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  1. First of all thank you to all. The reading the view points of each of you has given some insights to my situation. I agree very much with WNY. The fact of the matter is he just is not accepting it, he is still in phase where he thinks how could I have done such a thing. He agrees it nt my fault, agrees he is absolutely fine that I did not wait. He tries to run away from the thoughts rather then facing and accepting them.. We have thought about professional help. But not sure if we will go for it. I know it's going to take a while . The one brightside i have seen in the whole thing is at least he agrees that discussing my past i, is sheer waste of time. He talk about sucide because he cant control the thoughts or the visuals of my past which pops up in his head. We have decided not to talk with each other till he is able to get to terms with it. Hoping for the best..
  2. Hi Girls, I was wondering if anyone could really advice me on how to help my bf in getting over my past. He is absolutely aware that it was my past n nothing he could have done about it. It was when he never was in my life. Its just he cant remove those mental pictures which pops up in his head all the time. he wants to get over it. He loves & cares about me alot. He is too sensitive about this. He is trying to cope up but fails to do so. Plz advice if anyone has faced this & has something successfully worked. He feels suicidal, depressed, angered , painful n lonely. He wants me to be constantly with him so that those negative thoughts dont bother him. Plz advice as what i can do to support him in this tough time.