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  1. doesnt any girl think im worth dating?

    @tinydancer: yeah no remember country boy here not pretty boy, country boys might square dance but definitely not ballet. besides I know how those things work out you go and pick up a more feminine activity and if you don't go at it just perfectly your screwed. heres what I mean if you go at it acting straight youll be seen as a creep trailing for booty or if your too friendly youll be labeled as gay. theres really know right way to go at it unless your one of those tall dark and handsome fellas that have big muscles, even if there was a way to do it I wouldn't be caught dead in one of them places. women that want a girly pretty boy go ahead get am em but girls that want a manly man im over here lol. I have to admit something though I do sorta have a just a little tiny bit of a feminine side and im not adding anymore to it, I maybe viewed as gay but I assure you im not ok. ok so my mom did sorta teach me how to crochet a little a while back, I do get emotional during movies and with music as well, also I like female artists from the 80s like Madonna, paula Abdul, the go gos, pat benatar, theres others but I cant think of em right now. that's good enough for me, oh and you wanna hear something funny so I think most who watch the walking dead know the marathon is on before the season 4 begins. well I was watching the marathon and ive seen most the episodes but for some stupid reason at the dramatic moments in the episodes it still choked me up a little. I was talking to myself saying you big dummy whatch getting choked up for you know what happens and how things turn out you've already seen this, explain that to me why do you get emotional on a scene from a show that you've seen before or know the outcome?
  2. doesnt any girl think im worth dating?

    @onelovelybroad: are you seriously asking me to get a pedicure or manicure ha ha ha ha apparently you missed the part of me being a country boy not a pretty boy, but you made me laugh none the less. im not a clean spotless pretty boy ok, im a rough rugged country boy looking for a country girl whos just as rugged, im not looking for no beauty queen. thanks for your input though and I actually do think that maybe im actually too much of a softy, yeah I have a rough outside and do a lot with my hands and actually like being dirty. but when it comes to feelings and relationships im a bit of a softy, I have a big heart and never wanna hurt a soul no matter what they might do to hurt me. even after all the mistreatment ive had from these insensitive women, ive kept my cool and I don't blow up. yeah I was mad but I control what I say and not say everything im thinking, cuz a lot of times if you say everything you think then later youll regret it but you cant take it back. @Nicole: thanks for your input as well believe me I know I have to step out on a limb and meet and talk to people in person, but for me that is the toughest thing for me to do. all my life ive never talked to girls much and when I did it was always for general reasons never anything more, I chose the online route cuz people get to know the real me before meeting me and they know why im quiet. if I spend enough time with someone im sure to open up its just that very beginning that's rough and I know everyone goes through that but for me it seems a lot tougher. also for me to build the courage to not only talk to a girl right off the bat but to ask her out takes a loooong time, ive done it before and it took me a good part of a school year and where did it get me nowhere and I ended up broken hearted. to me I feel since I wear my heart on my sleeve most the time, going online I leave my heart out of it till I know more about the person then if I get turned down in that time frame it doesn't hurt so bad and I didn't waste all that time trying to think what to say just to hear the word no. personally talking to someone on the street whom you don't know anything about seems crazy to me, your going at it blindly at least chatting with someone a little you know a little about who they are before actually meeting them in person.
  3. doesnt any girl think im worth dating?

    im finding it soo hard trying to find someone who will even give me a chance at being their boyfriend. i honestly wish i had found a girl in high school, it might of made things a lot easier but it seems in this day in age your either everything or nothing. i know i should let God direct me to the right one but it seems that coming across a virgin is slim pickens these days. i am a very shy person which hinders me quite a bit i know, ive tried okcupid and even the gutter aka craigslist and a bunch of other places to find someone but no luck. i know i have to be patient but its truly difficult, i think the main thing that aggravates me more than anything is the silence i get. you can pick and choose what part of this topic you wanna give your opinion on or advice. what i mean by silence is when im chatting with a girl and somewhere along the line she loses interest, i never hear from her again. im saying this to all women please tell guys when you lose interest, i think it is so cold for someone to leave you in the dark. ive had this happen to me multiple times already, im chatting with a girl and its seems like everything going great then all of a sudden poof i get nothing. please girls have the nerve to tell a guy, yeah it will prolly sting him a little but at least it gives us some kinda closure on the matter. within the last two weeks two girls have done this to me and more so beforehand. one girl messaged me and i replied she told me a little about herself and i replied again after that no answer back. i don't know what in the world she learned in one message that turned her away, maybe i was too nice i don't know but that's my personality. the other girl we talked for about a week everything seemed it was going great she even said i hope things work out between us then poof silence, tried to contact her on facebook and she unfriended me and im just like wow it felt like someone just opened the freezer door it got cold fast. anyway i don't wanna make this too long but yeah id like to hear from both sides on this cuz ive heard some girls deal with the same issue.

    its under the off topic section entitled what do you prefer?

    we need more strawberry milk lovers to join cuz by my poll I posted chocolates winning. so I have a mission for you strawberry milk ninja go and find more strawberry milk lovers and lead them here. we need to have a meeting of all strawberry lovers, join together raise our glasses of Nesquik strawberry milk of course, zip up our flies and say, "not til marriage for me." then ill say, "ARE YOU WITH ME?". do you accept this mission wise ninja?
  6. Would you be upset if...

    I wouldn't have a problem wearing a ring all the time except for maybe a shower or something, idk do any of you who have graduated still wear you class rings or not. I loved wearing my class ring and id still be wearing it today if I didn't drop all that weight to where it wouldn't fit anymore. its a funny thing about rings when you wear em for a while, you get to the point where you don't even know you have it on till you take it off then when its off it feels more like its there but its not. the same goes for watches too it feels likes its there when your not wearing it but for the most part I don't wear a watch, I tried to get used to it but never could and I always end up breaking it in some way while working on a car and it always got in the way.
  7. no ones really been rude to me on my decision to wait but there is one occasion that someone said the most harsh statement ive heard to me and ill never forget it. someone once said "your a waste of human flesh" right to my face.
  8. Songs

    this is one of my favorite Christian songs, I get blessed every time I hear it, its blessings by laura story
  9. ok girls, what do y'all think about fighting

    im a country boy as well and I too don't believe fighting is the answer unless you trying to protect someone you love or cant avoid it otherwise. as a Christian I try to be like Christ and he wouldn't fight instead he'd turn the other cheek. fighting for fun well for one doesn't seem like much fun at all and I don't see how someone could get a thrill out of hurting their friends or anyone else just for kicks. I understand a man needs to be strong and protect his girlfriend or his wife but I don't think fighting is a good way to make you stronger or tougher. you wanna be strong just lift weights or go to a gym and workout, you wanna be tough and prove you have nerves of steel then go ride a bull, your not hurting anyone except maybe yourself and show your a true cowboy. personally ive never rode one but I so want to lol, my cousin did it for years till he was in his late 30s and gave it up cuz his back is out of shape and occasionally he will get like pinched nerves In his back that makes him twitch.
  10. of course id still marry them because its not up to the family to decide who you fall in love with unless you live in a country that has that requirement. as long as you love one another, thats all that matters, the family can give their opinion but its your life and you make the final decision. ill share a short story, my parents familys didnt agree with them getting married on both sides my dads and my moms but they didnt care, they got married anyways and their families just had to deal with it. as a matter of fact my parents even eloped i hope i spelled that right lol, they didnt even have a professional wedding.
  11. Burning Bridges and Forgiving

    this is my opinion on the matter, personally i dont think you should completely cut anyone especially family out of you life, i mean you can not talk to them and let them know in your own way that your upset. but to completely cut someone out meaning to not love them, not to forgive them, and if they are in desperate need not to help them and turn away that i feel is wrong and cold. we are to be christ like and forgive, i know its hard and alotta times youll never forget but when you forgive someone you look at the event that took place in a completely different light and take it like a learning experiance. idk if anyone still has those wwjd bracelets or not but remember what that means "what would jesus do", if what you plan to do whether its cutting someone out of your life or whatever, think to yourself is this what jesus would have done in this situation. we must remember all the suffering and pain jesus dealt with on his way to the cross, alotta people forget all the whipping, spitting, crown of thorns on his head, nails though his hands and feet holding him up on the cross meaning all his body weight was on those nails. with all of that taken place and all the rdicule and mocking, jesus didnt try to fight back but instead the last words he said before he died was "forgive them father for they know not what they do", none of us in this life will ever know the full extent of what jesus went through but im sure it had to of been alot worse than alot of the crap we deal with today. forgiveness came though jesus's death, he forgave all, and though it maybe hard to forgive someone if theyve wrong you just remember what he did for you, what he did for all of us, wiping our slate clean. we are all brothers and sisters in christ so we should love one another no matter what, you dont have to like what the person does or says, heck you dont even have to like them but love them for who they are not what they are. let me finish with this i know this is kinda getting long but "does not forgiving someone really make you any better than they are", to be witnesses of christ and to show this world what gods love is all about we need to be the better person, love one another and turn the other cheek when we get hurt.
  12. "No guy is ever going to want you if...

    ive always thought it was the guys experiance that matters not the girls, i definitely want a virgin cuz quite frankly ill probably be horrible at sex in the beginning. i want someone as unexperianced as i am so we can learn together, i think ive said this once before that i wanna take that journey with someone who hasnt been there and done that already.
  13. actually people havent said much to me about celebrities instead they compared me to a recent criminal namely nathan summerfield, idk if you guys of heard of him or not but it was the biggest crime that has happened in my little town of ashland for quite some time. he killed his girfriend and dumped her body i think in north carolina, correct me if im wrong and they were chasing him for a little while till they caught up with him. i deliver newspapers and he was front page news for about a month till after they caught him and booked him. also there is one cartoon character that my sis inlaw says im like, i dont look like him but i guess i act like him and his name is boog from open season lol. personally i think im more like elliot the deer with the broken antler ha ha.
  14. What do you prefer?

    yeah ive had soy milk its alright, i dont think id make a habit of drinking it but its not to bad on cereal. i have tried that almond milk from silk, its really good but way thicker than regular milk. i got another question now since we are on the subject of milk, has anyone tried goats milk, i have and its really rich but delicious, i dont care to much for the goat cheese though lol.
  15. What do you prefer?

    theres something thats i was wondering today why cant you buy strawberry milk in a half gallon or gallon jug. you can buy chocolate milk but why not strawberry, i love strawberry milk and i wanna buy a bigger jug. maybe its just my location idk and maybe the reason they dont is because theres not high enough demand for it. someone told me why dont you just dump strawberry syrup into your milk, i said yeah but im lazy ha ha, i want it already made up and they have chocolate syrup where you can make your own chocolate milk but why when you can buy the gallon jug of it thats the way i want strawberry lol. anyway im running this post with a poll to see if there really is a higher demand for chocolate milk over strawberry, come on strawberry lovers like me come out and make you voice heard lol. dont get me wrong chocolate milks fine but i just prefer strawberry.