dine my wife. Take put to concerts, art galleries etc. Hopefully we just be sleeping and on occasions such as birthday, having sex
  10. If you're going to live your life with the person then it might be a virgin as I want a women who is as inexperienced as me so she knows where I am coming from and why I'm waiting for her. I am open to marry for love any religion and any race
  11. Yes true, but the testosterone level reduce after age 30. 20-30 is the peak. That's why Viagra was created
  12. Women ideally have to get married by at least 30 because after that it's harder to bear children and men can get married up to age 45.
  13. That's path I follow as a Hindu I was taught to marry for love but if she is a virgin then that is ideal. As a Hindu I would not mind marrying another religion or race. I know many of my relatives in happy interracial relationships
  14. Your Dream Guy !!

    Hey, don't worry ad long you have some sort of idea of your future husband that's all. I sometimes get a dream of my future wife, she's 5"7 to 5"10ft she's American. She is a uni grad. We are in a nice Lexus/ Mercedes CLA or Tesla driving in Cali down the freeway or I come home and I see her cooking some Italian food such as pasta I also have a dream of a girl that looks a bit like you @OneLovelyBabe but with blonde hair, We are out to dinner in a nice restaurant in Downtown area of San Jose just having a wonderful time.