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  1. Hi, I know this thread is long dead, but I just wanted to let you all know the end of the story in case anyone ends up reading this thread looking for advice for themselves! The guy I was seeing turned out to be amazing, and throughout the four years we went out he never pushed me to cross any boundary I set. If anything, I was the one who pushed! We made it though, and I walked up the aisle still a virgin! Last month we celebrated our first wedding anniversary! It can work out, so if it's a value you hold then don't let anyone tell it cant be done or it's not worth it! That said, I did learn even through waiting that if we had had sex it wouldn't have ruined anything except my expectations of myself. He wasn't a virgin and that was something I had to get my head around and get over the fact that he'd been with other girls, which was harder than I'd thought it would be, and it was super important that I remembered he hadn't done anything wrong towards me. But he was so patient and kind and let me work through my stuff and it was worth it. It's also important to remember that it takes practice to work out what works for you in bed, so if you wait till marriage, be prepared to spend the first year of it working out what you like and how it works best for each of you! That process is a lot of fun, but it also takes patience and kindness and openness, so don't be hard on yourself or your partner if it takes a while! Good luck to those of you still waiting. It can be done, and it's amazing to know that only one person has ever touched you that way, I treasure that. xx
  2. Thanks for the advice and support guys! I told him at the end of date 3, and explained that for me it's a decision based on my faith. He was really good about it and said it was totally fine. Hopefully he turns out to be fine with it in the long run! He still wants to carry on seeing me, so we'll soon see! Thanks again for all the advice!
  3. Hi girls! looking for some advice. I'm 27, and have recently started dating a new guy. He seems lovely, but this is the first time I've dated someone outside,my faith (I'm Christian) and I'm pretty sure he's never dated anyone who has wanted to wait before. This is probably going to be new to him! We're approaching date 3, and things are going really well, we seem to have hit it off straight away. I'm nervous about how to tell him, and what to say! This is not a conversation I've ever had to have before! Any advice would be appreciated!! Thanks! Bevanne