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  1. I know that for men, the ultimate fantasy would probably be having sex all the time with hundreds of beautiful women. I mean, just look at what all-powerful men do when they get such a chance--dictators like Fidel Castro and Kim Jong Il basically just forced thousands of women to have sex with them over several decades. And, although it's EXTREMELY shameful for me to admit, sometimes I find myself thinking the perfect life is having sex all the time with any woman; and I know this idea is very terrible. I mean, I'm horrified that the thought that women are like sexual toys for pleasure so I can commit immoral acts with them is even remotely attractive to me (although I know that this is true for men. Like 95% of them. At least the young, single ones. Sigh, I hate human biology, lol). But I was wondering if for women this is true--that the idea of sleeping with multiple attractive men is appealing. Or do women find the idea of only being sexually fulfilled in one man much more appealing?
  2. Subjective Morality?

    It seems to me that it is much more rational to believe in an objective morality (that some things really are wrong independent of human culture or preferences) than in subjective morality (the view that ethics is ultimately invented by humans). That just seems to me to be a basic presupposition that seems good to start with. From that, it seems to me that sex outside marriage is objectively not morally appropriate; this may be controversial, but there are some moral propositions that are just basic in a way that one just starts with them. It's hard to argue that sex outside marriage is not morally appropriate just like its hard to argue that hurting people is wrong or that incest is wrong. So, I guess that's why I'm trying to be sexually restrained--but it's just wee bit hard!