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  1. I've got to agree to disagree with you on that one, Amarillo. Anyway, my question didn't have anything to do with roles like that on EARTH but whether gender would matter in getting work in heaven?
  2. So my interpretation of Scripture is that women and men will all be equal in heaven, since '...there is neither male nor female in Christ Jesus..' and I don't believe that women will submit to anyone but God Himself. I believe that God assigns us different jobs in heaven according to our gifts/strengths/experience on Earth and also according to the different positions we have on Earth (within the Church, especially). Now, since women are quite 'restricted' within the Church because of the interpretation of certain verses, women haven't really had much experience with teaching/being leaders even if they would have had a gift for it. Maybe God would not let them have a higher position in heaven, due to their lack of experience?? The bottom line of my questions is this: are there restrictions to the work/positions we get in heaven according to our gender (on Earth)? Like, are women also able to receive higher positions in heaven according to what they've done and their gifts or will women always be lower on the hierarchy, even in heaven?
  3. Seeking Pleasures of the Flesh

    I think this was pretty much the answer I was looking for I suppose I was focusing on the broader teaching of sex and that makes much more sense. I was just curious. I personally would never think sex (in a marriage) just for fun would be a sin but thanks for your answer
  4. Hey guys I'm NOT here to discuss moral and ethical views on whether things such as oral sex, touching each other, etc is a morally wrong/morally right thing to do before marriage. I simply want to know whether there are any Christians out there who do 'everything but'? Please be respectful if someone doesn't share your same opinion and also no preaching about what's wrong/right, I'm simply curious.
  5. Seeking Pleasures of the Flesh

    Thanks for all the answers the thing is, I don't exactly think that my question has been answered! (sorry!) I wasn't trying to ask whether having sex just for pleasure is a sin. What I meant was: when you're unmarried not having sex is a way to not give your flesh immediate pleasure and search for things that are more important (relationships, true love, a relationship with God, etc) but isn't seeking sex in a marriage when you feel like it the same as also just seeking immediate pleasures? (since when you're in the mood and you're married you'll just go for it). What I'm asking is: why is this not considered 'seeking pleasures of the flesh'?
  6. Honestly, I think the verse: "But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day." says it all. It basically tells us that God lives outside of time and that it is an irrelevant matter for Him. I don't that one day has to mean 24 hours (that is something that we as humans have then turned it into) but a cycle of something. Now for us, this means the cycle of the sun rising and setting or lightness and darkness. But to God, who created the world in six 'days' this is just the cycle of Him creating the world. He created something, then moved one (cycle ends) and finished creating it, then moved on (another cycle ends) until six 'days' were over and He rested. So no, I do not believe in a literal six days. P.S. I don't really have a problem with people who do believe in it if that's what they are led to believe. But I do think that there are some narrow-minded people out there who should maybe be a little bit more open to having their opinion changed. After all, the Bible is full of allegories and metaphors and parables that are not meant to be taken literally but to have some thought put into them instead and serve as a lesson.
  7. Hey! I had a quick question about this I know that one of the reasons that we as Christians are called to WTM is that we are not supposed to seek the immediate pleasures of the flesh, which would include giving in to the temptations of sex. Now, once you're married, of course when you're having sex you are not just having it for yourself, but you are becoming one with your husband/wife and want to be intimate with them and please them, but will probably be moments when the two of you will have passionate sex (because you want to) or when one of the two of you will feel more of a libido and the other person will respect that and fulfil his/her needs when possible (as God tells us to). My question now is, when you are asking your partner to fulfil a sexual desire or are enjoying sex loads (which lets face, you probably will a LOT) isn't that also seeking pleasures of the flesh? How is that aspect of it not a sin anymore once you're married? Thanks!
  8. I think my faith is wavering, please help

    Thank you so much for all of your answers they have really helped me Some things have come to mind lately and I have posted a new topic here: http://forums.waitingtillmarriage.org/topic/5549-really-hard-to-wait/ I have become closer to God these past months even though my journey of waiting has become harder and harder. I'm sorry if I don't get to answer each individual message separately - I'm v. busy with uni work :/ but I have read them all and am carefully putting some thoughts into it Oh and losing my faith in God and Christianity would probably be the most stupid and reckless and immoral thing I could ever do right now
  9. I think my faith is wavering, please help

    completely agree with this! I am 100% sure I will never lose my faith in Christ, I am just starting to lose my faith in this whole waiting business and it has become quite hard for me to wrap my head around why it is so enforced when it is causing me so much pain...:/
  10. Hey guys! So about a few months ago I posted a topic describing just how excruciating it has become to wait until marriage with my boyfriend of three years. We have been dating since I'm about 16, and now I'm 19 turning 20 soon and he's 22. He's currently in his second last year of his Master's degree and I've just started uni this past October. Waiting has just become so hard for me. I know for a fact that I am very sensitive to the world around me and things like media, television and my relationship to others influence me a lot and makes the idea of sex just that much more tempting. As a couple, we are sexually active. We have tried abstaining from everything, but it has made the temptations that much greater and there were times when I seriously discussed just going all the way with him and he was always the reasonable one (bless him) and stopped us from making a mistake. I always thought we were both not ready for marriage yet, but I have contemplated a lot over the past weeks and have come to the conclusion that although I am quite young and still have a lot to learn and mature, I do feel ready to get married. However, he is not. We have talked quite a bit about this, and he just says that there are a few different reasons why he just doesn't feel ready for a marriage yet and I completely respect his opinion. But despite the respect, I am at a complete loss of what I'm supposed to do. I know that until he finished his Master's there is no chance of either of us being financially secure enough to support living together (that would be in about 1,5-2 years time from now) and although I have pointed out countless times that maybe that would be a good time to maybe get married, he feels like putting a number on it is just pressuring him too much. (I do want to point out that although he feels pressured by this he has told me that he will most likely want to get married in the next three years so the idea of marriage is in his semi-immediate future). I'm a bit conflicted as to how I'm supposed to feel now. On the one hand I really don't want to pressure my boyfriend into doing anything that he is not ready for and want to support his decisions. But on the other hand, I am literally going insane with this waiting and would love to move forward with this. (I am someone who believes that you can get engaged while being emotionally and spiritually ready but still having some social problems to deal with such as finishing a degree, getting a job, moving out, etc while he prefers to wait until everything is ready until getting engaged). Since we are both Christians I do know that in the Bible it does say that when you are "burning with passion" that it is better to get married (not sure whether Paul meant that generally - as in getting married ever or specifically when you're a couple). I know this probably just applies to both people burning with passion, but what about when one person is and is having issues with this??? I have suggested beginning going through a book called Preparing for Marriage (it's for Christians) and although he is very much for doing that, he feels as though going into the course with the aim to make him ready for marriage would be pressuring him into something that he's not ready for, whereas I think that since the ultimate goal is to get married sometime, shouldn't aiming to be ready for it be a good thing and even encouraged? Please help
  11. I think my faith is wavering, please help

    Thanks so much for your reply you are absolutely right on so many levels and I will definitely read more and want to dig deeper. The thing with the 'why can't you get married' lies on different issues: 1. Even if we were to get 'married' before actually getting married, I still live with my parents and am on a stressful uni schedule. I have no time in the day to get a job, afford an apartment, pay rent, food, essentials, etc. I would not want to get married before moving out. 2. We are both quite young. I'm 19 and he just turned 22 and while we have been dating for over three years, this puts complications on a lot of levels, both with ourselves, because we don't feel ready and just in general I don't think there would be any way that my parents would approve at the moment (and my bf - bless him - would want my dad's permission) I will definitely check out the link's you've sent me. I'm also in the middle of watching a very heartfelt video about this issue by a pro-WTM person. Btw I just want you to know that I was not solely addressing the issue WTM - it's just the general idea of being sexually intimate.
  12. Hey guys! I know I've been posting a lot of different threads recently but I really need your help :/ Lately I have been getting angry at God a lot. I've been questioning a lot of things. Especially about sex and sexually related topics about intimacy. I'm getting angry that his laws is keeping me from having an intimate relationship with my boyfriend, whom I very much love and want to be close to. I understand that in ye olden times most people who weren't married weren't in any kind of relationship, and didn't love each other, and that's why a sexual act would be considered a sin, since you're just doing it because it feels good. But I genuinely love my boyfriend with all my heart and I'm angry that this whole sexual-stuff-before-marriage doesn't seem to have any distinctions between commitment levels. I've felt myself rolling my eyes a lot internally when I'm hearing something about the Bible or at church or whatever. This is worrying me a lot, since I do believe in Jesus and have accepted him as my Savior. I feel conflicted. Because on the one hand, I do want to do that God wants me to do, but then on the other hand I feel like it's ok to also not see eye to eye on everything the Bible tells you (I'm especially talking about supporting same sex marriage and such...). I'm terribly scared that slowly my faith has become weaker and weaker and I don't know what to do about it. I am scared that all these feelings I have and things that I don't necessarily agree on with the Bible is going to be a reason for me to lose my salvation. Please help. And I'd also appreciate some recommended Bible verses/chapters/books which will help me grow in my faith. Thanks!
  13. Am I still going to heaven?

    Thanks for all the supportive comments I really appreciate it No one should think anything bad about my boyfriend, please he is the greatest guy I've ever met and we've talked a lot about marriage, but he says he's just not ready for that yet (and we are still quite young) and I agree with him. I've talked to him about this today and we've decided to try and abstain from doing the deeds for a while and then just talk about how we feel and try to figure out a plan to get stronger against it. Although I know that I am on the right path to doing what needs to be done, I still can't find it in me to feel guilty about what we did. We love each other and I know for sure that we will be married one day. (I know that doesn't excuse anything). I am hoping that in trying to turn my back on this, God can see that no matter my views on this matter, he knows that I do what he wants me to do.
  14. Am I still going to heaven?

    Ok it's like this: we do everything except sex. I should have formulated the question a bit differently. It shouldn't have been: am I going to heaven, but are my sins still forgiven? Deep in my heart I'm well aware of what I'm doing. It's kinda like if someone asks you a question and you consciously lie to him/her but don't feel guilty about it. I basically feel guilty for not feeling guilty, if that makes sense? And I have to point out that although my bf is also a Christian, the wanting to stop doing what we're doing has ALWAYS been from my side. I know I should ask God, and I have! I'm trying to resolve this problem, so don't see me as someone who's stubborn or rebellious. I'm just getting very worried that if I'd like die soon that this one small stupid thing which I can't seem to feel remorseful about would cost me my salvation...:/
  15. I have been a Christian since childhood. At first, it was the typical 'I don't wanna go to church' or 'I'm bored' scenario. But I grew closer to God as I grew older and ultimately accepted Jesus as my savior. I am so blessed by Him, and I strive to continue to grow even closer as I get older My boyfriend and I have been together for over three years now and although we are both waiting till marriage, we are sexually active. It has been a constant struggle for us. Is it really a sin? Is what we're doing okay? I've overcome a lot of guilt that I had before by what we do, which might or might not have been a mistake. I do pray and ask for forgiveness almost every day with this unsureness but I continue to fall right back where I was before. I have noticed that although I ask for forgiveness I do not believe it genuinely. I don't really feel sorry for what I'm doing. Ultimately, I look forward to eventually getting married to my boyfriend, and that then everything we do won't be an issue anymore. I know for a fact that if we wouldn't be doing what we do, that the temptation for sex would be much greater, and that we probably would have already done it by now. I am not asking you to tell me that I need to try and stop what we're doing, because we have tried that several times (months at a time), so I am not asking you to tell me off. I am simply asking: will I still go to heaven? Can one ask for forgiveness for something I don't feel sorry for? Can I ask for forgiveness for not feeling sorry? Do I not have to ask for forgiveness, because by accepting Jesus as my savior all my sins have been washed away?